A grand cross is going to be stretching everyone thin as early June hits and that include you Taurus rising. By June 2, you should begin to feel the push-pull of this planetary alignment.

Saturn, your taskmaster planet, who is now touring Sagittarius in your 8th house of intimate affairs, will be opposing a Sun/Venus connection located in your 2nd house. Laying cross-wise to this axis, thus forming the cross, you also have Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon in Virgo opposing Neptune, Chiron and the South Node, all swimming through the Piscean waters of your 11th house.

So what does this all equate to? Your 5th house Jupiter wants to confer blessings on you by having some good mindful fun. Spend quality time with your kids and loved ones and do the things you love to do. Some of you may actively be searching out Mr. or Mrs. Right at this time and Jupiter is there for you to broaden your search while Virgo adds in some protection by asking you to be discerning regarding that perfect someone.

Therein however, lies some of the problem of the cross. With Neptune, Chiron and the South Node of the Moon opposing Jupiter you do need to be careful of the company you keep. Are friends dragging you into trouble? Is the flock you are flying with prone to using substances? Are you truly being mindful of the fun you are having? Are you being clear-headed about who you are hanging out with? Are they up-front and honest with you? Are your fun activities interfering with what you are trying to achieve in the world?

Maybe you have your eyes set on the perfect partner but you must realize that all partnerships take work and that nobody is truly perfect! Are you giving more than you are receiving when it comes to those closest to you? Have you set your children onto a pedestal from which they are afraid to fall?

Are you trying through your work or business to become something larger than yourself? This could be through art-work, speech or even written products that you are sharing on the world stage and yet you feel somehow as if you are not hitting the mark? If not, how can you change the tenor of your voice so it has more mass appeal?

Lately you may have felt confused or left in the dark by some friends, group affiliations, ideology or a vision you’ve had for yourself or society. However this cross is racking you, just remember it is trying for everyone! You may feel unclear about long-term goals and plans or even what clubs you should join to get ahead.

With Saturn firmly throned in your 8th house, you have probably been learning a lot about what it means to share finances and deep intimacies with another person. At times you may question how much you are sharing…either literally, psychologically, or possibly by giving up on some of your own dreams in order to make things work between the two of you.

With your 8th house Saturn squaring up to Jupiter in the 5th, you could feel as if you’ve gone on a fun vacation in the camper but accidentally left the van brakes on. You want to have fun, to do the things you desire and yet the finances are not there…or maybe you feel restricted in sharing as deeply as you would like with another person.

Adding to the complexity is the fact that Jupiter is squaring up to the Sun/Venus combination that is occupying your 2nd house as of June 2. Are you drawing in that which you truly desire? Are you spending so much that your pocket-book is squealing? Maybe too many fun nights out are running up a tab, leaving you less money for some of your long-term dreams? One way or the other, you need to get serious about what is important to you, Taurus Rising, so you can break free from this cross which is binding you.

For many of you a more realistic approach to your dreams may be in order. We are so driven in this society to have more and more…the bigger house, the sleekest car, classy suits, fine wine, dinner out, you name it. Is all of that really necessary? Is your pursuit of the American dream killing you? If so, maybe it is time for you to write a hard-ball stickie to self: Get real about what really matters. Sometimes the American dream can literally kill you.

June 4th seems like the perfect day to search for that truth for there will be a New Moon in Gemini on that day leaving a wide open space for you to plant the seeds for your future. To get the results you want, you need to focus in on the things that are most important. Naturally, in Gemini, there are always two sides to every story but I see the need for you to clarify your goals. Look solidly at the light and dark of the situation you find yourself in and delve into the truth of where you stand.

Neptune has lately been muddying the waters regarding your hopes, dreams, wishes and friends. Get real about what’s important and choose your friends wisely. If you’ve been hurt in the past, revisit what went wrong so you can unravel the puzzle thus making better life choices for yourself in the future. Be realistic in what you are trying to achieve. This is important because on the 27th, Chiron will be moving retrograde through your 11th house and that is likely to churn up old issues of woundedness regarding these matters.

Insanity has been described as doing the same things over and over again but hoping for a different outcome. Different outcomes happen by making better choices and putting reasonable plans into action for achieving your long-range goals.

For you, Taurus Rising, I see this as the holy grail for solving the riddle of your cross. You are being pulled to the four ends of the earth and much of it has to do with your finances and possibly some unrealistic goals or harmful friendships. Figure out what is truly important and try a different tack for getting the job done.

Neptune will go retrograde on the 13th and that can foster fears, paranoia and uncertainty regarding your dreams and friendships. Don’t buy into the fear or try to numb out what you are going through. Sit down with a well-grounded Capricorn and devise an achievable savings plan, portfolio or debt-payoff program so that you can get real about your future and what you actually wish/need to achieve.

Think solidly on what abundance actually means in your life. Is it really a McMansion or would additional time with your kids be more fulfilling? With this configuration, a few of you may be putting so much pressure onto your kids to over-achieve and be perfect that they feel they can never reach your Virgoan standards. Let off a bit on the pressure and simply have more fun with your children instead and see if that doesn’t improve their attitude.

If you’ve been concerned about sharing too much information with a friend, listen to your inner guidance system and develop stronger boundaries around your relationship until you feel certain that you can trust the person you are spending time with. With Saturn touring your 8th house there are some tough lessons in love and intimacy to be learned in the next few years, but knowing this ahead can help you to be a bit more cautious.

Saturn will be squaring up to Neptune on the 17th so you could be feeling the pinch…either financially or from overly opening yourself up to friends you may or may not be able to trust. If you’ve been burned in the past (and with Chiron there you very well may have been), use caution. This is not a time to wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to friends and group affiliations. If you are getting pulled down a costly rabbit hole by substance abusing friends, this should be your wake up call. It’s time for a new path…unless of course you like to have your life hung upon a cross that is stretching you to the financial max, not to mention what it could do to your health.

By mid-month (17th – 20th) the Sun and Venus will enter Cancer which falls into the 3rd house for many of you. This is the perfect time to talk to family members, to spend time at home and to share how you are feeling with those within your inner circle. Maybe as a family you need to work out what is important or set up a workable financial plan. If you are having an addiction/friendship problem that is dragging you down, reach out to family for help. Talk with someone you trust regarding setting realistic goals for you and your children. Mercury, the planet of communications, will amp up this energy even more by the 29th so it is the perfect time to create a plan for your whole family that will work.

On the 20th of the month, there will also be a full Moon in Sagittarius. This will further shed a light onto your financial situation. Since this Full Moon is sitting right next to Saturn you may feel burdened by that which is revealed but it will also shine a bright light onto what you need to do in order to transform your life.

Maybe you are in the wrong relationship because it isn’t growing on a deeper, more meaningful level. Perhaps all of the fun nights out are starting to truly cost you. Whatever is happening, you should get a clear picture of where you stand by the 20th. To turn things around, pay attention to the messages you receive on this day. People close to you are likely trying to whisper in your ear the very things you need to hear. Know that they are meant to be there, sharing their thoughts with you on this day.

Mars has been moving retrograde for the last little while but will be moving forward in the sign of Scorpio by the 29th of June. This will impact your 7th house of long-term partnerships considerably. It’s time to take action and transform your relationships with the significant others in your life. Maybe you need to change who you are hanging out with. What criteria have you been using for selecting friends? Are your friends enhancing your life or dragging you down? If you don’t like where you are headed with your current circle, it might be time to revise your idea of what it means to be a true friend.

Since money seems to be tight for many of you, try not to borrow or become overly indebted to friends, business partners or lovers. You can overcome whatever is happening and transform your partnerships in the process.

For you, Taurus Rising, June is all about figuring out what really matters to you so you can set your world onto the right footing. Choose your friends and your goals wisely. Breaking your fun-meter can wreak havoc on your pocket and make achieving long-term goals seem impossible. Make wise choices this month in order to turn things around. If things get tough along the way, pay attention to the messages you receive from loved ones on the 20th.

Doing things differently can help you to break the cycle of insanity you currently find yourself steeped in but you need to change how you are going about things to arrive at a better outcome. With your bull-like persistence you can do anything you set your mind to, Taurus Rising. Believe that in your heart.

This information has been posted to my YouTube channel at: https://youtu.be/-2esR1z1rAA



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