Many people have asked how I came up with the idea for creating a sacred space in the form of a spiritual garden.  Like most things in life, that simple answer will tell you a lot about my life.  About 15 years ago, while hiking the Fairylands Trail in Bryce Canyon, I had an amazing thing happen.

While sitting on a stone overlooking the landscape of red rock, I did a meditation I’d read about in a Tibetan book.  The focus of the meditation was to draw energy up from the earth to help overcome an issue I had been grappling with for a long time.  The premise being that our energy as humans is finite but that the energy of the earth is bountiful.  Since this was my first time attempting such a thing, I didn’t expect anything to happen.  Nonetheless, with feet planted on the ground and eyes gazing at the rock labrynth, I began to focus.  In less than a minute, a tremendous surge of energy shot up from the ground into the soles of my feet!  Then it coursed it’s way through my body like an electrical lightning bolt of energy, and shot out my mouth.

Talk about Wonderful!  Terrifying!!  Wonderful!!! and Unbelievable!!!!  I was so excited I ran all of the way back to the trailhead in a state of shock and disbelief.  WOW.  Stuff like that isn’t supposed to happen in normal land…and yet it had, indeed, occurred.

My life changed, and so did the way I look at things.  The Universe became real to me.  In one powerful zap,  I began to realize that there was much more happening on planet earth than I had ever imagined…and that much more was possible.  For starters, I realized I am an energy being!  For a few seconds, I was able to tap into a far greater source of energy. How or why that happened to me that day, I will never know…and yet what occurred to me in the desert was very real.

Since I used to study the effects fire has on forest vegetation, the idea of energy transforming itself from one thing to another was no foreign concept.  All natural systems are about energy exchange.  Take one chemistry course and you will be forever convinced that God is an amazing scientist.  The energy transmutations that take place in chemistry are staggering in both their beauty and complexity.  That day, on the Fairylands Trail, I realized that WE are also made of energy, and that makes us part of a far bigger and grander thing.

Years later, I began to study astrology.  I have witnessed priceless events play themselves out in the glyphs of my charts.  Bam.  Another huge epiphany.  Not only are we connected to the energy of the earth and the web of life, but we are also connected to the energy of the spheres and to every other person in the universe.  We chose to have intimate collidings with some people.  Others pass through our lives purely to reshuffle our cards or help us to change direction.  Some bring us life lessons we need in order to grow, difficult as that might be.

Through an odd set of events, the light in my head is slowly starting to turn on.  Now I am totally convinced that there is more to life on earth than I ever imagined.  But, I am a slow learner.  And sometimes, I still like to learn things the hard way, though I am beginning to recognize that there are better, more conscious, options (aka: paying attention to planetary transits and choosing wisely!)

Since the natural world has always been a place of peace for me, I started creating a space in my yard where I could find solace and practice some of the things that make me feel whole and connected.  A place where I grow organic, biodynamically rich food that takes in  both heaven and earth chi to provide superb nutrition.  It is also where I give astrology and tarot readings.  That is how Geo’s Spiritual Garden came to be.


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