There’s a New Moon lighting up your 7th house of close partnerships on July 4th, Capricorn Rising, and that makes it the perfect time to plant the seeds for what you want from lovers, spouses, business associates and life-long friends. Venus, the Goddess of love and attraction, along with chatty Mercury will be bracketing this new moon much like a pair of bookends.

What I see in the middle of these Cancerian bookends is a new beginning that has much to do with setting the emotional tone you desire from your relationships, including family. With both Mercury and Venus tagging along with the New Moon, this should prove to be a potent time to talk things out on a heart-level with those you care about.

The 7th house bears the grit and pearls of how we get along with other people in our lives. When your 7th house is really active, you have a great opportunity to learn by holding a looking glass up to all of your partnerships to see how they are doing. Certainly with a New Moon coursing through this local, there is a strong chance that some of you are adventuring into a fresh and powerful beginning with a lover, close friend, a family member or possibly a new business partner.

Though we tend to think of positive, powerful alliances forming here, this is also the house of open enemies, so it pays to treat people well in the hopes that your good karma will circle around.

Pluto will be opposing this New Moon energy from within your 1st house of self. This tells me that the partnerships you form at this time have the chance of moving heaven and earth in your life. New love alliances could form and changes to family structures could also ensue. So long as you are consciously owning your 1st house Pluto energy and are channeling it in your favor, you should fare this period quite well.

If, however, your 1st house Pluto has you in a tailspin, this period could ruffle some relationship waters, especially since it opposes your 7th house moon. I say this because a 1st house Pluto lends you great intensity. You may be projecting yourself fearlessly right now and that can scare people especially if you are delving into their stuff. Right now it’s as if you have laser beam eyes. Those Plutonian eyes can readily drill into the hearts and minds of others thus revealing secrets and motivations they’d rather keep clothed.

When people are metaphorically stripped in this fashion, they can sometimes retaliate by scapegoating in order to avoid directness and having all of their dark stuff revealed. If you’ve experienced this backlash in the past, it can cause you to hold your insights close to your chest. The opposite end of the spectrum is that you blurt out more than you should regarding hidden matters and motivations. Offering unwanted advise, based upon your laser-like vision, could become an issue for partners, lovers and family, so do try to channel this energy wisely for the good of all.

Obviously, finding middle ground in this process is necessary for you to find peace and balance within your partnerships. And remember, it is often not what we say that gets us into trouble, but how we say it.

Pluto can also encourage you to jump into the deep end of the relationship abyss thus stirring up brief and intense encounters with others. Valuable lessons can be learned from a “50 Shades of Grey” kind of relationship, but a partnership based upon true equality and sharing will serve you better in the long haul…especially since you have Cancer energy surrounding your 7th house.

With this placement you really do need to strive for balance in your dealings with others. Give and take is where it’s at. Own your own power, but allow others to be powerful in their own right too. Though you can see things clearly right now, sometimes you have to allow people to make their own mistakes in order for them to grow.

With this energy afoot, it is also wise to accept your own shadow material so you don’t project it onto others or vise versa. You need to engage with significant others…but going to the very depths of the abyss may not always be in everyone’s best interest.

Freedom and independence are highly valued by you right now and that makes you want to explore life fully so you can discover truths about yourself. New experiences fuel your drive forward but with an active 7th house, you are being asked to consider the others in your life as you grow and change.

Make sure in this restless pursuit that you take time to assimilate what you’ve learned instead of just constantly seeking the new and untried. Integration is key and will help you to build the heart-felt connections you desire to have with others. Build on the old you rather than discarding your past for an ever-changing future. Expect your independence needs to be challenged as you merge with others. Though I realize that you want freedom and independence right now that Cancer energy of your 7th house also longs for deep commitment and to feel safe, comforted and nurtured within your partnerships…so something has to give or at least teeter-totter.

During this New Moon phase, you may have to give up some of your “lone-wolf” tendencies in order to grow in partnership with family, a lover or spouse. Can you let down your guard and open up your heart to allow a fresh start to blossom in your relationship sector? It appears that the holiday weekend could be the perfect time for this blossoming to occur.

On the 12th of the month, Venus will enter Leo and for many of you that will light up the latter degrees of your 7th house or possibly dip into your 8th. Either way your relationships are highlighted once again. Things tend to get more intense in the 8th house, however, for this is a transformative, mysterious house that rules over our deepest psychological needs, sex, taboos and jointly-held resources amongst other things. Though close relationships form in the 7th, it in the 8th we get down to the business of living together, of sharing things and opening ourselves up intimately.

Mercury, the planet of communications, will saddle up next to this Leo Venus on the 13th. This is a great time to talk and plan out your future with whomever is lighting up your life. In fact, with Jupiter and the North Node conjunct in the 9th, at this same time, this could readily equate to marriage vows being exchanged for some of you. There could also be some sudden alterations to your family structure (4th house Uranus) such as welcoming in new baby or foster child, for example.

On the 19th, a Full Capricorn Moon will light up your 1st house of self where Pluto has been busy overhauling your personality, outward projection as well as your relationships.

Under the light of this silvery moon you should have a good idea of where you stand regarding the changes you’ve made in your life over the last few years. Have you taken on your own power? How are you doing in finding balance within your partnerships? Have you gotten more bold in sharing your thoughts and speaking your truth? How have the changes you’ve made enabled you to come to this moment in time where new, important relationships are opening up in your life?

These are a few questions that full Moon brings to mind. Expect emotions to run high at this time for full moons are very revelatory. They also bring things to a point of culmination. Since this both affects who you are as well as your 7th house partnerships, this should be a potent full Moon indeed.

What structures in your life might need changing? Are you being your true and honest self? If you’ve been re-working yourself from the inside out, how does the new you feel? Have the changes you’ve made helped you to find a loving, nurturing partner? Are you sharing your deepest needs with those you love?

On the 22nd of the month, the Sun will move into Leo, into your 7th or 8th house where he will join up with Mercury and Venus. If ever there was a time to get serious about your partnerships, Capricorn Rising, it is this July. Take what you learned from the Full Moon and bring that energy to bear within your closest alliances. The Universe is giving you a green light to share on a deep level with those you love, including family.

Uranus is currently sitting in your 4th house of home. Over the last few years, many of you have probably made a big move. This may have been from an apartment to a house, across country…or even to another land. During the down turn in the economy a few of you may even have lost a home. Though sudden disruptions to where we live can be quite unsettling (especially if it comes through loss, fire or some natural disaster), these very disruptions can also change our living energy for the positive by putting us in the right place for our lives to unfold.

A few of you may have ventured overseas as a result of this disruption and now you are reaping the benefits of Jupiter and the North Node sitting in your 9th house. Maybe you have met and are now marrying someone from another culture as a result of this move. Perhaps you have set up a business adventure with someone overseas and this venture is now bearing fruit.

If Uranus stirred up your life by somehow altering your family structure in some unwanted fashion, my heart goes out to you. If, however, that period has passed and you’ve been re-working who you are, that self-work could be panning out in new, heart-felt relationships that could rock your world in July. Everything happens for a reason and if you are planting positive seeds in your relationship department now, you can expect good things to happen.

Since Uranus will be turning retrograde on the 29th, he can once again stir things up for you on the home front. This could have you revisiting your home and where you live. If you have fallen in love with someone from another culture, you could be deciding where you need to establish yourselves. Maybe you’ve partnered with someone and that is suddenly changing your family structure. If so, July has a good feel to it for there is plenty of love to go around.

Uranus could also be inspiring you to look at your past differently. Are there patterns from your family upbringing that you can let go of in order to birth a more empowered, open and sharing you? By changing or reframing old family issues, can you set the course for having more loving, close-knit relationships now? If arguments caused a rift in your family, this could prove to be an important period to work on healing.

Uranus’s purpose is to stir things up in your life, to encourage you to break free from ruts and old ways of thinking. He also wants to channel in your higher-minded self. Since he is currently spinning backwards in your 4th house, in Aries, this is going to stir up all sorts of issues about home, the past, your family, how you were raised as well as your psychological underpinnings or “roots.”

The developmental aim of Aries is to grow courage. Can you be daring enough to move out of the country to pursue your dreams? If you lost your home, what courageous steps can you to take to rebuild your foundation? Maybe part of your path is to be bold enough to confront your parents to resolve old wounds and patterns? Or possibly, it is to look at past family situations with a new set of eyes, as seen through your higher, more conscious self? Certainly with Uranus’s retrograde movement, some of these issues will spring into your consciousness so you can face things, in order to heal.

With a Virgo Mercury cruising through your 9th house on July 30th, the Universe is encouraging you to make good on your life path, Capricorn Rising, for that 9th house has much to do with your journey on this planet. This journey can take you to foreign lands and encourage encounters with other cultures so that your world view can be broadened. It can open your eyes to the truth behind other religions or philosophies. Likely, you will feel compelled to seek the truth in some fashion with Mercury, Jupiter and the North Node all lined up here.

For some, this could herald in great news via the legal system or courts. It could represent tying the knot for some of you or hearing important news regarding adopting a child. Others will benefit by going back to school for a higher degree for this could be part of your journey to empower yourself (Pluto in the 1st) while discarding family beliefs that “education is not important.” (Uranus in the 4th).

Others of you have been avidly pursuing Universal truths in the past year. Overseas travel could be broadening your vision as could various spiritual pursuits. Teachers, gurus and mentors could play a pivotal role in these explorations. I would also encourage you to read widely at this time, but to be discerning regarding the incoming information. Many blessings are to be had by expanding your mind, mental pursuits and search for the truth this year. As Mercury joins Jupiter and the North Node at the end of the month, you could just hear the very news you have been waiting for.

Things that come to mind include…the adoption papers are ready to sign! I now pronounce you husband and wife. You have been accepted into the University. Your overseas business is doing very well. Maybe it’s time to move to another country? Or perhaps a light goes on in your head and you begin waking up to who you really are.

Whatever the news, Capricorn Rising, I see relationships playing a pivotal role for you in July. That tender, Cancer heart is seeking to merge with someone you can trust and open up to. Maybe it’s time to let down your guard and start something amazing that will help you to feel more whole and grounded in your life. Though laying down roots can be scary, it can also give you the backbone and support you so desire in your life.


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