Your hopes, dreams and friendship sector should feel pretty fired up on April 5th, Gemini rising, when Venus enters into your 11th house at 0 degrees of Aries. Or, depending upon your birthday, this planet of attraction could also light up your career, providing the drive you need to go after what you want.

Meanwhile Mercury, the planet of communications, will be entering earthy Taurus, making you level-headed and practical regarding either your 11th house friendship sector or possibly slipping into the quiet realms of your 12th house. If Mercury is plodding into this more hidden area, a secret could be revealed or you might find yourself thinking about spiritual practices that will ground you, while bringing in peace of mind.

Some unusual, avant guard friendships could start stirring up your world around the 7th for there is a New Moon in Aries and it is flying high right next to revolutionary Uranus. Sudden, exciting events could unfold within your group organizations, circle of friends and goals or you could be doing something out of the box spiritually if the energy is dipping into your 12th house. Sudden revelations obtained through dream-work or shamanic practices are just one example.

If this new moon is presenting itself to you as some exciting, maverick friends, just be sure they aren’t stirring up trouble in your life. Though the 12th house can be a very spiritual place, it is also known as the house of secrets, sorrows and self-undoing…and if this weren’t potentially hard enough, this revolutionary New Moon is making a tight square to Pluto in your 8th house.

Some of you could be daringly testing taboo waters. Others will be digging deeply to understand your subconscious mind, to see things behind the veil, possibly with tarot, astrology or a vision quest. Certainly, there will be a strong urge to disrupt or overthrow the structures in your life that make you feel powerless. Uranus always wants us to bring in the new and exciting and when he and Pluto go toe to toe, that can ignite fire whirls in your life.

I’ll be the first to tell you that there is nothing wrong with change so long as you move into it consciously.

On the 17th, Mars will be going retrograde and for many of you this will be in your 7th house of long-term partnerships including lovers, spouses, very close friends and business partners. This God of Passion and War will be within firing range of retrograde Saturn.

This energy could have you rehashing arguments or trials you’ve recently had with partnerships. It could also make you doggedly determined to work through the hard times. Frustrations and delays could leave you feeling as if the important people in your life are avidly working at “getting your goat.” Keep your cool, Gemini rising, and practice patience and mindful breathing rather than igniting a powder keg in your relationship sector. This too shall pass, eventually!

To add to this exciting mix, Pluto will be dredging backwards (retrograde) through your house of intimacy, on the 18th. Lately you’ve probably been trying to get to the bottom of things psychologically with your partners. This could be churning up secrets, hidden desires, or power struggles over sex and money. With the square to the Aries New Moon and Uranus, some sort of transformation is afoot in your life and in the 8th house, this could be a difficult or challenging passage. It could be hitting you financially or through some sort of loss you must overcome. Rely on your inner resources to overcome whatever challenges you are currently facing.

Whatever Pluto taketh away, he usually also provides us the inner resources to deal with so we can rise up from the ashes in true Phoenix fashion.

By the 19th, the Sun will enter Taurus. A calm, patient friend could show up on your doorstep to help or you could get very focussed regarding accomplishing your dreams. If Taurus forms the cusp of your 12th house, you might want to retreat somewhere quiet, allowing you some peaceful time to ride out the storm.

Issues regarding work, being of service or your health will be lit up by a full Scorpio Moon on the 22nd of the month. The Moon is in close vicinity to Juno a female Goddess that has much to do with sexuality, marriage and upholding contracts. Her steadfastness probably came, in part, because she is the daughter of Saturn, the setter and enforcer of rules in our lives. This could represent you getting serious regarding upholding a health regime you set in place for yourself this year. If you are having a health concern, matters regarding the problem could come to light. You could also be joining forces with another women at work to accomplish some goals you have set forth.

Emotions tend to run high under full moons and with the Scorpio energy present, I would say this is doubly so, so do take care of yourself along with the women in your circle.

By the 28th, Mercury will have you rethinking things as he moves backwards through your 11th or 12th house. Long-term plans will come up for review, as will talks you’ve had with friends. If you had revealed a secret to someone earlier in the month, you might now be looking backwards in time, wishing you could reel in whatever you said. Understanding the mysteries and workings of the Universe might also have you cogitating at this time as well.

By the end of the month, Venus will be entering Taurus. Enjoy the simple pleasures of your life such as a quiet walk through the woods or a cup of tea with a friend. No matter what goes down this month, you do have love surrounding you, Gemini rising. Take time to quiet your mind and appreciate all that is.

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PS: A huge thank you to all of you who have responded, requesting readings. I love my interaction with you and hope that I can provide astrological advice and counseling that sends you down a positive life path!

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In the mean time, check out my youtube channel to learn about the female asteroid Ceres. I have one video specific to her with a follow up one for when she clashes with Pluto in your chart.


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