Earlier, I did a video on the mythology of Neptune and how her energies can be felt in our birth charts. Today we are going to talk about the influence this watery planet can have when it lands in your 1st house, or the house of self.

The first house has much to do with our bodies, how we express ourselves along with how we project our personalities out onto the world. It is our mask, so to speak, as well as the lens through which we see and desire to experience the world.

Our lives as well as astrology are steeped in symbolism. 

Here’s one example of how it works. Say you have an Aquarius Sun, a Leo Moon and are Sagittarius Rising. Symbolically speaking that would make you a genius (or revolutionary), with the heart of a queen, masquerading as a gypsy. That adventure loving gypsy part is the mask that you present to the world and is very linked to all of your 1st house energies.

Naturally, the astrological sign you have on the cusp of the first house also has much to do with how that mask will be displayed outwardly.

With a fire sign torching the cusp, any planets that fall within the 1st house will lend verve, inspiration, passion and boundless energy to the planet. If an air sign is blowing through your 1st, Neptune would take on an intellectual feel as well as a desire to connect socially and through various forms of communication and the sharing of ideals. Water signs lend themselves to merging emotionally, to getting to the heart of a matter, to creating and flowing with the tide and your sense perceptions. An earthy cusp, such as Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus, desires to gather resources, to make things concrete and bring ideas into physical form. There can also be a sensual enjoyment of the world when a planet falls into an earth sign.

Now that we understand what the 1st house represents as well as having an idea how the signs impact any planet falling within its realms, let’s consider what Neptune means when it is gliding through this part of the natal chart.

Neptune has much to do with consciousness of the soul. What part of our outward projection needs to be dissolved in order for you to grow as a person? Do you harbor delusions or illusions about yourself that need to be addressed? Are you subconsciously creating circumstances in your life that make you feel victimized? Have you become a scapegoat for others to pick on?

Since the first house deals very much with the physical body, an unconscious Neptune here can entice a person to indulge in a variety of harmful substances that could impact the body if not careful. There is a desire to overcome the slings and arrows of mundane life and some with this placement will feel a clawing need to escape reality in any way possible. Others with this placement were actually born under drug-induced circumstances that started them off in life in a mind-numbing fashion.

Part of the issue is that Neptune makes a person so sensitive that they can readily tune into the thoughts, emotions, turmoils and psychic vibe of others nearby. As boundaries between self and other are blurred, you may get sucked into dramas that actually belong to someone else so it’s good to be able to occasionally say: This is not my stuff! It’s important to not become a psychic sponge with this placement.

The flip side of this dilemma is that a 1st house Neptune also makes you very compassionate with a true desire to help others meet their needs. Forming emotional or soul connections can draw you into relationships magnetically.

This is also the perfect placement for a person who can blend in with a wide variety of people from many different walks of life. Some might call them shape-shifters, others would simply say they have a chameleon-like ability to merge with their surroundings. If used consciously, this is not necessarily a bad thing. For a teenager who is desperately trying to fit in with a clique, this can be a vulnerable placement, especially if the crowd they are being assimilated by is not a good one.

Neptune lends an ethereal quality to anything it touches. It can also usher in a measure of uncertainty or fogginess. In the house of self, this can leave a person questioning who they really are. Are they a soul? Do they define themselves by what they do? Maybe there are some body, gender or sexual preference issues that make it hard for them to clearly define themselves to the world. There is a fluidity to the personality that can make it hard for the native to understand himself.

Often, people with Neptune in the 1st house have some sort of psychic ability for this planet does tend to open gateways to other realms. Spiritual experiences and a longing to merge with the Divine are often present.
Artistic talents can also be enhanced as Neptune rules over visual communications and also lends fluidity to music and dance as well.

Worldly affairs may impact a 1st house Neptune person at a gut level for they keenly feel what goes on with other people. This can encourage some to become saviors while others will martyr themselves in order to get a message across. Though they have a keen desire to be altruistic, while helping others, there is also a need for them to practice self-care.

Aura-cleaning practices would be great for a 1st house Neptune person. Since the native is so susceptible to picking up on “other people’s stuff,” mind-body-spirit practices that clear out the head and soul space are very important in order for this person to maintain their health.

Setting healthy boundaries, will enable this person to develop a stronger sense of self. There can be such a tendency to lose track of their own thoughts, feelings and desires as they so actively mirror and try to meet what others want and/or expect of them. Developing a bit of self-assertion can help a person with this placement to form more equal and balanced relationships with appropriate levels of sharing.

I do believe we are all connected on this planet but Neptunian people tend to feel this as if it is part of their DNA. I am you and you are me can be the motto of a 1st house Neptune. In a kind and loving world, this is great but the trick of this planetary placement is to tap into that well of loving-kindness without being taken advantage of.

This information is also posted on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/7_nl8KhLML4


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      Thanks Grandtrines for your support in sharing my info. I am committed to making this work and believe through good people that I will be able to lift this spiritually based business off the ground in the next few years. God Speed and Thanks.

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