Neptune has been a prominent role player in our lives lately as it has squared off to Saturn, opposed Jupiter and is scheduled to go retrograde on June 13th at 12 degrees of Pisces. So I thought this would be a great time to delve into the meaning of this planet as it passes through our birth charts.

For starters, Neptune was the son of Saturn which made him a brother to both Jupiter and Pluto. After the strict, old, hard-to-please Saturn was overthrown, benefic Jupiter became God of the heavens, dark Pluto began lording over the underworld and Neptune became God of the sea.

Not only does Neptune rule over the oceans but is related to fog, mist, haze, rain, ice and other forms of liquid such as medicine, drugs, poisons and alcohol as well. Because of his link with such things as hard substances and fog, he can denote uncertainty, unclarity, deception, trickery, confusion or even lies when found in a horoscope.

Dreams and illusion fall under his umbrella and this can pan out several ways in a person’s chart. With Neptune, you can delude yourself about things, be deceived by others, or use his mystical energy and intuition to understand symbology found within actual dreams.

Just as there can be a negative side to Neptune through guilt, playing the victim, addictions, and a true desire to escape from the harshness of reality (often in substance abuse) she also has many positive traits as well. So much depends upon how we choose to harness her energy.

Compassion, mercy and inspiration are positive traits that can also follow in Neptune’s wake for she is, afterall, the higher octave of Venus. She can have a very spiritual and/or psychic quality. For example, I have Neptune in my 12th house in Scorpio and I do have very telling dreams. I have also done charts for two different people who had Neptune in their 8th house, a most mysterious place to begin with. Once was psychic and the other had the unique talent of being able to see and talk to dead relatives on the other side on a fairly regular basis.

Things that are changeable, illusory or hidden behind the veil are Neptunian in nature. Hypnosis certainly is related to this planet for it allows you to travel to other realms and to subtly get at things that are hidden deeply within your subconscious mind. Shamanism is also Neptunian in nature for it has much to do with symbolism and imagery along with their hidden meanings.
Creativity is another trait that can be brought forth under Neptune’s influence. Abstract thoughts, day-dreaming and visions can all be brought into reality. Creations in film-making, photography, graphic art, music, poetry, painting and dance are all possible. Since Neptune is currently transiting in Pisces, this creative influence is greatly enhanced.

Drug use, delusion, playing the victim and hypochondria can also be a problem wherever Neptune is lurking. To get a full sense of how it can play out in your chart, it is wise to also look at the house placement of this planet.

For example, Neptune in Pisces in the 6th could easily lend itself to being a hypochondriac. If she is drifting through your house of relationships, others may be practising deceit or lies upon you…or you too could be not so straight-forward in your relationships with significant others. Dreams, hypnosis and out-of-body journeys may be the pervue of a 12th house Neptune. You get the idea…you must look at not only the planet, but the sign it is traveling through along with its current house placement, something I plan to do as I create additional upcoming videos for Soul Passages Astrology.

Often she operates beneath the surface of things in society. Therefor, she can present herself as the great deceiver (shyster), savior, redeemer, the self-sacrificing partner who works quietly behind the scenes and/or a wonderful mystic. In the first house, she can make a person rather chameleon-like, allowing that person to change their colors so they can blend in with any group.

Issues are often clouded when Neptune is around, making things seem different than they actually are. That’s why it is important not to wear rose-colored glasses if you are under a heavy Neptune influence.

Though Neptune can represent some of our worst demons such as alcoholism or playing the victim, she can also usher angels into your lives as well. Her energy wants to protect the oppressed and abandoned and to help society’s fringe element and misfits. If harnessed well, she can connect you to all that is, ushering a bright beam of heavenly light into your soul.

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