There’s a New Moon lighting up your 2nd house of values on July 4th, Gemini Rising, and it looks like the perfect time to set intentions for what you hope to draw into your life. Venus, the Goddess of love and attraction, along with chatty Mercury will be bracketing this new moon much like a pair of bookends.

What I see in the middle of these bookends is a new beginning and that beginning has something to do with your home, family values, your self-worth and how you develop your talents, skills and inner resources. Pluto will be opposing this energy at 16 degrees of Capricorn and he will be encouraging you to find a way to transform some situation that needs attending to. Likely, this situation has something to do with intimacy, your closest partnerships, jointly held resources, financing or your deepest psychological needs.

This could also indicate a fresh start when it comes to establishing values that enhance your family situation, earned income or boosting your sense of self-worth. The Cancer energy that surrounds your 2nd house encourages you to find security. That could be in terms of financial wealth, building stronger family relationships or in recognizing the need to develop your skills so that you can stand on your own two feet. It all comes down to what is most important to you. What you want to draw into your life? This New Moon is a great opportunity to define that along with what it means for you to be secure.

More money will do it for some of you but others will choose a different course altogether. Some of you will recognize that bolstering your inner resources, sense of spirituality or building community brings in richer rewards and a sense of groundedness into your life. With Pluto in the 8th house, you are being asked to not only consider your value system but that which is important to those closest to you as well. While contemplating that, remember that wealth is not always measured in dollars and sense.

If your partnerships are important to you, I encourage you to get to the bottom of what makes the significant others in your life tick. What matters to them? What matters to you? Can you somehow balance those two things while building a secure base for yourself? Pluto can herald in big life events when he is hulking through your 8th house of intimacy. Battles over sex, finances or power can occur. Intimacy issues of all sorts can get stirred up too. Inheritances or problems over money can loom large.

Get clear on what matters to you this month, Gemini Rising. Then balance your emotional and structural needs with lovers, spouses and close business associates.

With a Moon/Pluto opposition, you should have the ability to drill to the core of any issue that is confronting you, either within your intimacy sector or regarding your value system. Beware, however, if you become a furtive little digger in order to learn that which you seek for Pluto can have a somewhat obsessive quality when it gets involved with such things as taboos, deep desires, power struggles, hidden psychological complexes or simply the need to transform your life in some fashion. Use whatever you uncover wisely. I say that because there can be a strong tendency to manipulate or emotionally blackmail others when this combination is present. Since this lights up the psychologically loaded 8th house, this can cause some furtive struggles regarding power, dominance and money.

On a more positive note, this is also a great placement for you to recognize what you need to do to strengthen your position in life. You have what it takes to overcome your present situation. Maybe that entails going back to school to better your skill set. Confidence building exercises will help others. If you are in doubt that your body language or attitude in life can affect your self-worth, THINK AGAIN!

If improving self-worth and confidence is what you need to do with this New Moon energy, I highly encourage you to watch Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk regarding how your body posture and thought processes can hold you back in life. Change these simple things and watch your life soar:

On the 12th of the month, Venus will enter Leo and for many of you that will light up your 3rd house of communications. This is a great time to connect with cousins, siblings and neighbors. Take some workshops about town to work on self-esteem or simply to network with people who can become part of your promotions team.

Leo energy does nothing in half-measures and a Venus Leo loves to radiate joy, fun and warmth. Take pride in the new you and share what you are doing with people who can support you along the way. Surround yourself with positive people that will encourage you to reach your highest potential. A Venus in Leo makes you want to ROAR so harness that kingly or queenly energy to your advantage.

Mercury, the planet of communications, will saddle up next to this Leo Venus on the 13th. This is a great time to plan out your steps to success. What do you need to do to attract more clients? Since the third house rules learning as well as communications, what classes can you take to build up that skill set? Who can you network with in order to have your voice heard? Mercury is there with Venus to enable you to make positive steps towards your goals while connecting with those around you.

On the 19th, a Full Capricorn Moon will light up that 8th house where you have been striving for transformation. Under the light of this silvery moon you should have a good idea of where you stand. Expect emotions to run high for something important is coming to a point of culmination.

This could be a breakthrough in sharing with an intimate partner, especially if you have been facing roadblocks. Your deepest emotional, psychological and physical needs are represented by the 8th house. Consider it a gateway to other realms, including that blissful, exciting place we venture into when sharing our deepest secrets and needs with another person.

For some, you could choose to walk away from a relationship that is no longer working. Since you’ve been bolstering your sense of self-worth, you realize that not only will you make it on your own but you have a better chance at happiness that way.

Something regarding finances or jointly held resources could also be revealed. An inheritance could be forthcoming or maybe a tax bill comes due. Since the 8th house is the abode of “other people’s money” you will likely learn something about your financial situation that will open your eyes wide. This could involve the need to restructure (Pluto and the Moon in Capricorn) your finances in some fashion.

Mysteries and things behind the veil are also represented by the 8th house so this full moon could bring an epiphany, an intuitive hit or a dream that reveals something of importance that can change your life.

As a dare from a karate instructor, my husband once asked God to reveal himself while driving down the highway (which was, perhaps, not the best time to ask!). Much to his surprise, he started to see intimate details of the biology and inner workings of the eye. What was revealed was so real and startling, he immediately had to pull off the road as this vision flooded his brain. When planets align in the 8th house, the veil between this world and the next becomes thin indeed so don’t be surprised if you have some sort of psychic event and/or encounter that opens up your understanding of the world in a huge way.

On the 22nd of the month, the Sun will move into Leo, into your 3rd house where he will join up with Mercury and Venus. Network, network, network! Use this time to plan what you want and share your ideas with others. If your thinking has been holding you back, this is a great time to change your thinking so you can change your life!

If, because of your birthday, this energy happens to fall into your 2nd house instead of the 3rd, you are encouraged to continue revamping your value system. There is a new you that wants to come out and by focussing on what is most important, you can initiate that birthing process!

Many Gemini Rising folks have been struggling with career issues as of late so if you are unhappy or unfulfilled in your work, take circumstances by the reigns and plot yourself a happier course. Use your 3rd house energy to focus on educational goals, developing writing or speaking skills or pursuing business contracts.

Uranus, that maverick planet of surprises, will go retrograde on the 29th. For the majority of you, this will bring revelations and/or renovations to your 11th house. This part of your chart rules over your long-term plans, goals, work rewards, friendships and group affiliations. Are you flying with the right flock? Would joining an avant guard group help you to think outside of the box so you can accomplish your dreams? Maybe you are realizing that your present goals are costing you more than they are worth and that it is time to switch gears.

Be sure to talk over whatever Uranus churns up with family members. I say that because most of you are blessed right now with Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon in your 4th house of home. Parents and family members can be a huge support system to you right now and as Mercury moves into this house on the 30th, in Virgo, it is a great time to analyze where you stand.

Is your current career making you happy? Maybe your values are changing and those changes are encouraging you to adjust your long-term plans to come into alignment with what you truly need and desire. With a Virgo Mercury in your 4th house, this is a great time to really think things through and to reach out to family for advice.

How can you bolster your self-esteem so you can improve your career? Are you unclear regarding what you want to achieve in your current job? What talents, skills and inner resources do you need to build on to make things happen? Maybe you’ve been pouring your energy into a sieve. What would happen if you took that energy and poured it into something that really matters such as home, family and working on your closest relationships instead? You are the only one that knows what is most important in your life.

July is about getting in touch with your core values, Gemini Rising. When you focus on what matters the most, you will have the power to transform your life.


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