There’s a New Moon lighting up your 1st house of self on July 4th, Cancer Rising, and it looks like the perfect time to set intentions for who you want to be in the world. Venus, the Goddess of love and attraction, along with chatty Mercury will be bracketing this new moon much like a pair of bookends.

What I see in the middle of these bookends is a new beginning and that beginning has much to do with who you are, how you project yourself and even how you take care of your physical body.

Pluto will be opposing this energy, from within your house of relationships, at 16 degrees of Capricorn. There he is encouraging you to take on your own power. An unconscious Pluto in the 7th house can create power struggles between you and those you are closest to. Do you own your own power or is someone else in your life pulling your strings? Pluto can be a master manipulator in order to get what he wants, but with the New Moon in your first house, it’s as if a new sheriff just showed up in town and that sheriff is YOU.

If you’ve been letting someone else structure your life, it’s time to take the reins back, Cancer Rising. You know what feels right in your heart so pay attention to your gut feelings and make the necessary changes. Do you need to have more balance in your relationships? Is it time to take control of your own energy? Do you need to gain confidence so you can project yourself more strongly? Are you relying too much on others for support?

I recently watched an awesome Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy. If you are struggling with confidence and/or power issues, I highly encourage you to watch this video, for it could change your life!

I sense there is a new you that wants to come busting out and Amy’s power exercises can give you the boost of confidence and self-esteem you need to make changes.

In the process of rebalancing your relationships and working on yourself, use the sirene qualities of Venus to draw in what you want. Mercury’s presence should also enable you to both plan and speak your mind.

If you are working on body image issues, this could represent a great time to get serious about a health regime that will put you into top condition. With Saturn coursing through your 6th house of health, there is no time like the present to make sure you are taking care of your body. Illnesses can ride Saturn’s coat tails when he is moving through this house but if you harness his energy wisely, he can also usher in discipline when it comes to getting fit. What foods would best support your well-being? Join a buddy and design a fitness program that is going to carve out a healthy, sleek new you.

With a Moon/Pluto opposition, you should have the ability to drill to the core of any issue that is confronting you. Are you being too hard on yourself? Are you letting other people pull your strings like a puppet? Are your emotional needs being met? Do your relationships feel balanced or are you giving up too much to keep the others in your life happy?

This new moon represents a time to work on yourself. As you unearth issues that have been causing you to raise your claws, use what you learn wisely. I say that because there can be a strong tendency to manipulate or emotionally blackmail others when this Moon/Pluto combination is present (or vice versa). Get firm regarding your stance and rather than giving into these power-plays, develop your own sense of dynamism and self-worth.

On the 12th of the month, Venus will enter Leo and for many of you that will light up your 2nd house of values. What is important to you, Cancer Rising? Focus on that and July should go well. Many astrologers call the 2nd house, the house of earned income or money, but it is much more than that.

It also represents your inner resources as well as talents, skills and self-worth. What can you do in your life that will make you shine and feel good on a cellular level from within? Leo energy does nothing in half-measures and a Venus Leo loves to radiate joy, fun and warmth. You are worth loving, developing and taking care of! Leo energy makes you want to ROAR so get proud of who you are on the inside

Mercury, the planet of communications, will saddle up next to this Leo Venus on the 13th. This is a great time to really think about what is important to you. Is it money? Peace of mind? Better relationships? Having a healthy body? Craft a plan and start taking positive steps towards your goals. The new you that you envision isn’t going to happen without effort.

On the 19th, a Full Capricorn Moon will light up that 7th house where you have been striving for transformation. Under the light of this silvery moon you should have a good idea of where you stand regarding your closest partnerships. Expect emotions to run high for something important will be revealed or is coming to a point of culmination.

For some of you, this could herald in an ending to a relationship or power dynamic. For others, you will simply see more clearly where you stand regarding your partnerships. It could also shine a light onto some of the structures in your life that need to be altered in order for you to be who you are meant to be. Maybe you have a business alliance that needs to be dissolved because you now have the confidence to break out on your own.

Sometimes the 7th house can equate to open enemies. If this is the case, you should learn something valuable regarding someone close to you. Take it in stride and count your blessings. If a frenemy is showing you an ugly set of cards, at least you know where you stand.

Don’t, however, expect the worst….so much of how this will play out depends upon what you’ve been up to in your life. It could, for example, also indicate a lover opening up and making his intentions known. A full moon could represent a period of deeply sharing and getting real with the person you love. Things that a person has kept under wraps could come to the surface at this time.

On the 22nd of the month, the Sun will move into Leo, into your 2nd house where he will join up with Mercury and Venus. You should be getting clearer and clearer regarding what is important to you. This should enable you to revamp your value system if it needs to be tweaked. Use what you learn during the Full Moon to guide you along the way. I do see that a new you wants to be born and by focussing on what is most important, you can initiate that birthing process!

Uranus, that maverick planet of surprises, will go retrograde on the 29th. For the majority of you, this will bring revelations and/or renovations to your 10th house. This part of your chart rules over your career as well as your worldly standing.

Some of you have probably been undergoing career changes in the last few years, especially with Saturn and Uranus facing off between your 6th and 10th houses. For others, the world will be seeing you in a different light based upon your changing status. This could equate to a change in your marital status or through you revealing some otherwise unknown aspect of yourself.

Uranus dares us to break the rules and to bring forth a more authentic version of ourselves. Maybe you’ve gone vegan and started wearing Birkenstocks to work thus changing your self-image. Or maybe a legal decision (9th house Chiron, Neptune and South Node) has spotlighted some other disruptive change that has shaken up your life over the past few years.

Whatever is going down, it is happening for the purpose of brining out your maverick nature. There is a uniqueness to your soul that cries out for creativity, originality and independence. Harness it will and you could rocket fuel your career and worldly standing.

Allow this disruptive energy to run amuck and you could butt heads with authority figures, find it difficult to hold down a job, get divorced or simply undergo some other radical changes to your worldly standing. When Uranus goes retrograde in this house, he is going to stirrup up all of these issues. Who are you? Are you the person you want the world to see? Maybe you really can’t be bothered with what the world thinks of you and that is the point you are trying to make!

Ask yourself if your current career or worldly standing is making you happy. Maybe your values are changing and those changes are encouraging you to adjust your long-term plans to come into alignment with what you truly need and desire both from a career and relationship perspective.

With a Virgo Mercury cruising through your 3rd house on July 30th, you have plenty of time to contemplate these matters. Reach out to family and friends to discuss what is going on. Network with people you can trust to discuss relationship patterns you’d like to change. Plan out your health goals and get serious about how you care for your body. If you feel constrained at work, can you take some classes that will help you to break out of the box so that independent nature of yours can shine?

July is about getting in touch with what you want and need in your life, Cancer Rising. By mid-month, you are going to learn something very enlightening regarding your closest partnerships. Choose to take what you learn to empower yourself so you can go after that which you truly desire.


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