A grand cross is going to be stretching everyone thin as early June hits and that includes you, Scorpio rising. By June 2nd, you should begin to feel the push-pull of this planetary alignment.

Saturn, your taskmaster planet, who is now touring Sagittarius in your 2nd house will be opposing a Sun/Venus connection located in your 8th, which is both considered the house of intimacy as well as other people’s money. Laying at a 90 degree angle to this axis, thus forming the cross, you also have Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon in Virgo in your 11th house opposing Neptune, Chiron and the South Node, all swimming through the Piscean waters of your 5th.

So what does this all equate to? Your 11th house Jupiter wants to confer blessings on you through your associations. Network as much as you can with friends, groups and business associations. You likely have a humanitarian vision for society and if you connect with the right people, you can actually pull it off. It is also possible that you could see some rewards from work-related activities at this time. Long-term dreams and goals that you hold dear are also favored.

Since, however, there is a cross in the sky it does not mean that these gifts will fall into your lap without effort. For starters, Chiron, Neptune and the South Node of the Moon are causing a bit of a stir in the house opposing Jupiter. The 5th house is the house of fun, passion, lovers, children and creativity and there is a sense of fogginess and/or woundedness surrounding this part of your life.

Some of you could be tending to a sick lover or child and that could put some tension on obtaining longer-range plans since you are now forced to focus on what’s really important at the present moment. Neptune, especially in Pisces, can equate to drug or alcohol abuse so if you have been imbibing some things that are not good for you, this could also be impacting your dreams, friendships and even your wallet (2nd house Saturn).

If you are an artist, this 5th house configuration could leave you feeling wounded or thwarted regarding expressing your talents out onto the world stage. You may be very skilled in the arts and yet have not found a way to have your creative voice heard. If this is the case, maybe it is time for you to decide what is most important in your life. If it is developing your talents then maybe you need to bring that creative vision to fruition.

When it comes to romantic partners you could find yourself in the awkward position of needing to choose between mates (Sun/Venus in Gemini in the 8th square to the 5th). Your 8th house of intimacy is lit up right now but it is in Gemini and that always indicates choices or looking at things from different angles.

Maybe you are comparing between friends or potential lovers, trying to decide who would be the most ideal partner. If you’ve been really hurt emotionally in the past (5th house Chiron), this could lend itself to being unclear regarding potential mates. Are your relationships balanced or do you give too much to another (Neptune in the 5th)? Do you set lovers up on a pedestal and then find yourself disappointed if they can’t meet your vision of perfection?

With Chiron in the 5th, there can be a tendency to experiment on the sexual front but with the Jupiter in Virgo opposition, it pays to be selective, especially if you are trysting with friends.

If you have been playing the field widely, this cross could represent the fact that you have been caught in the cross-hairs of your own actions, leaving you with tough decisions to make.

Add into this complexity the fact that Saturn is forming a square to this 5th and 11th house action. Saturn is asking you to get serious regarding what is most important in your life. Currently it is hulking in your 2nd house which is the house of values. What matters the most? Are you strapped for cash because of some nebulous 5th house activities such as gambling, partying or playing the scene?

If you are tending to a sick child, maybe medical bills are mounting, forcing you to consider different means of financing the bills (8th house action). If this is the case, maybe you can reach out to various healing groups or friends (Jupiter in Virgo) for support. Bear in mind, however, that there is a square between Jupiter and the Sun so there can be a tendency to rely too much on other’ peoples money. Maybe you need multiple income streams to help with funding.

With Saturn opposing your Sun/Venus connection, it also brings up the question of how much you should rely on yourself versus turning to others for help. Saturn in the 2nd is there to encourage you to not only get focussed about what’s important but to help you to stand on your own two feet. Do you need to develop talents and skills so you can get ahead? How can you restructure finances so you aren’t feeling pinched? Are your plans too grandiose (Jupiter) for your pocketbook (Saturn in Sagittarius in the 2nd house)? These are just a few questions that pop into my mind.

If you have been indiscriminately experimenting with 5th house matters that Saturn could also be asking you to value yourself. Is what you are doing for fun really honoring who you are? Maybe so…and maybe not, only you know the answer to that question. If addictions are a problem, seek help. Not only can they wreck your health but they can put friends and finances in a bind.

On June 4th you will be given ample time to think about finances for a New Moon will be gracing your 8th house. How can you transform your situation? Can you reprioritize and/or refinance so you can make your dreams happen? Focus on what is really important and you will find a way to resolve this dilemma. This could also represent a new beginning within your intimacy department. If you are juggling two lovers (Gemini) at one time, just remember we do tend to create karma with any person that we exchange bodily fluids with.

Between the 13th and the end of the month, you will be given plenty of opportunity to face your inner demons so you can understand what needs to give. Neptune will be moving retrograde through this 5th house on the 13th and will later be joined by a retrograde Chiron at month’s end. Expect old issues to resurface but use this period of inner reflection wisely. What needs to happen in order for your life to move forward in a positive direction?

The square between Saturn and Neptune, which will reactivate on the 17th, can leave you feeling uncertain about how to proceed. Insecurity or a lack of self-condfidence could be churning up your Piscean waters as you search for the truth of things. Just know that you do have what it takes, Scorpio Rising. If ever there was a sign that can rise up from the ashes of their life to overcome, it is you!

By the 20th of the month, you should have a clear picture of what’s important for your 2nd house of values will be lit up by a full Sagittarian Moon. Expect emotions to run high as you learn where you stand regarding finances, resources, talents and other people’s money.

Since this fiery Moon is sitting in close proximity to Saturn, it is quite possible that more work will be required on your part to shore up your foothold in life. Get serious about what’s important and you will overcome the cross you have been feeling in your life.

Venus and the Sun will be in Cancer on this same day lighting up your 9th house. Trust that the Universe is only delivering that which you can handle, Scorpio Rising. Look to family and friends for support and nurturing. If a legal or financial matter is coming to a head, you will have some family support to see you through.

A trine from Pluto to Jupiter on the 26th could herald in some stellar news. Maybe some of the networking you’ve been doing is finally paying off. You could also win a business contract or negotiation. Communicate with people in power (3rd house Pluto in Capricorn) to see if you can get the support you need for your long-term dreams (Jupiter in 11th). This is a great day to mark on your calendar for something of import is likely to happen and it has a very positive feeling attached to it.

Mars will begin going direct on the 29th in your 1st house of self. Since this God of War and Passion is in Scorpio, you should begin to feel a revival of your inner flame. That Scorpio energy wants you to accomplish your goals and dreams so you can transform your situation. What motivates you? What is your passion? What actions do you need to take to turn your financial situation around? With Mars in the 1st house, there can be a tendency to be a bit pushy as you strive to meet your objectives and further your personal agenda. Just be aware of the fact that all 1st house activities are also mirrored into your partnership house.

Focus on accomplishing something that is meaningful and magnificent in your life, Scorpio Rising. You have the power to bring into form the very things you deem are worth it. June is, however, a ba…buster, so you need to focus on that which is most important in your life.

Information from this reading will soon be available on my YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=uGlVVk8eePA

Peace and Blessings,


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