An Aries Venus is going to light up your 3rd or 4th house by April the 5th. This could find you scurrying to redecorate, hang pictures or paint, lending your house a cozy, artistic appeal. A fun, warm, happy atmosphere might also be radiating through your home as you throw a party for family and friends.

If this Venus is sashaying through your 3rd house, communications with siblings, relatives and neighbors could be charming. This is a day for kind thoughts and actions towards others.

If you are single, try speed dating! Consider visiting a local park with someone you are close to or find a fun, avant-guard movie theatre to enjoy an interesting flick.

Mercury will be entering Taurus on this same day so it is a perfect time to help children with school projects (5th house) or to work with earthy mediums like clay or natural materials to build a wind chime or collage.

If this planet of communications happens to fall into your 4th house instead of your 5th, focus on establishing practical routines on the home-front. Set up a cleaning schedule, take care of paperwork and bills and get the shopping done. This mercury will also help you immensely with the redecorating plans, lending style and a beautiful artistic sense to all that you accomplish.

You have bull-like perseverance under this influence, enabling you to accomplish much if you put your mind to it.

By April 7th, life is going to start getting heated up. A revolutionary New Moon in Aries will conjunct Uranus whisking in sudden changes into your life. If this powerful super-moon happens to be blazing a path through your home, accidents around the home front are possible. This could include cyclonic weather events, electrical fires or simply a radically fun renovation. You could also decide on a whim to move or even leave the country!

From a psychological perspective, you could have an epiphany regarding who you really are. This revelation could stem from your family, your place of origin/lineage or even recognizing that your true self as soul, someone who journeys through many lifetimes, using a body (your house) as a vehicle of transportation, enabling you to experience life on human terms.

If this rebellious moon happens to fall into your third house, you could experience changes to your thought patterns, how you communicate or the way you learn things. This could happen for a variety of reasons but the intent is reform how you go about connecting with others.

Maybe you’ve held back your thoughts for a long time and have decided it’s time to bust out and speak your truth. Technology is something you could embrace to help revolutionize the way you communicate with others. This could take on the form of graphic art, web design or other social media classes.

If traditional schooling methods aren’t working for you, you could immerse yourself in a cutting edge program that allows you to master material in a completely different manner. Siblings could undergo some sort of radical change at this time as well.

As if all of this isn’t exciting enough, this New Moon is also going to reignite the Pluto/Uranus square. Many of you currently have Pluto carousing through your 1st house where you have already been daringly speaking the inconvenient truth as you see things. If you have felt walled in and unable to have your voice heard, this could be when the walls come tumbling down. You could write a tell-all expose or start voicing political thoughts with passion.

Whatever you’ve been holding back wants to come out NOW. Aries wants you to gain the courage to voice your opinion.

If the 12th house is the seat of this revolutionary action due to Pluto lurking there, parts of yourself that you have kept hidden may suddenly get revealed. This could be a period of “coming out” for you, so to speak. This could happen through the agent of another person or you could simply decide that you are tired of hiding who you really are.

Suppressed psychological material could get revealed through dream symbology, hypnotherapy or by talking to a counselor. Your subconscious is making itself known and it is rattling the cage of your brain, so take notice.

If you work in an institution such as a hospital or jail, expect a sudden event to cause stirring activity. Power-outages, electrical surges, fires or prison revolts are possible. On the other hand, if you are quietly meditating in an ashram or monastery, you could have the “Aha” moment of our life, changing you at a core/cellular level.

Hard to say how it will pan out for you individually since each chart is different and this is a general trends reading, but I do see you letting go of the structures in your life that are no longer serving you well. You can do this willingly or on your knees begging (that would be a reluctant Pluto at work).

On the 17th of the month, Mars, the God of War and Passion, is going to start his backwards march through your 11th or 12th house. There he will be saddling up next to Saturn, the taskmaster of our lives, who is also moving retrograde.

If this dynamic duo is in your 11th house, expect some frustration or anger to rise regarding a friendship or group affiliation. You might also experience delays in accomplishing long-range plans. Patience is the key to April, my friends, for everyone is undergoing this same pressure-cooker. Try not to blow your cool and cause irreparable damage you might later regret.

If it is the 12th house that is under pressure, be kind to yourself mentally. We all make mistakes in life and there is no sense in beating yourself up over spilt milk. Learn what you can and use that material to make a stronger, more resilient and wiser you. It’s also a good time to watch your back regarding others who could be working furtively behind closed doors to subvert your plans.

If you choose to harness this energy to dig into your subconscious mind to rewire your thought patterns through hypnosis, you could make great forward progress with your goals in the future. Deepening a spiritual practice is another way to make good use of these retrograde energies.

Pluto, the God of the Underworld, is going to start dredging backwards on the 18th. His mission is to reveal that which is buried or hidden from view. Internally, you are changing and situations that have become intolerable are up for review.

Since the 3rd house is being impacted for many of you, you may need to start looking at life differently by changing your though patterns. Often we have no control over what life dishes up but we do have ultimate control in how we choose to look at those events.

If it is your 2nd house that is getting churned up, Pluto wants you to rethink and reconsider your value system. What is ultimately important to you? He is there to encourage you to bring spirit into form and to tap into your hidden talents and resources.

The bright Taurean Sun will grace you on the 19th where he will shine a light on practical matters regarding your 4th or 5th house. Harness this energy to take methodical steps to achieve your goals. This Sun wants you to see tangible results for your efforts, he also provides you the power of perseverance to take sustained action.

On the 22nd, a full Scorpio Moon will bring passion and intensity into your life. Expect emotions to rise high for something is about to come to a point of culmination or be fully revealed. This silvery moon will be sitting right next to Juno hence revealing matters of sexuality, marriage and our social contracts with others.

If this intense, transformational moon is in your 11th house you will likely come to some realization regarding a dream, a friendship, a long-range plan or some group affiliation that you belong to. Though Juno is normally quite steadfast in upholding her social contracts with others, she like everyone else in your chart is also running retrograde. That means it is time to review the terms of the contracts you hold with the others in your life. Are you getting out of the deal what you need in order to be happy?

If this moon is gracing the waters of your 10th house, some transformational thing could occur or be revealed regarding your career. Think carefully regarding what works for you and read the fine print of the terms in the contract to make sure your interests are well represented.

Mercury, that trickster planet who can sometimes have Wiley Coyote energy about him, will join the retrograde part on the 28th of the month. This will leave you rethinking the recent changes you’ve made. Are you happy with how the house is looking? What steps can you take to improve relationships at home and with the kids? Can you tweak techniques to get the most out of your creative voice? Focus on taking practical steps to secure a feeling of peace and abundance in your life, even if you have to make changes to a plan to make that happen.

By months end, you should be feeling good about things, Capricorn Rising, for Venus in Taurus will be lending her sense of flair to your home setting. The steps you’ve been taking to improve things around the house are paying off. Your children are also bringing in a sense of joy to your world.

Family, home matters and long-range plans are on your mind this month. Speak your truth, Capricorn Rising, for your voice needs to be heard. Along the way just remember it’s often how we look at things that really counts.

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PS: A huge thanks goes to all of you who have responded requesting readings. I love my interaction with you and hope that I can provide astrological advice and counseling that sends you down a positive life path!

As part of building good karma and my business, I am going to extend my special to June 1, a one hour reading for $50. Contact info is at the front of the video. If I am a bit slow in responding towards the end of March or first few weeks of April it is because I am moving across country to a spiritual place. This is part of my Sag 2.0 restructuring process so bear with me. I need to get my roots into fertile soil and simplify in order to bring forth my north node.

In the mean time, check out my YouTube channel to learn about the female asteroid Ceres. I have one video specific to her with a follow-up one for when she clashes with Pluto in your chart.


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