A grand cross is going to be stretching everyone thin as early June hits and that includes you, Leo rising. By June 2nd, you should begin to feel the push-pull of this planetary alignment.

Saturn, your taskmaster planet, who is now touring Sagittarius in your 5th house of fun, passion, lovers, children and creative self-expression will be opposing a Sun/Venus connection located in your 11th house. Laying at a 90 degree angle to this axis, thus forming the cross, you also have Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon in Virgo in your 2nd house opposing Neptune, Chiron and the South Node, all swimming through the Piscean waters of your 8th.

So what does this all equate to? Your 2nd house Jupiter wants to confer blessings on you by encouraging you to focus on that which is most important in your life. For some people this will be money, for others it is developing talents and skills. For many of you, focussing on all of the blessings you already have would be your greatest gift.

If Jupiter is hitting your 3rd house instead of your 2nd, then joy is to be found in connecting with your neighborhood and networking with those around you. Take some classes and enhance your job skills to reap the rewards of this benefic planet.

Though certainly there are blessings to be had the very fact that there is a cross in the sky means that you will be faced with some challenges. For many of you those challenges are stemming from your 5th house Saturn in Sagittarius. Not only do you likely feel a restriction to the fun in your life but you are also learning some hard truths about how you interact with the world.

The 5th house has much to do with your voice and how you share that voice with others. Your outward expression can either bring in blessings or repercussions depending upon how you use it.

With Saturn in this house you could also be experiencing some trying situations with lovers, children or by feeling blocked creatively. For the health of your heart, it is important for you to find a positive way to express what you are feeling. Holding things back overly much or not using your creative skills can be hard on the body and with this placement it is the heart that stands to suffer.

To complicate matters further right now there is also a lot of pressure on your 8th house. With Chiron, Neptune and the South Node there, you are likely feeling a bit powerless in your life. Maybe you are facing issues with joint-financing or inheritances that are leaving you feeling wounded. You could also be doubtfully wondering if your 401K is sufficient to see you through.

Perhaps an important partnership is your life is dissolving and you are feeling unloved. One of the antidotes to these feelings is to lean on Jupiter and your North Node in the 2nd house. This benefic placement is there to help you realize that you do have what it takes to stand on your own two feet!

If you truly count your blessings, you probably realize that you are far luckier than you think. Sometimes, with Jupiter in Virgo, less is actually more…so if you have been compromising fun and time with your lover and/or children, this could be a stark reminder that putting all of your eggs into the money basket can leave you severely bereft in other key areas of your life.

A Gemini Sun and Venus combo will further enhance the power of the cross on June 2nd as they oppose your 5th house Saturn. Two life paths or sets of goals may be unfolding before you and you need to choose the direction to take. Making your dreams come true will entail a lot of hard work (Saturn opposition) so look clearly at both the light and dark of the situation you are in so you can make a wise choice.

Since this same Sun will be squaring up to Jupiter there can be a real tendency to bite off more than you can chew. This is a time for you to get serious about the important things in your life so that the choices you make will be life enhancing. Are you on the same page as your spouse? Are you working so hard to obtain work rewards that you have left little time for fun in your life? Maybe you’ve been butting heads with your boss.

If you have been two-faced in your communications with groups or friends, you could now be reaping what you have sown. Or possibly, you have found yourself entangled in more than one relationship and the truth is now coming out.

Whatever is going down, by the 4th of the month you have a great opportunity to make a fresh start regarding your friendships, group affiliations, work rewards and long-term plans. A New Gemini Moon will be gracing your 11th house and Venus will be in tow. Plan out what you want and spend time with your loved ones to make sure you are all on the same page.

With everyone vying for your attention, it’s a good idea to talk things out with those you love so you can focus on what’s truly important (Jupiter in Virgo). In fact, if anything, that Virgo energy currently in your second house is asking you to be discerning regarding what you focus on. Since you have some rather hard aspects to your 5th and 8th houses, I would really advise that you take this to heart if you are concerned about the quality of your relationships.

On the 13th of the month, Neptune will go retrograde in your 8th house. This is a power-packed place that has much to do with your deepest psychological/intimate needs, joint-finances, other people’s money, 401Ks, inheritances, taboos, personal transformations, healing, death, birth, power and control along with spiritual things that lurk behind the veil.

With murky Neptune swimming backwards here in the Piscean waters of your 8th house, along with Chiron, events could trigger situations that further blur issues regarding sex, money and power. Sometimes events that well up in the 8th house do so in order to force change and/or transformation on your part. Sometimes you have to “die” to an old way of being in order to become a stronger, wiser person.

Your 5th house Saturn will challenge this Neptune in a square on the 17th. Are you feeling insecure when it comes to your partnership? Do you feel powerless in your life, especially when it comes to finances and other people’s money? Are children causing turmoil between you and a partner? If feelings of insecurity surface during this timeframe, just know that you do have what it takes to fend for yourself in the world should you need to.

A full Sagittarius Moon will spotlight where you stand with your loved ones on the 20th. Though the energy of this 5th house moon can be somewhat depressive due to its proximity to Saturn, it should shine a light on the path you need to take to improve matters.

Retreat for some quiet time in order to heal your emotions and work things out with family. Both the Sun and Venus, in Cancer, will encourage some contemplative time on the 20th as they enter your 12th house. Depending upon your date of birth for a few of you, it will be your long-range plans that need to be discussed as this stellar combo will be lighting up your 11th house of dreams, wishes and friends instead.

Pay attention to what shakes out of the fiery full moon for Chiron, the wounded healer, will be going retrograde on the 27th in your 8th house. What issues do you need to iron out with your closest partners? With both Neptune and Chiron churning up things in this house, you really need to work on resolving old wounds, including feelings of powerlessness.

At the end of the month, a trine between Pluto and Jupiter should help you to reap some nice rewards. Jupiter is in your house of earned income and it just started moving forward on May 9th. Pluto is hulking in your 6th house of health, work and everyday activities. If you’ve been battling an illness, something important regarding your health could get revealed on this day. If you have been working very hard, you could also see some benefits or gains show up on the job. With Pluto in the 6th house, it is very important to be aware of tendencies to become a workaholic or a power monster. Remember, all work and no play (Saturn in the 5th house) can cause problems in your intimacy department if you are not mindful this month, dear Leos.

With Mars, the God of War and Passion, going direct in your 4th house of home on the 29th, there is a strong need for you to consider what all of this work is costing your family. Often when Mars marches through the 4th, he has a tendency to cause a war at home. Is your urge for security causing you to burn way too many hours at the office? Though having a secure foundation is nice, be careful that you don’t risk everything in order to obtain it. The cross is pulling you in many directions, dear Leo Rising, and it is your closest relationships that are on the spearhead of all this action. Direct some of your heart-felt energy towards those you love and see if you can’t iron out any rifts you are feeling.

The information in this blog is now posted on my YouTube channel at: https://youtu.be/pQvEo7jOqCM

Peace and Blessings,


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