A grand cross is going to be stretching everyone thin as early June hits and that includes you, Cancer rising. By June 2, you should begin to feel the push-pull of this planetary alignment.

Saturn, your taskmaster planet, who is now touring Sagittarius in your 6th house of health, everyday schedule and work activities, will be opposing a Sun/Venus connection located in your 12th house. Laying at a 90 degree angle to this axis, thus forming the cross, you also have Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon in Virgo in your 3rd house opposing Neptune, Chiron and the South Node, all swimming through the Piscean waters of your 11th.

So what does this all equate to? Your 3rd house Jupiter wants to confer blessings on you by encouraging you to get to know your local area. Network with neighbors, work groups and relatives or take some community classes to expand your job skills. Explore mind-body-spirit workshops or try out the neighborhood yoga studio to get to know people locally while enhancing your health.

One of the reasons health issues pop to the forefront with this configuration is that Virgo rules over alternative health and natural healing methods. This benefic planet, as part of the cross, also happens to be squaring up to your 6th house Saturn. For some of you, that means you are confronting some sort of health issue or at least the need to get serious about a health regime that will set you on the right track.

Saturn could also be imposing some restrictions or heavy burdens at work causing your schedule to be busting full. In this case, some yoga or meditation classes could help calm you down while enabling you to tackle the mountain of paperwork sitting on your desk. If you feel stuck at work (and Saturn can have that sort of impact), your 3rd house Virgo energy is encouraging you to take courses that will enhance job related skills and eventually lead you to a point of mastery.

Right now, you probably feel rather confused about your life path and how you can best be of service to the world. Neptune, Chiron and the South Node of the Moon are coursing through your 9th house which equates to your life path. This is raising issues of uncertainty and a feeling of woundedness. Maybe you don’t know what direction to take. Give it some thought and know that if you are not on the right path that you can change course! The classes you take now can help to make the difference. By talking to those closest to you (Jupiter in the 3rd) you can also gain insight/advice on the path ahead.

If, on the other hand, you are feeling blocked spiritually, as if you have been abandoned by the Divine, develop some mind-body-spirit practices that will help you to get in touch with who you really are. The Divine dwells within you and sometimes all it takes to recognize that is some mindful breathing or yoga exercises. Taking spiritually based classes could also help you to find a tribe you can truly connect to. Plus, if you are having health issues, holistic practitioners can assist you in restoring balance to your body and various energy auras.

Finding a way to be of service (Sagittarius in the 6th) could also foster your desire to better humanity (Neptune in the 9th). You may have a vision of an ideal society but with Chiron housed in the same local, you recognize that your vision of utopia and the reality of life are far different. By using your talents and skills (6th house Saturn, plus the Virgo energy of Jupiter) to make positive changes happen, you will be able to beat the racked feeling of this square. On the 13th, Neptune will go retrograde so you will be given time to rethink your life path and to make adjustments to the plan so you can find a way to make a difference. If you are on a spiritual path that is not working for you, you could also choose to find another group or community to learn from.

Matters of spirituality are highlighted by this cross especially for you Cancer Rising. I say this because opposite to your 6th house Saturn, you have your transiting Sun and Venus, in Gemini, coursing through your 12th house. Typically speaking this is a rather hidden house in astrology and thus it represents quiet time such as meditation, peaceful walks through the woods, or a place you can retreat to for prayer.

Since Gemini is the sign of this house, it indicates choices to me. Maybe you are choosing between spiritual paths. Perhaps you are being faced with both the light and dark of a situation and life is forcing you to confront your own demons, fears or self-imposed inhibitions. By confronting that which is confining you, you can free yourself! Most of the limitations we face in life are self-imposed so you may be coming to grips with what you need to do in order to place yourself onto the right life path, or as Buddhists would call it: Finding Right Livelihood.

On June 4th, this 12th house becomes even more significant because you will have a New Moon occur there in Gemini. This represents a new beginning, a new way of thinking and possibly even a new plan as Mercury joins this cloistered house on the 12th. Plant the seeds for what you want and dare to change your thinking patterns to obtain different results. Since Gemini has much to do with the hands and lungs you might even consider chanting or using mudras as a way to bring peace and balance into your life. Shri Ananda Ma and Dileepji Pathak have a great mantra tape for releasing fears available at: http://www.soundstrue.com/store/mantras-for-releasing-fear-3440.html.

Whatever has been brewing in your life, it is likely to come to loggerheads around the 17th of the month when Saturn and Neptune square off once again. Feelings of uncertainty or dissatisfaction with work or your life path could mount. You might also be working very hard to achieve a break-through on the spiritual level. Rather than get twisted up by this energy do your best to come to grips with the disparity of your utopian vision and the reality you face. Reality can be harsh but you do have tools at hand to ride out the storm peacefully should you choose to employ them.

A full Sagittarian Moon will highlight where you stand with your 6th house matters by the 20th of June. Expect emotions to run high but do pay attention for you will learn something important regarding work, daily activities or possibly your health. These revelations may feel burdensome due to the closeness of Saturn but you will gain important insights regarding what you need to do to move forward.

On June 26th, a powerful partner could be of assistance when it comes to meeting or laying out your educational goals. With Pluto in Capricorn in your 7th house trining Jupiter in your 3rd, this is a good time to network and discuss your future aspirations with close partners. Business negotiations should get a powerful boost on this day so plan to chat with the boss now if at all possible. Use what you learned on the 20th to fuel the conversation and set a positive course for the future.

Don’t expect all of your feelings of angst to disappear immediately, however, for Chiron will be going retrograde on the 29th and that will likely stir up those very issues you have been stewing over. Chiron’s true purpose is to encourage you to take a healing journey to ease the angst but it is important to remember that it is often a journey and not necessarily an exact end product that lands on your doorstep.

Mars, the God of war and passion, will be going direct on the 29th in the sign of Scorpio. For most of you, this will enliven your 5th house. If you’ve been feeling racked lately by the cross, take some time out and do something fun. Let go of your troubles for a while and renew your spirit. You have a powerful voice that wants to be heard so find a way to let it roar. Physical activities of all sorts are highlighted and can help you to burn off the steam as you chart your course for the future.

June is encouraging you, Cancer Rising, to find a life path that brings meaning into your world thus allowing you to be of service. Take stock of where you stand and let go of any inhibitions that are holding you back from being who you are meant to be. Connect with your tribe to gain strength as you make the necessary changes to head your life down a path that makes sense for you. You have such a positive vision of what can be and though you are facing some stumbling blocks right now, you do have what it takes to make things happen.

Listen to your inner voice and release your inner fears, Cancer Rising. That is my best advice for you this June.

This information has been uploaded to my YouTube channel at: https://youtu.be/ndEJj4_Ig_E


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