For many Capricorn rising folks, the March 23rd eclipse will impact the 3rd to 9th house axis. Depending upon your birthday, for others, it is the 2nd to 8th house axis that will be lit up during this eclipse season. The difference comes down to how close Capricorn is to your first house cusp. To understand your chart specifically, I’d advise you get a reading. Nonetheless, this general trends forecast will give you an idea of the energies that are currently afoot.

During this lunar eclipse, partnerships are going to impact your life path and possibly your career for the full moon will be sitting at 3 degrees of Libra. When ever there is a powerful full moon such as this, something is brought to culmination or is revealed more fully. Emotions tend to run high during these events as they often herald in closures, completions or provide enough additional information that you know where you stand. This time, information regarding your partnerships will become clearer and whatever you learn will likely impact the direction you choose to take along your life’s journey.

The sabian symbol message of this lunar event is: The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed. Periods of silence and darkness can be very transforming, leading to stirring revelations. This could entail information regarding career for a few of you, but for many incoming news will involve higher education, the court system, different cultures, world travel, spiritual practices or the path you choose to walk in this life.

Final grades could be posted for some of you; others will be choosing curriculum to pursue for your degree program. Court decisions will be highlighted for others and since Libra is involved, hopefully balanced and fair judgements will be made. Those of you who have been globe-trotting to learn about other cultures and religious practices may complete your worldly adventures under this moon. Information regarding teachers, pending publications, gurus, clergy or institutions of higher learning may also come forth.

Saturn, the taskmaster planet of the Universe, is playing a pivotal role in the eclipse for it is acting like a fulcrum point between your 3rd and 9th house axis. For many of you, this planet of discipline and lessons is currently captive within your 12th house, in Sagittarius. So you have been seeing the truth of how you get in your own way, while reviewing some of the mistakes you’ve made in the past.

No worries! This is part of the process and the lessons learned are to help you build better, stronger foundations when Saturn crosses over your ascendant. At that point, you will be letting go of the structures of your life that are no longer serving a positive purpose. You will also be doing a lot of internal work as you redefine yourself. Lessons learned along the way will become the cornerstones for the new you.

If Saturn happens to be in your 11th house instead of your 12th, then it is long-range plans, goals, dreams and friendships that have you hanging on by your fingernails.

Either way, the message of this fulcrum point, which is also currently squaring Jupiter is: The moment of pause which sustains and presages change. Alert readiness to act; or distress at not knowing what lies ahead.

Certainly with Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon in your 9th house, there are blessings to be had from delving into 9th house activities. Saturn is, however, going to make you work for what you want, so think things out clearly before giving up. With Saturn in the 12th house, it could be easy to throw in the towel and imprison yourself for this house is known as the place of secrets, sorrows and self-undoing. Saturn in this position could also lend itself to diving deeply into your subconscious mind to find the real truth of a situation. Doing that, or changing some negative thought patterns, could be enough to push you over the precipice in a positive fashion, giving you the staying power to complete your 9th house mission.

You are the one on this seesaw and the fulcrum point is here…so my suggestion is to act. Do what is most in your favor, the thing that will spur you onto a positive life path versus waiting around in distress wondering about what comes next.

For those of you who have Saturn in the 11th house, long-range plans will form the pivot point between you and what you desire, as well as the wishes of your closest partners. This is true because your 2nd to 8th house axis will be be lit up under this configuration.

The Sun and Mercury will be zooming your 3rd or 4th house in Aries. In the third, you will feel driven to communicate, to network, to gather information and explore your neighborhood. The 9th house polarity wants you to take all of this incoming information and synthesize it into a meaningful whole. That means narrowing your vision regarding courses of study and spending more time weaving connections between data bits so you see the big picture. Draw on all of your life experiences to see the brilliance of your future life path as shown by the light of that big silvery moon! Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon are calling to you as well and it is time for you to become who you are meant to be.

If your Sun and Mercury fall into the 4th, matters regarding family and homelife will be illuminated and information regarding parents may come to light. You could also find yourself juggling a lot, trying to find an equilibrium between homelife and career. Others will find themselves moving to a new location since Uranus in Aries is also stirring up your hearth and home sector.

Aries provides the rocket-fuel to go after what you want, but with the full Libra moon opposing your vital yang energy, in the guise of the Sun, you do need to balance things if you wish to keep the peace. It really all comes down to Saturn…so be ready to act for eventually this tipping point will pass.

For many of you, Pluto is now in your first house so the changes you are making (or soon to make when Saturn crosses your ascendant) could set you up to take on your own power. You are reaching a point in life when you are wanting to speak your truth…even if it is inconvenient for others to hear. This can be very powerful. I always think of Al Gore when I contemplate this for he had an inconvenient truth and it needed to be heard by the entire world, most especially the United States.

If Pluto is still zooming your 12th house, you could be asking if you have given your power over to others, this eclipse season. Do you wall yourself off from the suffering in the world in order to protect yourself from the slings and arrows you see? A higher density Pluto would seek answers in meditation, prayer and visualizations. You have the capacity to reach out to others and alleviate suffering. It all comes down to how you harness the plutonic energies couched within the hidden corners of your mind.

Under this full moon, Capricorn Rising, you will be able to weave your life path destiny. Information will be forthcoming from your partnerships and this will enable you to act and take on your own power. Learn the lessons Saturn has to offer and use the information to build strong cornerstones for the soon to emerge, new and better you.

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Thank you kindly,


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  1. Hi Geo,

    Utmost gratitude for a very enlightening, informative and resolute reading. For those of you pondering having a reading with Miss Geo, don’t wait. She armed me with clarity and optimism to meet the current challenges we’re all facing! I have felt like a pinball for ages and now with a heads up I can accept the energies and dance with them! Kudos!
    Mary S.

    • boobooda7 says:

      Thanks for the kind words Mary. It is my hope and desire to help a lot of women in this way. I know your place is going to a huge success and you will feel so glad you are taking actions on your dreams, I just know it. Peace and Blessings, Geo

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