Venus in Aries will light up your 5th house of romance, creative self-expression and children on April 5th. Or, depending upon your date of birth, she will be blazing a path through your 4th house of home. Either way, Sagittarius, you win for the planet of attraction will help to draw in that which you desire and as a sister fire sign, she is likely to bring some sizzle in her wake.

A new romantic partner could snag your heart and with Venus in Aries, you may choose to leap before you look in the romance department! You could also be pouring energy into creative projects, finding unique ways to have your voice heard. Children could be charming right now too, though in Aries you might want to install a jungle gym to wear off some of that energy.

If Venus is couched up in your 4th house, you could be closing a sweet business deal by selling or buying a piece of property. This is a great time to decorate or fix up a place so it has sense appeal. Since I know many of you Saggis have just finished moving, this dance of Venus into your 4th bodes well for your new digs. Gather your family around, hang the “home sweet home” sign and kick up your feet in joy!

Mercury, the planet of communications, will be entering Taurus on the same day. Practical matters regarding your children or home business will have you plodding away, if this planet happens to be chatting up your 5th house. You could also be sharing some romantic pillow talk with that new Arian mate. If the mercurial action is in your 6th house, you will find yourself steadily working on finishing up projects with bull-like persistence. Likely, you are one of those steady workers that gets piles of stuff done through sheer effort, routine and steadfastness, building your reputation over time.

On April 7th, life is going to start getting very exciting for a New Moon in Aries is going to light your 5th house on fire. Uranus, that planet of revolution, will be revving up both your Sun and Moon. If ever I saw a symbol for a soul on fire, this is it baby! The new age, creative you is going to come busting out of the woodwork.

You are ready to experiment with life and to take risks. Unusual, but exciting, romantic partners could whisk you off your feet. Though it may not last, this heart-throb romance will have a whirlwind feel to it.

It’s also possible that your kids could be acting out for Uranus brings in excitable, revolt-like energy. Tattoos, dyed hair and goth clothes could be the least of your problems, so pay attention to what manifests as your offspring morphs through different developmental stages. Sudden surprises in the baby department are also possible, so if that is not intended take precautions with that Arian cowboy you are pillow-talking with.

If your house of home is the one lit up by this electrifying New Moon, you could be changing residences; moving to another country or going through some challenging changes within your family structure. Sudden epiphanies regarding your past or your upbringing could also land at your feet.

As if this action isn’t exciting enough, this New Moon will also reignite the Pluto Uranus square. Some of you will be forced to examine challenges from your value system (Pluto in 2nd house). Others will be confronted with self-esteem issues. Do you have what it takes to step out of the plutocracy to start your own new age business or do you feel there is no other way to make money but to kowtow to big corporations, by working for the man?

Pluto has been forcing you to unearth your talents and skills and to recognize your true worth. As much bad rep as he gets, he also wants you to bring spirit into form. When these two planets clash in our charts, outworn structures in our lives are likely to collapse so that they can be rebuilt in a more meaningful fashion. This could be your value system, your sense of self-worth, or possibly through the loss of some prized possession.

Mars, the God of War and Passion, will be marching backwards in Sagittarius in your 1st house. There, he will saddle up next to Saturn, our great taskmaster, who is also moving retrograde. Lately you’ve been coming to the truth of who you are and these two planets want to anchor in that reality for you.

There is a slight problem, however. With both planets retrograde, you have the desire to accomplish goals of selfhood but the energy may not be there. You may also have been so buried in work lately that even Saturn is taking a hiatus. All of this backwards energy could leave you feeling slogged, or rather blocked in every direction by obstacles, frustrations and ornery encounters with others.

Patience is in order. Rather than pushing against retrograde planets, why not take a chill-pill instead? The first house rules the body and there is no sense bottling up negative energies or pushing against a brick wall that just won’t crumble….at least not in April! This too shall pass eventually.

On the 18th, Pluto, the God of the Underworld, is going to start dredging backwards through your 2nd house. Are you using all of your internal resources and skills to their max? Are other people trying to undermine you while chipping away at your self-esteem? What’s really important in your life? An unlived life is a far bigger crime than showing up at the end slightly broke (and who says that is going to happen anyhow?) Your spirit wants to come out, the question is: Will you let it?

Uranus wants you to nut-up and go for it, all you need to do is BELIEVE in yourself.

The Sun will enter Taurus on the 19th and that will light up your everyday activities, health routines and job for many of you. If he falls into your 5th house vs. the 6th, you could be putting a practical plan together to spend time with your Uranian child, to help him or her over the hard patches of growing up. This would also be a good time to start pushing forward, step-by-step with your new business plan.

A full Moon in Scorpio will be gracing the waters of your 11th or 12th house by the 22nd of the month. Expect emotions to rise high as the tide during this time for something is going to be revealed or come to a point of culmination.

In the 11th house, this could shine a light onto your long-range plans, a friendship, an organization or a dream you’ve been harboring. Spiritual matters, or information regarding a frenemy who has been quietly working behind the scenes to cause you harm, may also be revealed.

In either case you will likely be looking at the social contracts you have with the others in your life. Juno, a powerful female Goddess, will be riding right next to the moon and she brings up issues regarding sexuality, marriage and social contracts. She, like everyone else, is running retrograde right now so you might be reviewing terms of a contract to see if they contain the clauses you need to engage. Maybe you are coming to the conclusion that it is time to rewrite some contracts or possibly sever them altogether.

Juno normally is steadfast in her nature since she is the daughter of Saturn, but when retrograde even this stalwart lady could decide it’s time for a better deal.

On April 28th, Mercury will join the backwards party by going retrograde in your 6th house. You could be wondering if you’ve made the right decisions lately regarding work. This could also be a time when you are asked to rewrite, review and redo any number of projects. Expect paperwork to get muddled and computers to crash. In the mean time, just breathe!

Venus will join Mercury in Taurus on the 29th. This brings some peace and grace to the situation even if you are busy redoing half a dozen things. Be sure to enjoy the beauty of your day and spend time with a friend at work for they will surely brighten your spirit. If you have been taking things a bit easier as advised, you could also harness Venus to take a stroll outside at lunch to enjoy the spring flowers. Somehow, things just feel kinder and sweeter when Venus is around.

April, for you Sagittarius rising, represents a revolution of your soul and possibly your value system. Your creative voice wants to be heard. The question is do you have the guts to pull it off? I think you do…and at the very least, you sure will have fun trying.

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PS: A huge thanks goes to all of you who have responded requesting readings. I love my interaction with you and hope that I can provide astrological advice and counseling that sends you down a positive life path!

As part of building good karma and my business, I am going to extend my special to June 1, a one hour reading for $50. Contact info is at the front of the video. If I am a bit slow in responding towards the end of March or first few weeks of April it is because I am moving across country to a spiritual place. This is part of my Sag 2.0 restructuring process so bear with me. I need to get my roots into fertile soil and simplify in order to bring forth my north node.

In the mean time, check out my youtube channel to learn about the female asteroid Ceres. I have one video specific to her with a follow-up one for when she clashes with Pluto in your chart.


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