Your ruling sign of Venus will be entering Aries on April 5th. Depending upon your birthday, that means you will either be feeling fired up about a friendship and long-range plans or you could be feeling a strong desire to reach out and help someone in need. If this Goddess of attraction lands into your 12th house, she could be nudging you to start a spiritual practice such as hot yoga, for example.

Mercury, the planet of communications, will be entering your sign on the 5th as well. Practical matters might be on your mind. What do you need to do to take care of yourself? What steps do you need to take to get your life in order? If can you spare some time to enjoy life’s pleasures, treat yourself to a massage or enjoy a pleasant meal with friends. Run your bare toes through some warm sand or green grass and get in touch with the outdoors.

The Aries New Moon, which is lighting up your 12th house while conjuncting Uranus, has you plotting new ways to rebirth your spirit. You are meant to have spiritual courage right now, to find unique ways of expressing who you are on the inside. Sweat your prayers at dance church, learn to read the Tarot or volunteer at a women’s shelter. Have faith that you can make a difference in the world through courageous action, however that looks to you. If this action happens to fall into your 11th house instead, some new and exciting friends could show up on your doorstep to revolutionize your dreams.

If you find yourself butting heads with organized religion or the legal system on the 7th, don’t be too surprised. Pluto will be squaring all of this 12th house action you’ve got going on during the new moon.

This could represent you breaking free from the religious upbringing of your childhood or possibly a confrontation with the law. With Uranus squaring Pluto, you’ve been feeling more daring lately, causing you to want to reform those 9th house structures that have been binding you too tightly with old-fashioned, Patriarchical rules.

Since your 12th house is involved, I would be remiss if I did not caution you to be careful. Though the 12th house can have a very spiritual feeling to it, it can also be the house of secrets, sorrows and self-undoing and Pluto loves to dig up anything that is hidden….and the 12th house is a treasure trove of such matters.

Your God of Passion, right along with taskmaster Saturn, will be moving retrograde through your 8th house. Mars starts his “backwards” march on the 17th of April and that could bring in some frustrated desires in the romance department. Arguments over joint financing could surface and bank loans could also be delayed or causing you issues.

Lately you’ve been learning a lot of lessons regarding being intimate with another person, including sharing resources. With both Mars and Saturn in slowdown mode it might be time to look into your crystal ball so you can take direction from within. You are likely making important decisions right now regarding 8th house matters such as sex, taboos, inheritances and financing, so take your time. Big life issues are at stake so it’s worth your time to gather information, allowing you to make informed decisions when these two planets move forward.

Pluto, who is lurking in your 9th house at 18 degrees of Capricorn, has been asking you how far you are willing to go to pursue your life path. Lately, this planet of turmoil has probably been forcing you to rely on your inner resources to sort out the challenges of life. In the 9th house, this could represent legal battles, problems with authority figures at school, organized religion, other cultures, bankruptcy or your own life path.

By the 19th, however, you should be feeling energized as the Sun leaves that quiet sector of your chart and lights up your 1st house of self. Use your 7th house as a mirror if you want to learn more about who you are. I say this because your house of long-term partnerships will be lit up beneath a full Scorpio Moon on the 22nd of the month. Partners will be revealing to you what they think, especially when it comes to matters of love, sex and binding contracts.

The Moon is in close vicinity to Juno and she is a Goddess that has much to do with sexuality, marriage and upholding contracts. At times, Juno can also represent a mistress. The dual message of this Goddess is wrapped up in her history. Juno was the wife of Jupiter but it turned out that he was quite a philanderer who always had his hands on one mistress or another. Though furious with her mate, Juno stood by him, honoring her marriage contract. Her steadfastness probably came, in part, because she is the daughter of Saturn, the setter and enforcer of the rules in our lives. She is, however, currently running retrograde so steadfast as she may be, there is a feeling of reviewing the contract’s terms. Pay attention and see what you learn under the light of this Scorpionic Moon.

By the 28th, you could be rethinking things yourself. Mercury will be moving retrograde in your first house so you could be making adjustments based upon what you’ve recently learned. You might also be wishing you could take back some words spoken in haste.

By the end of the month, you should feel more charming no matter what comes out of the wash for Venus will be conjuncting your Sun. Your charm and ability to draw in that which you desire should be at an all time high. You’re looking good Taurus Rising and others are sure to notice.

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PS: A huge thanks to all of you who have responded requesting readings. I love my interaction with you and hope that I can provide great astrological advice and counseling that sends you down a positive life path!

As part of building good karma, I am going to extend my special to June 1, a one hour reading for $50. Contact info is at the front of the video. If I am a bit slow in responding towards the end of March or first few weeks of April it is because I am moving across country to a spiritual place. This is part of my Sag 2.0 restructuring process so bear with me. I need to get my roots into fertile soil and simplify life so that I can work off of the north node of my moon.

In the mean time, check out my youtube channel to learn about the female asteroid Ceres. I have one video specific to her with a follow up one for when she clashes with Pluto in your chart.


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