There’s a New Moon lighting up your 5th house of fun and passion on July 4th, Pisces Rising, and it looks like the perfect time to begin a new romance…one that is not only fun and adventurous but has the potential for some deep, tender-hearted emotions as well. Venus, the Goddess of love and attraction, along with chatty Mercury will be bracketing this new moon much like a pair of bookends.

What I see in the middle of these Cancerian bookends is a new beginning and that fresh start has something to do with a lover, your children, hobbies you adore or your creative self-expression.

Pluto will be opposing this energy at 16 degrees of Capricorn and he will be ensuring that your emotions run like a riptide either through your 5th house of fun or your friendship and long-range dreams sector.

Pluto is an ass-kicking little planet that can cause you to cling to things with a vengeance. This can bring out some of the darker side of your nature, or reveal the shadow side to a friendship or group you belong to (Pluto in Capricorn in the 11th house). Compulsive tendencies, power struggles and even emotional blackmail are possible so though there is a lot of lovey energy surrounding this New Moon, there is also a potential dark side that could emerge as well.

Friendships, organizations, your tribe or the group you belong to that holds a common vision could have a powerful effect on you over the weekend. This could equate to you falling in love with a friend, somehow being coerced by “group think,” or finding that your emotional desire nature is running at an all-time peak level. Custody battles or romance tugs of war could also fuel some powerful emotions…So much of what happens depends on what you’ve been up to in your life as of late.

Channel the energy well, and you could set the seeds for a powerful love to enter your life. With Uranus squaring this 5th to 11th house axis, this romance, or series of events, could unfold rapidly or come as a surprise. For a few of you, the surprise could be the conception of a child…for the 5th house rules over children and this New Moon is in Cancer, which has everything to do with family.

Lately, Pisces Rising, you’ve been going through a lot by questioning who you are. Your significant romances and/or other relationships have been beaming a bright light into your partnership sector which has enabled you to learn about yourself. Likely, you’ve been involved in healing yourself, or a close partner, on some level. (Chiron in Pisces in the 1st house).

Some of you have been struggling with body image issues and/or concerns regarding abuse. Others of you feel like you’ve got a fire under your axx (Uranus in Aries in the 2nd house) to be more true to your changing value system, even if that self shakes up the status quo amongst your most intimate partnerships and circle of friends. This could equate to “coming out,” aligning yourself with certain groups or simply getting more in touch with who you really are on the inside.

Another way this energy could manifest (aside from a love interest; the conception of a child or possibly a struggle over paternal issues) is that you will be feeling a strong desire to have your creative voice heard in some fashion, in July. With so many planets lined up in Cancer in that 5th house of expression, I could only encourage those of you who are artistically inclined to delve into your medium whole-heartedly.

Start new projects and while you are doing so, express your emotions and sense impressions. Allow your creativity to flow like an outgoing tide. Tap into history, family culture, or the joy of children to express the richness of your creative voice.

Go out and do things you love to feed your soul and what you gain along the way will pour energy into your hopes, dreams, wishes and friends (11th house opposition). Family outings that focus on fun, tradition, great food and connecting on a soul-level will make you feel great during this holiday weekend. If you are “coming out,” you could channel this energy into joining up with the tribe that makes you feel happy and at home in your own skin.

With a Moon/Pluto opposition, you should have the ability to drill to the core of any issue that is confronting you, whether this is coming from a possessive friend or lover, or even a group affiliation.

Pluto can have a somewhat obsessive quality when it gets involved with such things as family secrets, digging up information on a lover or group. If you do learn or uncover something of importance in July, just be careful to use what you unearth wisely. I say that because there can be a strong tendency to manipulate or emotionally blackmail others when this combination is present. It could be you pulling the strings, or the tide could be reversed and someone else might be treating you like the puppet, so keep your eyes open and do what you can to transform any negative power-play situations that might occur.

On a lighter note, this could be the beginning of a transformative love relationship in your life! So don’t expect the worst to happen. Open your heart and mind to love, to deep family connections and to expressing your creative vision to society.

On the 12th of the month, Venus will enter Leo and for many of you that will set a blaze in your 6th house of work, health and service. Some of you could be falling in love with someone at work at this time. It is also possible that you are simply enjoying a happy work situation with kind coworkers and peachy assignments.

Certainly it is a great time to focus on your mind-body-spirit health and to adhere to a healthy diet. With Venus in the 6th house, there can be a tendency to over-indulge in rich foods so don’t let this energy catch you by surprise by veering you off-course from a healthy diet. Be diligent about your health and reap the rewards on down the line.

Mercury, the planet of communications, will saddle up next to this Leo Venus on the 13th. This is a great time for networking with coworkers and forming friendships. Though your daily schedule will likely be busy, it pays to take time to form meaningful partnerships on the job. This would also be a great time to plan out a healthy fitness and diet regime. Venus can cause your sweet-tooth to crave bad things but that Leoenergy wants you to look good, so put some effort into maintaining a sleek, healthy you while steering clear of carbs.

Enjoy all of this fun while it lasts, Pisces Rising, for on the 19th, life gets more serious when a Full Moon in Capricorn lights up your 11th house. Expect emotions to run high for something is about to be revealed or come to a point of culmination. This could impact a friendship, some long-term plan you’ve had, rewards at work or possibly have something to do with a group you belong to. Likely, you will learn something of significance under the light of this moon.

Again, don’t expect the worst to happen! You could be realizing that you are pregnant or that you have found the love of your life. Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon are dancing through your 7th house of partnerships in order to bring blessings into your life via partnerships.

For some of you, these blessings could manifest in a few years for you also have Saturn surfing through your career house. Wherever Saturn sits, he is does so to mature you, to encourage you to work hard and to recognize that there are consequences for your actions. Learn his lessons well, and you can reap great rewards. Ignore what he is trying to teach you and you will pay ten-fold down the line.

With this taskmaster in your 10th house, it is your career and worldly standing that is currently under pressure. Work hard, obey the rules and play nice with the bosses and in a few years, you could see tremendous rewards land in your lap (11th house). Saturn works things over slowly, so expect delays in seeing the benefits of your labors. They won’t happen until Saturn moves out of your 10th house and your bosses are sure you are worthy of a raise. Discipline, elbow grease and good relationships at work applied over the long-haul will usher in that which you desire. So if that 11th house Full Moon isn’t showing you want you want quite yet in terms of work rewards, keep plugging. Work rewards show up in that 11th house when the time is right.

On the other hand, if you are being irresponsible in some part of your life, Saturn could also make it known to the world how you are “failing.” The truth of a situation (Saturn in Sagittarius) could come out thus impacting your worldly standing (10th house). Though I don’t truly believe in “failures,” Saturn can deliver very hard life lessons that are meant to encourage you to grow, change and mature.

If you’ve been learning dark secrets about friends, the organizations you belong to or are possibly just getting to the bottom of what you really want out of life, use the information revealed by the Full Moon to spur you forward onto a positive life path. That moon is there to light the way and to provide you with better understanding. Mars is also now moving forward in your 9th house, encouraging you to pursue your life path destiny as well.

Maybe you need to learn to play by the rules (Moon in Capricorn) in order to get ahead. Information regarding a friendship or family matter could get revealed. Perhaps you learn something about the organization you work for that you’d rather not know. Or, maybe they find out something about you that causes their eye to twitch. Hard to say…but Capricorn is all about the rules, about social status and about climbing the ladder. Pluto is there churning up issues regarding “group think” and the darker side of what it means to belong. Stray too far outside of what the group considers “normal” and you could find yourself being pressured to conform or leave.

Maybe you’ve been playing psychologist to your friends and have been working at understanding their motivations. This is also a powerful placement for someone who navigates between people in an organization while doing their best to get diverse work groups to accomplish common goals, despite their differences.

Whatever is going down for you, it will feel potent at the time of the Capricorn Full Moon. Face it bravely and learn from whatever pops up and you will be on the right track.

On the 22nd of the month, the Sun will enter Leo which will light up the 6th house for many of you (or the 5th for some others, depending upon birth date). The Sun is more than a blazing ball of gas, it is our vital will and purpose in this life. In Leo, the sun has the heart of a King or a Queen and your life force should be bubbling out of you.

This is the perfect time for you to shine at work and to take the lead in a project. Find a way that you can be of service to the world and you win! When you marry your soul up to your everyday work activities, you are getting the very best out of your 6th house sun.

If that Leo Sun happens to fall into your 5th house instead, ask yourself: What brings joy and passion into your life? A 5th house sun could indicate a man showing up in the romantic department or, possibly, a male child is needing your love, warmth and attention. If you own a business, the 22nd is a great time to pour energy into projects so your creative voice can be heard. Things you invest into the 5th house can be reaped in the 11th, so allow that prideful, creative sun to flourish!

Uranus, that maverick planet that loves to disrupt things and herald in change, is going retrograde on the 29th in Aries in your 2nd house of values. He is positioned at 24.5 degrees which leads me to look up two sabian symbols to garner his intention.

At 24 degrees of Aries, the message is: a harp that plays itself. What could be more perfect for a 2nd house Uranus! This planet of revolution wants you to be true to your changing value system. What was once important to you may no longer hold weight as you discover new, independent ways to earn money, while promoting inner talents and resources.

If you tip the scale and look at the 25 degree mark instead, the message is: A great dragon asleep in a cave. This too is perfect! If you have been holding back on revolutionizing what you feel is important in your life, this retrograde Uranus is giving you the encouragement to dig deep and get serious about what is most important in your life. Is it money? Or is it developing your sense of self-worth? Maybe it is polishing off natural talents given to you at birth? Get in touch with who you really are on the inside and you will have harnessed this energy well.

So many people on the planet are trying to wake-up and with Uranus in your 2nd house, Pisces Rising, the Universe is giving you the green light to evolve…so think things over. Uranus will continue you his retrograde motion until the 29th of December. By mid-April of 2017, he will be moving forward into new territory with you in tow. That new you should have a much more clearly defined and revolutionized value system.

Mercury will enter discerning Virgo on July 30th. Expect to hear news regarding one of your partnerships for this impacts your 7th house. Lately, you’ve been blessed with luck in your closest relationships, providing that you have been discerning (Virgo) regarding who you join forces with. Now Mercury, that planet of communications, is encouraging you to open up, to talk, share and formulate plans with a lover, dear friend, spouse or close business associate.

This is also a great time to consider learning new job related skills from a mentor. Virgo is the sign of the craftsman. Working with the hands, analyzing things and perfecting systems at work are all highlighted. If you have been blessed with a mentor at work who can help you in perfecting your craft, do take advantage of the knowledge they are sharing with you.

If you have been working on healing (Chiron in Pisces in the 1st), this Jupiterian/North Node energy in your 7th house could also indicate a beneficial relationship with a holistic healer. Take advantage of this time to resolve health issues, body image concerns or trouble you’ve had with self-expression. Good healers are worth their weight in gold and you have the perfect alignment to get help along your healing journey right now.

In fact, your 7th house alignment has a feeling of destiny attached to it right now so do take your partnerships seriously this month. People that walk into your life have a soul purpose for joining with you as evidenced by the Jupiter, North Node, Mercury conjunction.

July, for you Pisces Rising, has a lot to do with romance, partnerships and healing. Focus on warm-hearted emotions that arise and stay true to your newly evolving value system and this month could shower fireworks into your life. Steer away from compulsive tendencies, power struggles and emotional tugs of war with lovers, children and friends and you will be able to enjoy the light show to its fullest.


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