There’s a New Moon lighting up your 8th house of intimacy, jointly held resources and other people’s money on July 4th, Sagittarius Rising, and that makes this the perfect time to delve deeply into your relationship with your partner or to set aside time for financial planning for the future. Venus, the Goddess of love and attraction, along with chatty Mercury will be bracketing this new moon much like a pair of bookends.

What I see in the middle of these bookends is fresh start and that has much to do with going to the depths with a parter, starting an exciting romance or possibly a new opportunity to build financial wealth is headed your way. For some, it could even equate to the birth of a child. Though we tend to think of the 5th house as ruling children, kids are the literal fruit of our most intimate acts and I believe they could thus show in the 8th house as well as romping around in the 5th.

The 8th house is a transformative place so things that occur within her realms tend to be impactful. Psychic events and phenomenon can open a window, allowing you to see and understand some of the mysteries of the Universe. Pay attention to dreams and intuitive hits and if you are of a mind, try to harness this energy through hypnosis, a shamanic journey or by doing breath of fire to encourage a gateway to open.

Pluto will be opposing this New Moon energy from within your 2nd house of values, talents, money and inner resources. For the past several years he has been encouraging you to revamp your value system and to get in touch with who you really are. Though we tend to think of Pluto as an unpleasant planet, that is not always the case. Though he often forces us to face our inner demons, he also encourages us to dig to the depths of our soul to recognize who we truly are. What are your innate talents? What skills should you develop so you can be who you are meant to be? How can you own your power and use it, along with your skills, for manifesting good things in the world? What was the true purpose of your soul’s incarnation into this world?

With Pluto trining both Jupiter and the North Node right now this could also equate to powerful opportunity to turn your finances around through a lucrative job offer. For others, it will indicate a chance to choose a healthier lifestyle (Jupiter in Virgo)…one that not only supports your revised value system but that allows more time for family, your lover and closest friends. Lately, many Saggis have been struggling with keeping work in balance with life…and failing. Now Pluto is getting thrown into the mix and by touching off that Virgo energy of Jupiter, he is encouraging you to eat whole foods, to be discerning regarding lifestyle and to explore new boundaries regarding holistic health.

In July, certain choices will likely need to be made…and you have many things to take into consideration when that time arrives including health, other people’s values and your own spirit, talents and self-worth.

With the North Node conjunct Jupiter at 15 degrees, whatever goes down has a feeling of fate attached to it. The sabian symbol for this degree of Virgo is the quintessence of deeds well done. From deep within your roots (Pluto in the 2nd house churning up your talents and inner strengths) you produce a beautiful bouquet that is meant to bless your life (Jupiter conjunct North Node in the 10th house). You have proven yourself in some fashion and because of that the Universe is rewarding you or possibly encouraging you down to travel a better life path.

The only caveat I would add is that sometimes we have our plans and yet the Universe may see a better path for us to follow. Be open to what life presents and see if you can find the blessings in whatever is initiated during this New Moon phase. I truly believe we are all where we are meant to be at any given moment.

Remember, we have an all loving, all kind Universe…and some things are destined. If that something is different from what you had envisioned, all journeys are meant to bring us to a place of greater love and wisdom even if it seems like you have somehow gotten off-track.

Do expect feelings and emotions to escalate at this time for what Pluto wants, he wants with a vengeance. His ultimate aim is to somehow transform your life. This could be through rejuvenating your finances, by getting you more in touch with your spirit so you can give the very best of yourself to the world or through sharing emotions and your deepest needs with your partner and/or family. He is also jumping up and down on your value system much like a gorilla trying to bust open a piece of Sampsonite luggage. His purpose for acting like a big ugly ape is to get you to decide what is truly important and what is not. What is worth carrying around and what is better left behind?

This is also a good time to carefully protect your personal information and to keep secrets you’d like to remain under-wraps well hidden unless you are with someone you trust implicitly. You should also contemplate on what the significant others in your life need to be happy, for the 8th house has much to do with other people’s values.

With a Moon/Pluto opposition, you should have the ability to drill to the core of any issue that is confronting you. Is what you are going after in alignment with your spirit and core values? Will it draw on the best of your talents and strengths? Will it provide an opportunity for you to teach or share your knowledge in some meaningful fashion? Can you accomplish the mission while keeping up a healthy lifestyle? These are just a few of the questions that pop into mind with this configuration.

On the 12th of the month, Venus will enter Leo and for many of you that will light up your 9th house which represents your life path destiny as well as the Road to God. Again, this is why you need to believe in what you are doing. Sagittarians like to have a spiritual connection with their work and they are always seeking the truth. With Venus in the 9th house, you may feel a strong desire to begin a spiritual journey, to go on a trip that connects you to spirit or to take classes that will reinvigorate your soul so you can held down a path that feels right.

Mercury, the planet of communications, will saddle up next to this Leo Venus on the 13th. This is a great time to talk to a spiritual counselor or to lay out a plan for how you can get onto a path that honors who you are. Going back for a higher degree may do it for some, while traveling to a foreign land to seek the truth will work for others. For a good many of you, simply visiting some amazing place in the great outdoors is all you need to let your spirit soar.

Certainly, it is a great time to connect with people from other cultures, to learn and exchange information that will broaden your world view. That 9th house is an expansive place and it’s desire is to broaden your mind in some fashion.

On the 19th, a Full Capricorn Moon will light up that 2nd house where you have been striving for transformation. Under the light of this silvery moon you should have a good idea of where you stand regarding finances, your value system, and/or bringing your greatest talents and strengths to fruition in the world. Since this full Moon will be tagging Pluto, you will likely feel whatever happens at a gut level.

Expect emotions to run high for something important will be revealed or is coming to a point of culmination. This moon could be shining a light on your self-worth and how you can improve that. It could also reveal where you stand financially. Since Uranus is piercing this 2nd to 8th house axis (via a t-square) where the sun and moon are currently in opposition, you should expect some sudden events, surprises or aha moments to occur. Maybe what you desire is not the same thing your partner wants. In this case, Uranus could cause some disruptions in romance or a need for you to do a delicate balancing act.

Is your will and want you want somehow in opposition to what you need? If so, Uranus (and your 2nd house Pluto in Capricorn) will likely force you to decide what is most important.

Will your new job curtail your ability to have fun (Uranus in the 5th house in Aries)? With Saturn in the 1st house, your shoulders are broad right now and many will want to heap responsibilities upon them. This could rob you of fun time, closeness with your partner or inhibit you from running a side business you feel attached to because it represents a higher part of your self. Sudden decisions may need to be made but I am here to encourage you to choose wisely. Remember, Pluto is hulking through your 2nd house for a reason…and part of that reason is for you to revamp your value system so you don’t come up empty-handed regarding some important aspect of life.

On the 22nd of the month, the Sun will move into Leo, into your 9th house where he will join up with Mercury and Venus. It’s as if the Universe is shining a light on the path you are meant to take. This is truly a great time for you to reinvigorate your spirit and to plan out your life path destiny. Go on an outdoor adventure, take some classes or explore a spiritual path that makes you feel connected. The more you are in touch with your spirit, the happier you will be. The happier you are, the more able you are to give your talents to the world.

Uranus, that maverick planet of surprises, will go retrograde on the 29th. For the majority of you, this will bring revelations and/or renovations to your 5th house. This part of your chart rules over your creative self-expression, the things you do for fun and passion, your children and romances.

He is there to encourage you to reinvigorate the fun in your life. What artistic talents can you use to have your voice heard? What hobbies light your life on fire? What fun things can you do with your kids to tap into their fun-loving energy so they aren’t so rebellious? What out-of-the blue things can you do to reignite your romantic life? These are the things you need to consider with a rocket-fueled 5th house Uranus in Aries.

Aries wants you to initiate things, to dare and be bold. Uranus wants you to think outside of the box, to channel in your higher self, to disrupt patterns that have gotten old and stuck so you can usher in that which is fresh, exciting and new. When this maverick planet turns retrograde, he is going to churn up all of these issues.

If you have had a period of time off, where you’ve been having fun and allowing your spirit free rein, that new job offer could curtail some of your adventures, for example. Or, if you and your partner are not seeing eye-to-eye on things, Uranus could encourage you to disrupt the pattern so you can seek a better mate or somehow change-up your partnership energy. One way or the other, I see you revisiting your life path destiny this month…and you should be doing that based upon your newly emerging value system while keeping in mind the significant others in your life.

Part of that value system should certainly involve taking care of your body. Though others will see those broad responsibility shoulders you have, Saturn is in your 1st house of self and body to remind you to take care of your physical well-being while shouldering all that needs to be done. Health is wealth. Without it, you have nothing…and in this day and age, many employers are more than happy to work you right into the ground if you let them. (Plus, Pluto in the 2nd house can also encourage workaholic tendencies.)

Since work is a hot topic for you this month, Sag Rising, keep your ears tuned at the end of the month. Mercury will be entering Virgo on the 30th and this news deliver-er rules your career house. This planet of communications will also be joining Jupiter and the North Node for a triple grand slam. Meanwhile, Venus and the Sun will still be lighting up your life path destiny (9th house) and Mars will be back in your first house having an intimate conversation with Saturn.

Trust that you are where you are meant to be Sagittarius Rising, for it appears that the Universe is lighting the way for you to accomplish your dreams. So long as you are willing to put in the work, anything is possible. In the process, stay true to your newly emerging value system and listen to what your partner needs and you could hit a career or life path home run in July!

Your destiny awaits you, Sag Rising, and this month it is yours for the taking. Trust in the fact that we have an all-loving and wise Universe and that you are exactly where you are meant to be.


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