Earlier, I did a video on the mythology of Neptune and how her energies can be felt in our birth charts. Today we are going to talk about the influence this watery planet can have when it lands in your 2nd house of values. If you haven’t watched the first video, you may want to go back and do that before we jump into Neptune’s meaning in the 2nd house.

The second house has much to do with the things we value in our lives. Many astrologers call it the house of earned income but it is much more involved than being just about money. It represents our talents and skills, our inner resources, possessions we hold dear and how we gain self-worth. Planets in the 2nd house also show our desire nature and what we want out of life.

If everything you knew in your life fell apart, what inner strength would you draw on in order to make it through? That’s 2nd house material my friend and no one can take that away from you unless you let them. Most of us have a reserve of strength that lies untapped but when disaster strikes you can draw on that inner well to not only sustain you, but to overcome. With Neptune floating in this house, you could decide that developing yourself spiritually is more important than pursuing money because you know it will give you a strong foundation to stand on no matter what happens in life.

Now that you understand the 2nd house a bit better, it’s time to consider the sign on the cusp of the 2nd house so you can learn what sorts of skills you need to develop in order to be successful in achieving your desires.

For example, if a fire sign is torching the cusp of your 2nd house, you will want to earn money by something that lights your world on fire. Inspiration, seeing future trends and setting goals will take you a long ways, especially if you get an opportunity to work independently.

Water signs on the 2nd house cusp will encourage you to find work that makes you feel emotionally connected. What work will nurture you while providing security? The more you can pick up on the vibes and emotions of others at work and react respectfully to them, the better you will do. Learn to relate, to share and to learn from the past.

If an air sign is wisping through your 2nd house, learn to be flexible, to share ideas and see how everything fits together. It is essential for you to develop social skills and graces in order to thrive. Improve your interpersonal communication skills and ability to share ideas and knowledge while watchfully minding social trends so you bend and flex when times are changing.

Earth signs are the “get ‘er done” elements of the Universe. They are focussed largely on practical matters and they want to see concrete rewards for efforts rendered. Earth signs are great at procuring things and bringing ideas into physical form. Earthy, sensual pleasures may also drive some of the desire nature with this placement.

Now that you understand what the 2nd house represents as well as having an idea how the signs impact any planet falling within its realms, let’s consider what Neptune means when it is gliding through this part of the natal chart. That way you can put all of the factors together so you can understand your own chart and self!

Neptune has much to do with consciousness of the soul. Is there something regarding your value system needs to be dissolved or changed in order for you to grow as a person? Do you harbor delusions or illusions about your talents, skills or abilities that need to be addressed? Are you subconsciously creating circumstances in your life that make you feel victimized at work or somehow unable to make money? Have you become a scapegoat for others to pick on?

Maybe you feel unclear regarding what you value or how you should best go putting tempeh on the table. On the flip side, this placement could also encourage a person to give away their skills because there is such a desire to be of service, to help the underdog or because you may secretly shun money or feel that it is not that important.

Since the second house does, in part, deal with money having an unconscious Neptune here could lead to dependency issues. Do you desire to run and hide from the world while allowing someone else to bring home the fakin’ bacon?

Neptune lends an ethereal quality to anything it touches. It can also usher in a measure of uncertainty or fogginess. In the 2nd house, this can leave you questioning what your true talents are. What are your greatest strengths and resources? How can you tap into your creativity, compassion and fluid nature to make a living?

Listen to your heart and surely you will find a way to give the best of your skills to the world. First, however, you need to recognize your own true worth. Everybody is blessed with certain God-given talents. What are yours?

Are you musically inclined? Creative with a paintbrush? Visionary? Neptune allows you to tap into other realms so use those day dreams to engage your imagination. Think outside of the box to come up with business solutions and ideas.

Set healthy boundaries around your finances and learn that it is ok to charge for your skills. If you are too giving, others may try to take advantage of your finances or skill set without proper payment. In this is happening, you could watch money flowing like a river right out of your pocketbook.

You are deserving! That is one of the best messages I can deliver to if you have Neptune in the 2nd house. Don’t be afraid to invest in developing yourself or to ask what you are worth. You have an uncanny ability, or intuition, to understand what it is that others need from you so use this wisdom to draw in that which you need to make it on this physical plane.

Another great meditation is for you to reflect on who you really are. Once you understand your true greatness as a Divine spirit, you will realize that you are absolutely worth not only surviving but thriving on this planet. Learn to trust your inner voice. Being compassionate and helping others is a wonderful thing, just make sure to value your self along the way.


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