In this hectic age, we have gotten so separated from our roots that we, in essence, have forgotten who we are. Very few genes separate us from monkeys. Fossil records indicate that our hands are eerily similar to the fins of ancient fish. If one, just one, of our genes gets mutated we can birth children with fuzzy, pointed ears who bare a fatal disease called “cry of the cat.” Animal relations are far closer to our hearts, genetic disposition and roots than we might care to think.

How is it that we have so severed our links with the earth that we have forgotten that we too are animals? I’ve recently been reading Barry Lopez’s book “Arctic Dreams” and in it he mentions that Eskimos fear us above all other mammals. Why? Because we are the people who change nature.

Our ingenuity, inventiveness and technology coupled with the fact that we have predominantly cut our ties with the natural world as much as possible, has made us a very dangerous species indeed. Other than our own selves, and germs, we have very few predators to thin our herds and we have an enormous capacity to alter landscapes on a grand scale.
If you have been feeling the separation from the earth and all of your animal relations, I encourage you to get in touch with the dwarf planet Ceres.

Like a siren, she calls to us in our chart with messages not only of how we can nurture ourselves, but how we can connect to the loamy roots we hold in tandem with the rest of the animal kingdom.

Ceres, in Pisces, for example calls to us like a sea-siren, imploring us to take quiet walks on the beach or to swim with dolphins. Listen to the water as it crashes endlessly onto the shore or mesmerize yourself by floating on sea waves, while sharing sacred space with star fish, sea otters and whales.

In Taurus, Ceres wants you to get your hands dirty, to feel the earthy loam of the soil, to nurture dirt while growing organic food that is full of life and vitality. Compost leaves, haul manure and encourage wriggling worms to aerate your soil. In the end, your labors will produce the finest food you could ever hope to put on your dinner plate.

In Gemini, I think of Ceres as part of the collective and of exchanging information with others in your clan. Bees are masters at this. They have a language all of their own and are able to share information through dance and swirls and dips with other bees in the hive. Connecting through communication lends structure to their lives, providing a support system while enabling them to learn and share vital information.

I could continue, but I think you get the point. Ceres, no matter what sign it falls into, speaks to us of our past, of our connection to the planet and to how we can compassionately connect with the animal kingdom. If you feel like you need to be nurtured in your life, unravel the mysteries of this dwarf planet for clues on how to draw in what you need to feel secure in your life.

Ceres, also known as Demeter to the Greeks, is the “Earth Mother” symbol in our charts. She rules over grains, crops and the harvest, which makes sense since she falls under the rulership of Virgo.
Historically, Ceres caused quite a stir in the field of agriculture when she forced all crops to fail while she brokered a deal to get her abducted daughter back for half of the year. Pluto had whisked Persephone away to his underworld lair, and with a fury that only a mother could feel, Ceres threatened the world with famine until a deal was struck for the return of her daughter.

Do not underestimate the power of Ceres in your chart! How many planets do you know of that can stand up to the wrath of Pluto and get him to acquiesce, or at the very least, broker a deal? Not many. Ceres packs a punch of feminine energy and she means business.

In a few charts I’ve examined, I have noticed a link that bears further investigation. At times, this Goddess of Grains can result in food allergies, celiac’s disease or problems with ingesting grains. Having not seen enough charts to bare this out, I mention it tentatively, but certainly for a few people this link does seem to be true. Certainly, she has much to do with food, cooking and nutrition, all ways that we provide nurturing to those we love.

Mothering issues also loom large wherever Ceres is housed for not only does she have a link with the sign of Virgo but she is also tied to family-oriented Cancer. As we all know, family issues are not always smooth affairs. As Carl Jung put it, “To enter into the figure of Ceres means to be pursued, to be robbed, to be raped, to fail to understand, to rage, to grieve, but then to get everything back and be born again.” Difficult family problems can leave us shuddering in their wake.

Loss is often a theme that is provoked especially under hard Ceres aspects. Consider not only Persephone’s story but that of Natascha Kampusch. She disappeared during a Sun/Pluto square at age 10. A Saturn/Uranus configuration indicated a loss of freedom and since she was locked in a cellar for years by her abductor, this was certainly true. During her Ceres return, however, she escaped. (Riseth the strong woman with her fist in the air!)

Custody battles, separations from loved ones or being cut off from love/nourishment are the harsher themes that surface when this dwarf planet is afflicted. Anger, rage and grief can follow in her wake but often their is enormous soul growth experienced through the loss. Ceres also enables you to overcome hardship and darkness. Like the cycle of a seed, death paves the way for rebirth.

In fact, Ceres often denotes the stages of life. Whether that is through a woman’s journey from a child to a maiden, to a mother and then finally a wise woman or via the various stages of a plant, growth and maturity often come through the hardships encountered as we struggle to reach the light.

Since there is such a mother/daughter connection with this dwarf planet, issues regarding fertility and childbirth can also be ascertained from the passage of this planet through a chart.

Since like most woman, Ceres is a multi-tasker, she can also trigger environmental issues. During the BP oil spill, Ceres was square the Sun and the company needed to face horrific environmental issues regarding the disaster. Ceres was also quincunx Pluto which dredged up enormous issues regarding underwater mining practices. At the same time, Chiron who was conjunct the South Node and both were squared to Saturn. The result was a sea-wounding of enormous proportion.

Besides environmental disasters, Ceres also has a lot to do with farming practices. In the last century we have seen quite a revolution in how we raise food. The book “Silent Spring” stirred our thoughts regarding spraying chemicals onto our food thus not only poisoning ourselves, but our animal relations and water systems as well. Gene manipulation, soil depletion and other unethical farming practices are causing mother earth to reel once again.

If you want to get fired up about the Ceres in your chart, read the book, “Welcome to the New Genome Cafe.” That will raise the fury of Ceres for you, spurring you to take ownership of your food by planting an organic garden.

In fact, a prominently placed Ceres in the chart, is likely to lend itself to becoming an environmentalist. My “sister” planet is on my mid-Heaven and I’ve always been blessed with a strong connection to the earth. Ceres reminds us that when our blood returns to the sea and our bones become dust that it is not we who own the land, but it is the land that owns us.

When we learn the lesson that we are an integral part of our environment, that our very sustenance and survival relies on the health of our planet and our relationships with all of our brethren, we will have learned the lesson of Ceres well.

If you prefer to watch videos, this info is now located on my YouTube channel: As I am really interested in this dwarf planet, I would absolutely love to hear from any of you watching how you feel this feminine energy has manifested in your life!

Also, since Ceres is all about the feminine, I would be remiss if I forgot to mention that March 8th (Eclipse day!) also happens to be International Women’s Day. The Global Sisterhood organization is working with women worldwide, to heal. Now if that is not a Ceres related theme, I don’t know what is. Lauren Walsh, spokeswoman for the the group, had this to say: “We are at a time when the true power of the feminine is rising again. In pockets all over the world, women are gathering in circle, to heal our deep wounds, share our stories, and empower each other’s voices.”

That my friends is the power of Ceres at work in our charts!


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  1. Hi Geo,
    Wow. You just can’t guess how exquisitely timely this was! And so well written and informational- your wheel house for sure. Now I get what you were explaining to me about Ceres in my chart…she’s been my greatest advocate all my life, though tugged on by my Sun, Saturn, and Jupiter placements. Thank you!! And the Persephone story very dear to my heart with personal experience. Amazing. Just amazing. One last thing- spent several hours yesterday ‘down the rabbit hole’ with one of my closest goddess friends and the entire content has just been summed up in this blog! Accident? I don’t think so! Let’s go girls- and guys with healthy animas! xx Mary

    • boobooda7 says:

      Mary, it is a pleasure to hear you chime in. Thanks for the words of encouragement. You might also want to check out my Pluto/Ceres video I am just now launching. I have these 2 conjunct on my Mid-Heaven so I am quite familiar with their themes.

  2. WJ HC says:

    Just BRAVO! To all and everything so elegantly addressed through such keen intuition and insightfulness. This very specific energy at the very heart of my work right now. Perfect validation. I applaud you in showing up perfectly for all, with all that is TRUTH. ❤️

    • boobooda7 says:

      Hey WJ, Glad to hear this worked for you! Want to share what you are up to? Ceres is a prominent feature in my chart and I like to see what she does for others as well. PS: Do check out my Ceres and Pluto video that I am launching right now!

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