A grand cross is going to be stretching everyone thin as early June hits and that include you Aries rising. By June 2, you should begin to feel the push-pull caused by this planetary alignment. Saturn, your taskmaster planet, who is now touring Sagittarius in your 9th house will be opposing a Sun/Venus conjunction in your 3rd house. Perpendicular to this line is Jupiter and the North Node in your 6th house in opposition to day-dreamy Neptune and the South Node in your 12th, which are also within firing range of Chiron.

So what does this all equate to? Blessings are to be had by being of service to the world right now as well as taking care of your health, daily schedule and work related activities. Some of you may, however, be feeling confused as to how to make that happen. Neptune in Pisces can lend itself to fogginess, uncertainty and a fair dose of day-dreaming. It can also encourage you to delve into spiritual practices that will enhance your mind-body-spirit health. Mantras, chanting, art therapy and dream work could all prove to be enlightening at this time.

Since Chiron will be going retrograde on June 27th, in Pisces, it might also be a good time to revisit any issues of the past that still need healing. In the 12th house, I think of things such as drug or alcohol addictions, a feeling of loneliness or separation from the divine or what some might call soul-sickness. This makes now a great time to address if you have what I call right livelihood. Are you doing the work in the world you were meant to do? If not, it might be time to give voice to that spirit of yours and give of your talents to the world. If you are battling with a physical ailment it is also possible that an old injury (leg, hip, Achilles or something to do with the emotions) could resurface or need tending to.

Since Neptune also rules over drugs, poisons, deception, the endocrine system and psychology, it pays during this time to be mindful of what you ingest…both in terms of liquids, medicines, drugs and/or through your emotional encounters with others. If you have had an ailment that doctors are having a hard time diagnosing, consider using hypnosis or some other mind-body-spirit practice to get at the root of what is wrong.

With Neptune, the South Node and Chiron the wounded healer all stacked up in your 12th house, there can be a tendency to play the victim or to wallow in self-misery regarding whatever is racking your life. The world is asking you to define who you are via your 9th house Saturn. Since the 9th rules over your life path/destiny, there have been some tough lessons and a lot of soul-searching lately regarding the path you should follow.

A few of you could even be confronting some religious issues that are severely testing your faith (Saturn in the 9th square Neptune in the 12th). For others, someone may be trying their best to pull the wool (Neptune) over your eyes regarding some legal matters (9th house Saturn). This is certainly a trying time for everyone and it just depends what’s unfolding in your life as to how this cross will play itself out.

Since May 9th, that 6th house Jupiter wants to confer blessings regarding matters of health, work and daily routines but Saturn is up there in the 9th house challenging the growth you hope to experience via a square. Going back to school (Saturn in Sag in the 9th) could make getting ahead at work easier for some of you. Legal matters could be plaguing a few of you regarding work related issues. This is a really good time for you to be tolerant of other cultures and belief systems so as not to stir up trouble amongst coworkers or those you share your daily world with.

During the cross, your Gemini Sun and Venus will be opposing Saturn so whatever has popped up as a challenge in your life, you are being asked to mindfully talk things out to do your best to see both sides of the story. That is the gift that Gemini confers on us…the ability to see more than one side to any situation. Since this Sun/Venus combination will be gracing your 3rd house, communications and learning of all sorts are highlighted. Is there another way to look at things? Are you being truthful with yourself and others? Are you communicating your needs at work? And are you learning what it is you need to learn to improve the quality of your life?

If you are battling an illness, learn as much as you can about what is going on so you don’t feel kept in the dark (Square between Sun and Neptune). Be upfront and clear in your communications and be sure that others are being straight with you as well. This is not a good time for “double-speak.” Say what you mean and mean what you say…but use the softening touch of Venus to temper your words. This will help you on all fronts, whether you are facing a legal issue, an illness or some sort of workplace dilemma.

On the 4th of the month, there will be a New Moon in Gemini conjunct to Venus. This paves the way for you to open discussions regarding what is going on in your world. Talk to siblings and teachers. Determine the learning path that is best for you. You might even choose to see a counselor (9th house Saturn) to plot out your classes for the upcoming year. Whatever shakes out, you are meant to take this opportunity to enter into discussions mindfully and to learn what you need to move forward in a positive direction.

Mystical Neptune will be moving retrograde on the 13th and for many of you, that will be impacting your 12th house. Neptune feels at home in the 12th house, which is the place of all things hidden. This abode has much to do with imprisonment, confinement and self-undoing. It also represents the skeletons we’d rather keep buried in the closet.

With Neptune swimming through these waters, there is usually a deep longing to return to the divine source of comfort, the eternal God-womb. Unfortunately, this planet also allows you to feel the slings and arrows of outrageous (mis)fortune keenly so there can be a tendency to drown your sorrows in drugs or alcohol as a means of escaping the suffering that you see and/or feel.

With this planet moving backwards, take extra precautions to avoid drugs, chemicals or medicines you are unfamiliar with. Ward off psychic vampires so you don’t get mired in situations that you don’t own. On the flip side, do use the energy to go over your dreams with a fine-toothed comb to uncover hidden meanings and symbology that could provide insightful information.

These are important lessons to learn because by the 17th an additional challenge will be headed your way via the Saturn/Neptune square. Be wary of political parties that offer up utopia but can’t seem to deliver. You may also feel inclined to sacrifice too much for another person or a particular life path. Be compassionate to yourself and others and stay true to a course that is right for you for that is the message of Saturn in Sagittarius.

Do your best not to be judgemental regarding people who are different from you. Saturn likes laws, order and traditional values but he is currently traipsing through your 9th house and that has much to do with other cultures, various belief systems and different world views. Remember to allow some space for our differences for it is these very differences that give us strength and the ability to survive hard times.

On June 20th, a full Moon in Sagittarius will illuminate any legal matters, life/path challenges or school concerns that you’ve been having. If you have been intolerant regarding other people’s belief systems or world views, expect to hear some fiery rhetoric regarding your stance. Emotions always run high under full moons and this one wants to deliver a truth pie to your front door, so get braced. With the full moon riding next to Saturn, it will be challenging not to feel depressed but on the other hand, you should clearly see what you need to do in order to turn things around.

Towards the end of the month, the Sun will move into Cancer and for many of you this will light up your 4th house of home. This is a great placement for a Cancerian Sun since that 4th house has much to do with family, home, your mother, traditions and the past. If you need to retreat from the world for a bit, do so. Venus will join this area on the 17th and Mercury will follow on the 29th. Cozy up with the ones you love. Retreat from the hectic energy of the cross and share thoughts and emotions with those closest to you.

On the 29th, Mars will start moving direct in Scorpio in your 8th house. You likely have a strong desire to transform whatever is not working in your life for the 8th is a door or a gateway in many ways and the warlike energy of a Scorpio Mars wants you to rise up from the ashes to rebirth yourself in some fashion.

Since 8th house functions will be influenced by this God of Passion, your drive will be running high in regards to: understanding the psychological motivations of those closest to you; of deepening your intimate relationships; by firing up your sex life; by creating strife within your joint-finances; or by firing up your passion for exploring things behind the veil. If you have been facing an illness or some other situation that has left you feeling “racked” by the cross, this Mars should give you the Pheonix-like energy to overcome.

Further help could be on the way as Jupiter trines Pluto on the 26th. Pluto likes to unearth that which is hidden and a Jupiter in Virgo has much to do with alternative health and the meticulousness of your work-related skills. With a lovely beam from Pluto, the reason for an underlying illness could be revealed, providing you the information you need in order to heal. Since Pluto is coursing through your 10th house, he could also be unveiling some of your hidden talents which could positively impact your work situation, allowing you to shine with authority figures.

June is not a month to lay idle, Aries Rising. Old issues need attending to and this is a month for you to focus on healing. Though you may feel racked at the beginning of the month, Mars will be moving forward by the end of the month and since you’ve had time to think things over during the retrograde period, it is now time to take transformative action.

Let go of the things you can no longer shoulder and choose a life path that is true to you. Though you may feel as if you can never heal your life, Chiron is there to remind you that healing is more about the journey than any particular outcome. Health and psychological wellness happen one step at a time but you must take steps to transform your situation. Release the skeletons you’ve tucked away in the closet and relinquish a desire to play the victim and you will be victorious in June.

The YouTube video for this reading is posted at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9nkqDxR9c4&feature=youtu.be



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