There’s a New Moon lighting up your 9th house on July 4th, Scorpio Rising, and that makes it the perfect time to plant the seeds for what you want from your life path. Venus, the Goddess of love and attraction, along with chatty Mercury will be bracketing this new moon much like a pair of bookends.

What I see in the middle of these Cancerian bookends is a new beginning and that has much to do with a fresh start regarding your life path, educating yourself, taking a long-distance journey, learning about other cultures or possibly getting involved in a court case having to do with family matters.

The 9th house is all about expanding your mind and world view. That’s why overseas journeys are so favored because travel provides such a great opportunity for you to see the world differently while learning from other cultures.

The 9th house is also called the Road to God so this could represent new explorations regarding your spirituality. You could immerse yourself into a communal living situation such as an ashram or meditation group. During one world trip I was blessed to take, I actually witnessed Buddhist monks walking across hot coals after entering a period of deep trance through mindful breathing and focus. Talk about a 9th house journey that completely blew my mind! At that moment, I knew that those Thai monks had tapped into something very powerful that I did not completely understand but that was extremely meaningful nonetheless. That is the power of a 9th house spiritual journey wherein you allow your world view to be broadened by people from other cultures.

Sometimes the Universe also broadens our mind via the court or legal system. Hopefully this is not how this is panning out for you but it is possible for a few that you could be entering into a period of finding out the truth via lawyers and the justice system. Since this energy is in Cancer, it could have something to do with family, land ownership or possibly finances.

Pluto will be opposing this New Moon energy from within your 3rd house of communications. There he has been encouraging you to re-wire your brain and to change the way you look at things. (I truly believe that It is possible to change your life simply by changing how you think about what comes your way.) He may also be encouraging you to overcome learning difficulties, speech problems or to transform how you connect with family and members of other cultures.

The ultimate goal of the 9th house is to expand your mind. With Pluto in opposition to this energy, you could be encouraged to delve deeply into studies to do just that. You have a voice that wants to be heard and that 9th house energy is encouraging you to synthesize all that you know into a greater whole so you can see the big picture of life. He may also be encouraging you to study like a fiend so that you can create a life path destiny that works for you.

Additionally, Pluto is an ass-kicking little planet that tends to unearth things we’d rather keep secret. Are there bones in your family closet regarding land ownership or finances that could cause you legal issues? Maybe you are the one who is unearthing secrets regarding certain religions or institutions of learning. A perfect example of this was rendered in the movie “Spotlight,” which was a very 9th house story about journalists who broke a huge story regarding a wide-spread issue with Catholic priests and child abuse. If you haven’t seen this movie, I would rank it as a MUST SEE for it truly shows how good people can turn their heads and allow an atrocity to blossom right beneath their noses.

Alternatively, this energy could manifest regarding research you are conducting into sociology, anthropology or family patterns such as a detailed family tree. There are many ways this can pan out and it all depends upon what you have been up to in your life lately.

If harnessed wisely, this Pluto could enable you to become quite a scholar. He could also enable you to develop a powerful voice or to work diligently to improve the plight of families across the globe.

With a Moon/Pluto opposition, you certainly have the ability to drill to the core of any issue that is confronting you.

On the 12th of the month, Venus will enter Leo and for many of you that will light up the later degrees of your 9th house or possibly dip into your 10th, which rules your career. Either way, you are being encouraged to follow a life path that feels right for you. Maybe this will entail dating someone from another land or you could choose to go back to school so you can fulfill your destiny and attract a job you love.

Mercury, the planet of communications, will saddle up next to this Leo Venus on the 13th. This is a great time to think about and plan out your future. Talk to family members to get feedback or reach out to teachers or spiritual people you trust. Educational systems, through counseling services, can also provide valuable insight.

Who and what you give your energy to in this life is important so take the time connect with people who can provide sage advice so you can get on a path that is life-enhancing.

On the 19th, a Full Capricorn Moon will light up that 3rd house where you have been striving for transformation. Under the light of this silvery moon you should have a good idea of where you stand regarding your thought patterns and your ability to synthesize information. Research projects could bear powerful fruit at this time. You will also understand, at a gut level, what you need to do in order to develop that powerful voice you desire. This could entail working with a speech therapist, taking singing lessons or joining oratory groups to polish your skills. If you’ve been allowing dark thoughts to lurk in your mind, this Full Moon will also shine a light on what you need to do to achieve better mental health.

On the 22nd of the month, the Sun will move into Leo, into your 9th or 10th house where he will join up with Mercury and Venus. It is time for you to shine at work or to blaze a life path that inspires you. With the Sun commingling with Venus and Mercury how can you not attract that which you desire? While making these big life choices, do keep your health in mind.

Uranus is currently sitting in your 6th house of health, everyday work and service and he will be t-squaring the Full Moon. This planet is known for the surprises he delivers in sudden fashion so it pays to take care of your health. You can best do this by thinking outside of the box regarding healthcare. I’d recommend trying a variety of mind-body-spirit practices to quiet your mind and spirit. Add in a healthy dose of organic produce and some fun, adventurous outdoor exercises to round things off and see if that doesn’t help with sudden headaches, fevers or illnesses that seem, of late, to come on quickly.

With Uranus sitting in the 6th house, this is also a really good time to be mindful about coworkers and to grow tolerance regarding people who are different from you. It is not a good time to stir things up with unions or to bicker over cultural differences.

Uranus could also be inspiring you to try new things at work so you can extend your reach and find a more meaningful way to be of service. Since this maverick planet wants you to think outside of the box, he could be encouraging you to change directions, to go back to school or to really work on how you think about and process life’s events.

All of these issues are of potential importance right now because Uranus, that maverick planet of surprises, is going retrograde on the 29th. For many of you, this will bring revelations and/or renovations to the 6th house matters that are currently stirring up your life. What can you do to achieve better health? How can your higher-minded self become more tolerant to cultural and philosophical differences you encounter at work? How can you change your relationship patterns with authority figures so you aren’t butting heads? Would going back to school help you to gain more independence in your work? These are just a few questions that a retrograde Uranus could encourage you to ask.

Uranus is in your 6th house to metamorphose the manner in which you approach health, being of service and your everyday work. The developmental aim of Aries, which is the sign Uranus is currently transitting through, is to foster courage…so how can you bravely change things? If you have tried traditional western doctors and discovered that they aren’t helping you to get well, maybe it’s time to find a good naturopathic doctor instead. If you’ve been afraid to put yourself forward at work, now is the time to be more daring, to take classes and reinvent yourself as well as your skill set.

If this planet of revolution happens to be spinning backwards in your 5th house instead, focus on unique ways that you can bring more fun and joy into your life. How can you reignite a flame with your lover? What daring outdoor sports can you do to bring some zest into your life? How can you tap into the joyful, creative energy of your children so you can enjoy your time with them while quelling some of their more rebellious tendencies? What hobbies do you have that make you feel fired up about life?

Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon are surfing through your 11th house right now and this combo wants to deliver blessings into your life via friendships, group affiliations, by networking, and by pouring energy into your dreams. If you are going through a period of reinvention at work, don’t be afraid to reach out to people who can support you. The same goes if you are battling a health issue or simply need support for going back to school.

With a Virgo Mercury cruising through your 11th house on July 30th, the Universe is giving you the green flag to go after your dreams. This is a perfect time to sit down with a group of friends and craft a lovely vision board. Make plans, join groups and don’t be afraid to use technology to network with others who share the same kind of vision you hold so dear. If you are a believer in quantum physics, then you know that the Universe is full of possibilities and that the dreams you pour energy into could be the very ones that are likely to manifest.

In July, Scorpio Rising, it wouldn’t hurt for you to reach out to your friends to help make those dreams come true. Mars, that God of action and passion, has also started moving forward once again, and though it will take him until August to gain full speed, he is there in your 1st house to help you deliver on those things that are important in your life.

Life is like a zingy lime, Scorpio Rising. You can let it sit on the shelf and shrivel or you can squeeze the juice out of it and go after what you want. Sometimes to enact change you simply need to alter how you think about things. Expand your mind this month and tap into your spirit to see what is really possible. The Universe is full of endless possibilities and July is yours for the squeezing.


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  1. Stacie says:

    I have no idea how I stumbled upon this post or your blog, but I definitely needed to read it. It speaks to the so much of what I’m experiencing these days (or weeks, or months, etc.): wanting new and different work, but not sure what; learning about my North Node and diving into astrology to figure how to become that highest version of myself, and hearing messages from my more receptive friends about a “PhD” and “showing me the world”. Honestly, I just want to know what my best next step is, and it seems like the planets are aligning to help shine a light on it for me. Thanks for this post – I feel so encouraged and even excited by it!

    • Georgia Dempsey says:

      Stacie, I’m glad my post was meaningful to you. There is a great deal of truth written in the stars…I’m glad you are unveiling that mystery for yourself. It helps if you can learn about the energies and then consciously try and capture their energy for good in your life. Happy star-blazing as you figure things out and if you ever want a reading, feel free to drop me a line at God speed.

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