Venus will be entering the sign of Aries on April 5th and that will light up either your 2nd or 3rd house. In the 2nd, she is likely to deliver something you admire for the this house is all about the things that matter the most. That’s different for everybody and it has much to do with the astrological sign on the 2nd house cusp. For someone with Aries on the cusp, it could be a skydiving trip, being given a daring job to complete or anything that gives you a sudden rush. Spiritual matters and creative pursuits could bring happiness if Pisces happens to be in this position instead.

In the 3rd, your social life could pick up and people will seem pleasant and fun. This is a good time to share affections with those closest to you and to reconnect with siblings, neighbors and other relatives. Small acts of kindness are in order for life feels good right now.

On this same day, Mercury will enter Taurus where he will have you thinking about practical home matters such as setting up a cleaning schedule, doing the shopping and paying bills. You could also find yourself dreaming up recipes!

If this mercurial energy is in your house of communications, expect to be busily handling the details of your life. Though life probably feels hectic, Mercury in Taurus wants to be peaceful and at ease as he methodically plans how to get the things he needs to make life comfortable.

Learning is likely to progress in a step by step fashion. Gather information regarding contracts and classroom schedules, while complete the necessary paperwork. Build towards something solid and worthwhile under this influence and you will be happy.

By April 7th, life starts heating up a lot as a New Moon in Aries will conjunct revolutionary Uranus. This will either be stirring up your values sector or your house of communications. Expect sudden events to revolutionize the way you think or see things.

In your 2nd house, you could make a U-Turn decision regarding what’s important in life. You could also realize that you are your own best asset and that you need to take charge of your life by developing your talents and skills. Changes to your income could fluctuate as a result but if you keep your mind on the long-haul, the changes you make now will benefit you later.

If the 3rd house is impacted by this Uranian energy, you could decide on a whim to go to school to enhance your technology or language skills. You could also get bolder in speaking your mind. The way you communicate with others is subject to change. If you’ve been shy in the past, you could decide it’s time to speak up. If you have a tendency to give in during debates with others, you could now start standing your ground. Changes are happening regarding how you think, process information and speak…and those changes want to come busting out of you with verve.

Community renovations are possible at this time too as are sudden events that can impact siblings, other relatives or even your neighbors. One way or the other, change is afoot in your life.

As if this weren’t exciting enough all on its own, this New Arian Moon will reignite the Pluto/Uranus square. For most of you, Pluto is lurking in your 12th house where he is busy unburying hidden material from the deepest layers of your mind. The 12th house tends to hide parts of ourselves we’d rather not let others see but with Pluto here those energies have a way of leaking out. Childish behaviors can emerge along with power complexes. Past actions could also be revealed causing sorrows in your life.

Conversely, Pluto in the 12th can also have a very spiritual feeling to it, allowing you to see the suffering of the world. If engaged in this fashion, he will spur you to find a way to be of service to help alleviate the pain around you.

By squaring your 2nd or 3rd house, this God of the Underworld is asking you to knock down the structures of your life that are no longer serving you well. Maybe it’s your value system that needs to be overhauled. How you think about your life’s events is another one that’s up for grabs. Change your thinking and communication patterns for the positive and see what happens in your life!

You are not in Kansas anymore Toto! Under this square you need to approach things differently and make life-enhancing changes.

On April 17th Mars, the God of War and Passion, will start moving retrograde. There he will be saddling up next to Saturn, the taskmaster of our lives, who is also moving backwards. This could find you locking horns with your boss in your 10th house of career or you could be back-pedaling on some of your long-term plans (11th house).

Expect tensions and frustrations to rise under this combination for you want what you want but getting it right now seems nearly impossible. Keep your cool with friendships and the organizations you belong to and remember that everyone is feeling the pressure-cooker.

By the 22nd of April something important will be revealed or come to a point of culmination for a full Scorpio Moon will be shining a light onto either your 10th or 11th house. Expect emotions to run high for this is a passionate, intense super-moon.

Juno, a powerful female asteroid, will be riding right next to the moon and she has much to do with sexuality, marriage and the social contracts of our lives. Normally she is very steadfast in her endeavors for she is the daughter of Saturn. During this full moon, however, she will be moving retrograde along with everyone else in the chart. Under this influence, there may be a desire to review the terms of a contract you have with another person.

Are you getting out of the deal what you desire? Do the terms of the contract need to be rewritten? Are the women in your life upholding their end of the bargain? By the time the full moon passes, you should have the answers and whatever you learn will likely impact your worldly standing or your plans for the future.

On the 28th of the month, Mercury joins the retrograde party and begins moving backwards through either your 3rd or 4th house. There this trickster will have you rethinking a variety of things including your educational goals, how you share information with others and the security of your family.

Venus will be joining Mercury by month’s end. If she lands in your 2nd house, something you’ve been longing for could land on your plate. If she is cruising through your 3rd house, you could be achieving an educational goal you have set for yourself.

You could make a U-Turn in life this month, Aquarius Rising. If you do, just know that the changes you make now will herald in a brighter future.

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PS: A huge thanks goes to all of you who have responded requesting readings. I love my interaction with you and hope that I can provide astrological advice and counseling that sends you down a positive life path!

As part of building good karma and my business, I am going to extend my special to June 1, a one hour reading for $50. Contact info is at the front of the video. If I am a bit slow in responding towards the end of March or first few weeks of April it is because I am moving across country to a spiritual place. This is part of my Sag 2.0 restructuring process so bear with me. I need to get my roots into fertile soil and simplify in order to bring forth my north node.

In the mean time, check out my YouTube channel to learn about the female asteroid Ceres. I have one video specific to her with a follow-up one for when she clashes with Pluto in your chart.


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