There’s a New Moon lighting up your house of communications on July 4th, Taurus Rising, and it looks like the perfect time to connect with family and friends. Sharing heart-felt feelings is highlighted for Venus, the Goddess of love and attraction, along with chatty Mercury will be bracketing this new moon much like a pair of bookends. If you’ve been holding back on sharing what’s on your mind, this a great opportunity to change that trend.

I say that because what I see in the middle of these bookends is a new beginning and that beginning has something to do with talking, networking and getting real with family members. Maybe you’ve been thinking about some situation in the wrong way, but in order to transform it, you need to talk things out.

Pluto will be opposing this energy at 16 degrees of Capricorn and he will be encouraging you to find a way to overcome some situation that needs attending to. It could be simply a need to reconnect with siblings and cousins. Maybe you need a sounding board for plans to go back to school. Are there some legal matters within your family circle that need to be ironed out? Some of you may even be going through a period of questioning and re-examining your religion as you search for the truth in your own fashion and this personal quest could be stirring up things with family members who are not in agreeance with your new direction. Again, the message is to have heart-felt talks with those you love in order to smooth out any ripples.

With a Moon/Pluto opposition, you have the ability to drill to the core of any issue that is confronting you, whether it is a learning challenge, a family situation that is somehow opposing your growth, educational goals or a legal matter.

Just be aware that your Moon/Pluto opposition can turn you into a furtive little digger in order to seek out the truth of a situation. Pluto can have a somewhat obsessive quality when it gets involved with such things as family secrets, research projects at school or skeletons hidden in the closet of various religious organizations. He can also be encouraging you to re-wire your brain, to expand your worldview and to learn as much as possible from other cultures for your own growth. A 9th house Pluto can be a very mind-expanding thing, if you harness his energy well rather than allowing him to run amuck.

On a lighter note, this is also a great placement for a family get together, for establishing a business plan, for attracting contracts or simply to take a short distance trip from home to better acquaint yourself with your extended neighborhood. It’s also a wonderful time to sign up for some classes since the 3rd house also has a lot to do with learning and Pluto is demanding that you broaden your mind in some fashion.

On the 12th of the month, Venus will enter Leo and for many of you that will make your home feel like a castle. Get together with family and throw a fun party. There’s no better way to work things out than to have folks over for dinner and start heart-felt conversations. If you’ve been meaning to redecorate, the creative flair of this Venus should enable you to renovate in style as well.

Leo energy does nothing in half-measures and a Venus Leo loves to radiate joy, warmth and fun. Since she is lighting up your 4th house of home, turn the porch lights (or candles) on and prepare for a great night in. Pluto will be in near opposition to your Sun on this same day so my only caveat is to not get too strong-willed regarding your plans. Remember to work home and family into the equation of what you’ve got going on.

Mercury, the planet of communications, will saddle up next to this Leo Venus on the 13th so this should encourage that family feeling. Retreat with loved ones behind closed doors to chill and plan things out. Sometimes in life you need respite from the world. Honor that feeling and cozy up with your family. It wasn’t that long ago that everybody used to sit down at the dinner table together. Remember? There was always great food and plenty of chatter…that is what this time period is for! Chuck the cell phones and computers and get real with the people you love.

Enjoy the fun while it lasts for on the 19th, life gets more serious when a Full Moon in Capricorn lights up your 9th house. Capricorn energy always bears a good measure of hard work, discipline, delays for rewards and elbow grease. Lately, with Pluto hulking up there in your 9th house, you’ve either been struggling with a legal matter or burning the midnight oil at school. Somehow this planet wants to transform your world view.

Whether it is through the legal system, higher education, by exploring other cultures, or through spiritual exploration…something is going to become evident regarding 9th house matters under the light of this full moon. Expect a culmination of sorts and don’t be surprised if emotions run high at this time for they often do when the moon is full.

Whatever is revealed will give you a good idea of where you stand. Maybe you are completing a life-changing journey. For a few, an important court decision will be made. Grades could be posted or the results of your research project may prove enlightening. Maybe you have found the perfect belief system on what many astrologers call “The Road to God.”

Just be aware that Pluto can also reveal things that are hidden…that could equate to religious texts that are kept under wraps or possibly the not-so-charming workings of the justice system. Maybe you learn something regarding another culture that takes you by surprise. Perhaps, you realize that your own best asset is your mind and that going back to school could transform your life.

If it is your communications sector that is more impacted by this Capricorn Moon, just remember that we are all meant to learn things along our journey. Everything that happens is meant to bring us to a point of greater understanding and wisdom.

Chances are good that what will be revealed is your life purpose. With Pluto and the Moon shining down on your opposing Sun, there can be a tremendous urge to transform you vital life energy. That could be through learning or charting an alternative course that will enable you to fulfill your soul purpose.

On the 22nd of the month, the Sun will enter Leo which will light up the 4th house of home. Use your inner strength and wisdom to build a solid foundation to stand on so you can give your greatest talents out to the world. Family can support you in this endeavor if you need to make changes, such as going back to school. If you are doing ok with where you are, use this day to re-energize. The happier and more whole we are, the more we can give to the world.

Uranus, that maverick planet that loves to disrupt things and herald in change, is going retrograde on the 29th in Aries in your 12th house. He is positioned at 24.5 degrees which leads me to look up two sabian symbols to garner his intention.

At 24 degrees of Aries, the message is: a harp that plays itself. What could be more perfect for a 1st house Uranus! This planet of revolution wants you to be your true, authentic self and since the 12th house has much to do with your spirituality and your subconscious mind as well as parts of yourself you try to keep hidden, the Universe is encouraging you to explore all facets of who you are and to connect with your higher self. Your spirit wants to sing, Taurus Rising, and it wants to wake up to the truth of who you are as well. How can you honor these urgings and get in touch with your true inner power?

If you tip the scale and look at the 25 degree mark instead, the message is: A great dragon asleep in a cave. This too is perfect! If you have been holding back on revolutionizing yourself on a spiritual basis, this retrograde Uranus is giving you the encouragement to dig deep, to enter that woman-cave, and to tap into that greater pool of wisdom that surrounds you. Maybe a hypnotic journey could enable you to take a trip into the past so you can rewrite scripts you have wrongfully been living by. Or maybe a shamanic journey could reveal important information through dreams, visions or by connecting you to all that is.

Sometimes a sleeping dragon simply needs to be poked in order to rouse him or her to change. Quiet meditations on the self can likewise encourage the birthing of a new, more awakened you. Certainly with a Pluto/Sun opposition, you are feeling determined to renew and revitalize your energy and purpose and Uranus is there to help birth the new you that wants to emerge.

So many people on the planet are trying to wake-up and with Uranus in your 12th house, Taurus Rising, the Universe is giving you the green light to evolve as a spirit…so think things over. Uranus will continue his retrograde motion until the 29th of December. By mid-April of 2017, he will be moving forward into new territory…and so should you be!

Mercury will enter discerning Virgo on July 30th, which will impact your 5th house. This is a perfect time to plan out a health regime that focusses on whole foods and spiritual practices that make you feel well in mind, body and spirit. Add some fun into the mix and you will honoring your 5th house energy well. A great example would be to plan out an adventurous vacation that involves plenty of physical energy, like hiking, yoga or kayaking, and you will be improving your health while restoring your fun meter at the same time.

This also represents a great time to focus on any businesses that you own. With Jupiter and the North Node also located in your 5th house, great blessings are to be reaped by focussing on creative self expression and planning for your business venture. Analyze what is working and what is not and make adjustments to the plan. If you need to take some classes to up your craftsmanship, this would be a good time to do so.

If you are using this 5th house energy to coach or mentor your children, set achievable, realistic goals and help your kids to learn new things. If you need to adjust how you’ve been doing things, talk it out with your children and make the necessary changes. With Virgo in the mix, try not to be too hard or critical. Remember, children need avenues for creative expression and having fun while learning. If you can devise educational systems that tap into these energies while helping them to broaden analytical and language skills, all the better.

July, for you Taurus Rising, has a lot to do with communicating with those you love. There are aspects of your spirit that want to come out. In July, you are meant to ask why you have been hiding things from those you love and maybe even yourself? The Universe wants you to broaden your mind and revitalize your soul. Expand your brain and world view and you could wake up in the process. You are entering the dragon cave of your soul, Taurus Rising, because the Universe wants to breathe a new, more enlightened and aware you.


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