The Sun is in your sign this month Aries Rising, lighting up your first house of self. You could be feeling bolder in expressing yourself and in going after the things you desire. Like a soul on fire, you want to boldly let the world know who you are.

When the New Moon in Aries hits on the morning of the 7th, you should feel positively electrified. For not only is this New Moon in your first house but it is also conjunct Uranus. You are awakening to your individuality and will be planting seeds for ways that you can experience more freedom in your life. You have drive and passion for being true to your unique self under this configuration.

You want to experience life on your terms. That means you will be rewriting your life script. Old habits are likely to go out the door along with rigid routines. It’s a great time for you to feel alive and invigorated as you expand your boundaries. You are going to start pursuing your life’s dreams with gusto. This is a wonderful time to test your boundaries and determine what your true limits are.

As you revolutionize your life, you take on your own power. The untried, the exciting, the new have all got you fired up right now and so long as you harness this energy well, you could become a rebel with a cause. Just don’t go too overboard with fanaticism. There are authority figures at your place of work who may not appreciate the new, outspoken you!

On the 6th, both your Sun and Uranus will be squaring off to mighty Pluto, located in your career house, in Capricorn. This will cause a stir for some of you in your career, hence the caution for not being too fanatical on the job. Powerful forces are afoot and some people may not appreciate your avant guard ideas or schemes for freedom. Keep your head low while you work at busting out of the chains that bind you.

Since this will reactivate the Uranus/Pluto square, old outworn structures in your life want to come tumbling down. This is not necessarily a bad thing, just make sure you pull the trigger when you are ready to make changes.

On the 5th, Mercury enters Taurus. In your 2nd house, he may bring news regarding something you value. Since it’s Taurus, it could involve money, resources or something you have slowly been building towards. Taurus loves the finer things of life…so if you are going to eat chocolate, it’s going to be the best piece of chocolate. If you collect art, it will be a beautiful classic you desire. Information regarding prime pieces of land or property could be forthcoming as well.

On the 17th, Mars, the God of Passion and War, will go retrograde in your 9th house at close to 9 degrees of Aries. The sabian symbol message for the backwards marching mars is that of a crystal gazer who takes direction from within. Have assurance and take advantage of all of the factors in a given situation so that you will know when to make decisions and move forward with your life.

So if you have been contemplating and want to take action, this is a time to look inward, slow-down and get to know the facts first. That way when Mars moves forward, you will be able to make wise decisions.

With the 9th house involved, you could be contemplating your life path direction right now. Saturn is near at hand there too so you have been seeing the truth of your current path and that path is being tested. Is this what you really want out of your life?

Taking action on legal matters could also get stalled and if that is the case, use the time wisely to gather information. Educational plans could also get slogged down. With Saturn and Mars near each other, your assertiveness and desires are going through tests of fire. Though you may feel determined, everything is taking longer than you’d like and you are meeting resistance along the way.

For many Aries rising folks, you’d like to meet this resistance with a set of butting horns for frustration is not something you harbor well. Reign in your bottled up emotions and continue to plot a steady course forward, recognizing that this period of resistance will eventually pass. All successful revolutions take planning!

This is not a good time to lock horns with lawyers, the court system, teachers, journalists or clergy. Though you may be upset (Mars) with some of the rules and/or authority figures (Saturn) in your life, right now both of you have your feet dug in, for Saturn is also retrograde. I can picture two big-horned sheep with their horns locked as they both push ferosiously for what they want, but with no one gaining an inch of ground.

Better to conserve your energy and strategize how to move forward with your plans once Mars comes out of retrograde and you discover you have “pushing” power.

On April 18th, Pluto will also turn retrograde at 18 degrees of Capricorn, in your 10th house. This is a call to get in touch with your inner resources in your career. What challenges are currently being posed by your work that you need to deal with? How can you harness the Uranian energy you have in your first house to self-actualize who you are onto the world stage? Can you take this time to size up your competition to see what you can do to edge yourself ahead when these stalled planets start up once again? Is there a way you can help your organization move forward in a more humanitarian fashion?

On the 19th of the month, your Sun will enter into Taurus, shining a bright light onto your value system. With bull-like intensity and patience, you have the staying power to go after what you want. If that happens to be intimacy or someone else’s money, you will know where you stand on the 22nd for a full Scorpio moon will be lighting up your 8th house at that time.

Since this house rules over sex, taboos, other people’s money, 401Ks, inheritances, power struggles, depth-psychology and things behind the veil, expect to see where you stand regarding one of these issues.

Juno will be sitting close to the Moon and since this Goddess is currently retrograde, you could be rethinking some of the contracts you have in place with others.

Juno is female Goddess that has much to do with sexuality, marriage and also binding contracts. At times, she can also represent a mistress. I believe the dual message of this Goddess is wrapped up in her history. Juno was the wife of Jupiter but it turned out that he was quite a philanderer who always had his hands on one mistress or another. Though furious with her mate, Juno stood by him, honoring her marriage contract. Her steadfastness probably came, in part, because she is the daughter of Saturn, the setter and enforcer of the rules in our lives.

With both the Moon and Juno in the 8th, opposing the Sun some interesting scenarios pop into mind. If you are a man, both your mistress (Juno) and your wife (moon) could be talking behind your back regarding your prowess or finances. You might also be making a decision between two lovers. Others of you will be thinking over the terms of a contract you hold with an intimate partner. This can include important business partners as well and that could have something to do with the Plutonian people in your house of career.

Whatever is going down for you, the full Scorpio moon is likely to reveal matters, bringing issues of betrayal, intense emotions, sexual desires and contracts to the surface.

Mercury, in Taurus, will go retrograde on the 28th so you could be rethinking your value system based upon what you learned under the light of the full moon. This mercury will be focussed on the hearth and home for he will be saddled up next to Vesta, the Goddess who keeps the home flames burning. On the following day, Venus will also enter into Taurus. With both you Sun and the Goddess of attraction in your 2nd house, you will likely have the power to draw in whatever it is that you most desire.

April, for you Aries Rising, is about rethinking the structures of your life that are no longer serving you well. It’s time to revolutionize your life and be who you are meant to be. Contracts that are no longer working for you are up for review and the full Scorpio Moon is asking you to transform your life once you’ve had time to plan your revolt. Youtube video for April is now available at:

PS: A huge thanks to all of you who have responded requesting readings. I love my interaction with you and hope that I can provide great astrological advice and counseling that sends you down a positive life path!

As part of building good karma, I am going to extend my special to June 1, a one hour reading for $50. Contact info is at the front of the video. If I am a bit slow in responding towards the end of March or first few weeks of April it is because I am moving across country to a spiritual place. This is part of my Sag 2.0 restructuring process so bear with me. I need to get my roots into fertile soil and simplify life in order to bring forth the north node of my moon.

In the mean time, check out my youtube channel to learn about the female asteroid Ceres. I have one video specific to her with a follow up one for when she clashes with Pluto in your chart.


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