Sharing what you think with others is key for you, Libra Rising, for Saturn is now housed in your third house of communications and it looks as if this eclipse could see a cowboy sauntering into your life. I say this because your Sun and Mercury, both in Aries, are now saddled up in your 7th house of partnerships…so in comes Mr. Rough and Tumble and he is not afraid to say what’s on his mind. The question is: Can you be bold enough to share what’s on yours as well?

With Saturn in the 3rd house, you could be holding yourself back from saying your piece in order to keep harmony in your relationships. And yet, you desire to have your needs met too. The full Libra Moon is now shining a bright light into your first house so your emotional sensors are bucking like a bronco. Rather than have a lunar eruption during the eclipse, why not broach difficult subjects carefully in advance so you can discuss issues you’ve been keeping tight reigns on?

If you have been learning the lessons of Saturn the hard way, you could be paying right now for gossip you’ve shared regarding a male partner or someone at work. This too could cause a lunar eruption. It is not unheard of during eclipses for people to saunter out of our lives so do be careful regarding what you share within your network, including siblings, neighbors and blood relatives.

Another way this Saturn in Sagittarius could manifest for some of you is feeling restricted when it comes to learning new information. Some of you may be struggling with what you are doing for work and that 3rd house Saturn could either have you eye-brow deep into the books or feeling blocked regarding learning new skills. Some of you could be working your way through an illness or even a speech impediment and you are feeling frustrated with mastering what you need to learn.

Be patient with yourself and don’t give up trying! The message of this Saturn, which is forming a near close T-square to your 6th and 12th house axis is: The moment of pause which sustains and presages change. Alert readiness to act; or distress at not knowing what lies ahead.

With Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon in your 12th house, you may be seeking to understand things from a spiritual perspective. Help in the form of teachers, clergy, hospital staff and alternative healers might also be reaching out to lend a hand. If these quests for help have not yet born fruit due to the Jupiter/Saturn square, which is exact, hold tight! Change does seem to be in the air. That is evident both from the message of Saturn as well as the full Libra moon.

This moon, which is pivotal to the lunar eclipse, will shine a light on your partnerships as well as your own being. So if you have felt that communications or learning have been blocked in some fashion and you’ve been quietly stewing on what to do about that, the 3 degree Libra moon has this message for you: The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed. Periods of silence and darkness can be very transforming, leading to stirring revelations.

Whatever was unclear before will likely be revealed. This could involve that sauntering cowboy, a health issue you’ve been grappling with or classes you’ve been taking so you can find meaningful work in order to be of service to the world. Whatever is going down for you, Saturn seems to be pivotal in this process right now along with the full libra moon.

You are about to learn a lot about the relationships in your life. This will likely teach you a lot about yourself, especially in regards to how your mind works. Are you living up to your own truth? Is the way you are thinking about the important things in your life supportive or do you need to change negative thought patterns? Restructure your thoughts and see if that has a positive outcome on your everyday world, partnerships and health. Saturn in the third house wants you to dig deeply for the truth of things and more often than not we are the ones that hold our own selves back.

I’ve been guilty of that myself. For the longest time I believed that I couldn’t do math and hence kept myself from trying. Then at one stage, I went back to school and had to take algebra. Though I can’t say I enjoyed it, I surprised myself by doing really well. Next I took chemistry wherein I actually had to apply the algebra to make the equations balance. I was terrified and certain that I was going to fail. As it turns out, I absolutely loved chemistry. The symmetry of it was quite beautiful. In the process of going back to school, I learned that I had been telling msyelf lies for years. Not only could I do math but I mastered chemistry as well.

These are some of the revelations that you might encounter during this eclipse season. For a few of you, you will recognize the need to develop a positive mental attitude so you can overcome an illness. Others will reach out to helpers to hurdle current stumbling blocks. Over time, you may realize that something you’ve been looking at as a thorny subject is actually a gift in your life…sort of like the kid who falls off a horse and breaks his leg only to realize that his mangled femur, which he deemed as an disaster, is the reason he didn’t get conscripted into a war.

If it turns out to be an actual cowboy, well I want to hear about that one! It would not be the first time I saw the Sun show up in the 7th house when a significant male partner enters a person’s life. This could be in the form of a healer or someone actually wearing studs on their boots! If this happens for you, have fun with that. Along the way, be sure to share what’s on your mind and in your heart. For you Libra Rising this is the season of learning to communicate your truth.

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Peace and Blessings,


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