There’s a New Moon lighting up your 12th house of spirituality and the collective consciousness on July 4th, Leo Rising, and that makes it the perfect time to set intentions for how you want to grow and evolve as a spirit. Venus, the Goddess of love and attraction, along with chatty Mercury will be bracketing this new moon much like a pair of bookends.

What I see in the middle of these bookends is a new beginning which has much to do with a fresh start regarding your spiritual well being. Are there things you need to let go of in order to evolve? Could the power of forgiveness change your life? Are there some spiritual practices you can put in place that would bounce you to the next level?

Pluto will be opposing this New Moon energy from within your 6th house and that area governs everyday work activities, being of service to the world and your mind-body-spirit health. Workaholic tendencies can undermine your health with Pluto in Capricorn lurking in the this location, especially if you are not being mindful about taking care of yourself.

How can you transform this situation? With a new beginning in your house of spirituality, this is a great opportunity to rebalance things in your favor so you can bring in peace, harmony and a sense of emotional well-being. It’s also a good time to take pre-emptive measures to get to the bottom of any health issue that you are facing.

Since the 6th house also has much to do with being of service, this Pluto could also manifest as a deep longing to help other people cross a great divide in their life such as battling a serious illness or possibly crossing over to the other side. In July, a few of you could find yourself assisting someone close to you, such as an aging parent, with an illness as a result of this transit. Providing hospice care would be another fitting example as would working in a veterinarian office where sick pets are euthanized.

Pluto tends to bring up dark issues for he is the planet of birth, death and renewal. So whatever it is that you take on at this time under the influence of the New Moon, just make sure that it is a good thing for your life. I do believe there are many spiritual rewards for helping someone cross a cataclysmic divide in their life but are there the same kinds of rewards for working yourself to death in a job that does not, perhaps, give much back in return? This is something to think about for I don’t know how each of you has been using Pluto’s 6th house energy. With him in opposition to the house of sorrow and undoing where the New Moon is taking place, this is something for you consider so you can harness the New Moon energy in a positive fashion.

Besides dealing with health issues, Pluto can also stir up power struggles as well as the seamier sides of office politics and coworker behaviors when he is carousing through the house of work. With a New Moon opposing this energy, I would advise staying away from gossip, sharing secrets or doing things that manipulate or undermine others, for the person it could hurt the most is you! Along with being a spiritual house, the 12th is also known as a place of self-undoing which is possibly why there is such an opportunity to grow when we make mistakes in this part of our lives.

On the 12th of the month, Venus will enter Leo and for many of you that will light up your 1st house of self. What is important to you, Leo Rising? Are you able to share your wants and needs with the significant others in your life while maintaining balanced relationships? Do you express yourself in a queenly or kingly fashion?

With Venus in your 1st house, you should be exceedingly charming in July. Splurge a little and get your hair done, buy a vibrant, colorful outfit or better yet, make a commitment to going to the gym. That way you can burn off some of the stress you’ve likely been feeling in your 6th house. Whatever you do this month, it is going to give you that WOW appeal so feel good about yourself and don’t be too surprised if others start to notice your lovely vibe.

Mercury, the planet of communications, will saddle up next to this Leo Venus on the 13th. This is a great time to really think about what you want out of life and to craft a plan for getting there. Do you express yourself the way you like? If not, how can you change your interactions with others for the better? Are you pleased with your looks or mannerisms? If not, what can you do so you feel more vibrant and full of zing?

Maybe it is time to create a health and fitness plan that will get you over the 6th house blues you may have been feeling. All work and no play not only makes our lives monotonous but it can also add on unwanted pounds and stress too. Plan some hikes, a yoga retreat or a juice detox to see if that doesn’t improve how you look and feel from the inside out. Since the 1st house rules the body, this would be a perfect way to honor both Venus and Mercury while boosting your vitality.

On the 19th, a Full Capricorn Moon will light up that 6th house where you have been striving for some time. Under the light of this silvery moon you should have a good idea of where you stand regarding your health, work related activities or service to others. So, whatever 6th house activities have been brewing in your life, expect something to be revealed or to come to a point of culmination. Full Moons often cause emotions to run high and since this Moon is sitting right next to Pluto you should be able to see what you need to do to transform the situation.

Don’t, however, expect the worst….so much of how this will play out depends upon what you’ve been up to in your life and how you choose to handle the inbound energy. It could, for example, indicate a deep understanding of what you need to do to achieve a healthier state. Or, if you have been struggling with relationships or power dynamics at work, you could get an aha moment that reveals how you need to change in order to improve the situation.

On the 22nd of the month, the Sun will move into Leo, into your 1st house where he will join up with Mercury and Venus. You should be getting clearer and clearer regarding what is important to you, so focus on getting your needs met while not forgetting the significant others in your life. This is a great thing for you to do right now! If you’ve been spending too much time at work, you could harness this energy to change the tide so that you start doing more things that honor your physical being and mental health. Plus, the happier you are the better your relationships should fare as well.

Instead of working through lunch, take a meditation break or a walk. Rather than pouring more hours in sitting at your desk, leave work on time and head to the gym instead. If you’ve been working on forgiving, try also to let go….you will feel so much lighter as a being.

July has such a feel of needing to take care of yourself, Leo Rising, and with Saturn in your 5th house, your joy is overdue! Big cats that don’t play get cranky and they tend to roar at those nearby. Find a way to reinvigorate the fun in your life and you should start feeling playful instead. Remember, no one likes a cranky, over-stressed fur ball….and having fun and being joyful is also good medicine for your heart. With Saturn located in your 5th house, this is an important point to remember.

Uranus, that maverick planet of surprises, will go retrograde on the 29th. For the majority of you, this will bring revelations and/or renovations to your 9th house. This part of your chart rules over a number of things including your world view, your religious philosophies, other cultures, higher education, legal decisions, long-distance travel and how you go about expanding your mind.

Some of you have probably been undergoing some pretty big changes regarding at least one of these factors in the last few years. Uranus wants to bring in surprises, fresh ideas and revolutionary ways of looking at things. In the 9th house, this could manifest as epiphanies or aha moments. By interacting with people from different cultures or backgrounds, your world view suddenly gets larger. Maybe you embark on a long journey or decide to shake up your personal philosophy by trying new things like yoga, meditation or chanting. Wherever you have gotten complacent in your life, a retrograde Uranus is going to dare you to make changes and to open your mind to new possibilities.

You could receive a spiritual download or a vision. Maybe you will find yourself rethinking your life path or your need for higher education. Seeking the truth in your own fashion is going to feel like a rocket fueled mission especially since Uranus is in Aries. As he moves retrograde, you may revisit some old belief systems or find yourself questioning things and that is ALL GOOD. Your life is meant to be a quest for the truth…sometimes you have to move two feet forward to find that truth and sometimes it pays to look back on the path you’ve already trodden.

Uranus dares us to break the rules and to bring forth a more authentic version of ourselves, so honor the direction he is taking you in now. He is there to encourage you to question things and to dig for holy grail maxims so you can see the truth as well as the bigger picture of your journey.

Listen to gut feelings and synchronicities and you will be honoring Uranus’ presence in your 9th house. Some of the world’s biggest discoveries have occurred when people tap into the truth that resides deep in their belly.

That fire in the belly can give your life meaning. It can also switch on a huge light in your head. Why are you here? What were you meant to learn in this incarnation? Are you on the right path or do you need to make a U-turn? How can you jump-start your understanding of the world and zoom light years ahead?

To take advantage of this revolutionary energy, you might consider traveling to another country to study a different spiritual system. If you can’t afford a trip, take a mind journey by listening to hemi-sync music, exploring hypnosis or by going on a shamanic vision quest. Others may feel quite happy by taking classes that will spur their evolution and life onto a fresher path. Remain true to your spirit and you win!

With a Virgo Mercury cruising through your 2nd house on July 30th, you have plenty of time to contemplate what is most important to you. The second house is the house of values, Leo Rising, and lately you’ve been tasked with discovering what you need to be happy. Maybe it’s time to devise a plan that will get you moving in the right direction.

Though many people think of the 2nd house as the house of money, it is actually far more than that. It is the house where we choose to put an emphasis on what we feel is important to us. With Pluto in the 6th house and Saturn in the 5th, some of you could be revamping that value system to include better health, more peace of mind, happier relationships or the chance to expand your brain through higher education so you can make the U-turn your spirit desires. Only you know what matters the most.

I can say, however, that July does bear some strong messages for you and many of those messages revolve around taking better care of yourself and having more fun in your life. If you have been hitting road blocks in the manner in which you communicate with others, this is a great time to work on your outward expression. The New Moon around the 4th is also a great time to forgive and let go of baggage that feels to heavy to carry.

Once you start feeling lighter in spirit, focus on physical fitness and doing things that make your heart happy. To do this you might decide to explore the Heart Math Institute which is an organization that helps you to bridge meaningful connections with others. Wouldn’t it feel great if you could lower your stress and improve your relationships at the same time? I’ve done their mindful breathing exercises and they are awesome. We could all use a little more light, love, joy and hope in our lives, am I right?

For you, Leo Rising, finding joy, health and a sense of inner peace is my greatest wish for you this month. Carry less baggage and revel in the lightness of your new being.


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