Lately, Cancer Rising, you’ve been thinking a lot about your life path and the direction you should take regarding work. Some of this concern could be stemming from health issues or burdensome delays you are experiencing on the job. You may feel as if you are putting tons of energy into your work life but not seeing the results you’d like to see. For others, you are struggling to find work or a means of being of service to the world.

Lately you’ve been in a very busy holding pattern where you are scrambling just to keep your head above water. I say this because Saturn, who is currently cruising your 6th house of everyday work, is currently creating a huge t-square between you 3rd and 9th house axis. That pivotal Saturn is currently accompanied by a fiery Sagittarian Mars which is amping up the pace of your everyday world either burying you in projects or causing you to chase want ads as you pursue a paycheck. It could also be fueling your desire to find meaningful work that enables you fulfill your soul purpose.

All of this hustle and bustle should have you contemplating that 3rd to 9th house axis. Right now, Jupiter and the north node of the moon are occupying your 3rd house in the sign of Virgo. Since Virgo is the sign of the craftsman, and Jupiter is retrograde till May 9th, there is encouragement for you to reconsider your education level.

Do you need to revamp your skills by taking some classes? Can you network with others to determine the skills that are really being sought after in your occupation? Be strategic. Take classes that will get you where you want to be. There can be a tendency with Jupiter in the third house to have an insatiable appetite regarding classes, gossip, networking, business negotiations or mindfully communicating with others. Since there is a tight square between Saturn and Jupiter during the eclipse, it’s time to learn in a focussed manner so you can set a clear, direct course for your future (9th house eclipse planets, plus your transiting 10th house sun).

Your spirit is calling out to you to fulfill your destiny in the world so what do you need to do to make that happen?

The 9th house which rules over higher education, the legal system, other cultures and philosophies is housing numerous planets during the March 23 lunar eclipse including Neptune, Chiron, Venus, Ceres and the South Node of the Moon. So you could be struggling regarding how to synthesize all that you have learned into the bigger picture…but you need to start putting the pieces together so you can see not only the details (Virgo) but the creative, all-encompassing whole (Pisces) as well.

Gaining perspective on the bigger picture of your life will enable you to make wise choice regarding your path and health. If you’ve been feeling stuck lately regarding this, join the crowd, but know that change is on the way!

Saturn, that taskmaster planet we all love so dearly, is the fulcrum point for this eclipse. The sabian symbol message for this planet is: The moment of pause which sustains and presages change. Alert readiness to act; or distress at not knowing what lies ahead.

So, if you’ve been feeling stuck either at work or in regards to your health, this is your wake-up call. Action beats being frozen and paralyzed and Saturn in Sagittarius wants you to find the truth of things through various life lessons.

For some of you, health matters could be taking a front seat in your life. If so, I would encourage you to get serious (Saturn) about putting some healthy life practices into place. Since the 6th house is ruled by Virgo, alternative medicine techniques are highlighted. Whole foods, mind-body-spirit practices and a steady exercise routine will help you to heal. Use Jupiter to connect with others in your neighborhood. Join a yoga group. Take some conscious breathing or organic gardening classes and focus on being happy in all layers of your being. “Getting connected” on a soul level could also open up some wide vistas on the road to God which is where so many of your transiting planets are currently located.

Legal issues or concerns with other cultures could also have you zooming right now since your 9th house is packed with planets. Break down any communication barriers you have encountered with people at work. Consider hosting a potluck at your house (full moon in Libra in your 4th house) so you can make meaningful alliances with people from your neighborhood or place of business.

Often we feel uncomfortable around those who are different from us but once we get to know people beyond a name and their appearance at work, we soon realize we all have far more in common than we once thought.

Where we remain different….well that’s the juicy part of life and my personal theory is that our diversity in this country makes us uniquely stronger. So maybe a curry shows up at the potluck (one could only hope!) or some Beer Lao. Or perhaps you learn about a holiday you’ve never heard of before. If you’ve been holding back from getting to know those you share space with consider the sabian symbol message of this full libra moon: The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed. Periods of silence and darkness can be very transforming, leading to stirring revelations.

One of the stirring revelations is that we are all more connected than we realize! So gather your friends during this full moon eclipse. Open your heart and your home and see what you can learn. With your sun and mercury, in Aries, in your 10th house, opposing this lunar event, the connections you make could pave the way to better understanding your world, the neighbors and even the people pushing your buttons at your hectic job.

Mercury will nearly be on fire from sitting right on top of your Arian Sun during the eclipse so do expect some information regarding your career or worldly standing to come to light.

If you listened to my March 8th eclipse report, you could be getting messages regarding who you are meant to be in the world. By listening to that inner voice and close partners, you can set a clear course for the work you are meant to do in the world.

Your Libra moon is lighting up your 4th house and that represents your home, your family, mother, the past as well as your own psychological makeup.

In one sense your home is your body and that body just happens to be the vehicle that carts around your soul…so who is driving? Are you leading a spirit-filled life and fulfilling your destiny? When we hide our lights under a bushel, we hurt not only ourselves but we shine less brightly for those within our intimate circle as well.

With Pluto in Capricorn sitting like the hulk in your house of long-term relationships, you could be going through some power struggles with the people in your life. Why don’t you extend a hand to these people and invite them over so you can get to know the others in your world better?

Doing so could help set a positive course for your future. I say that because this full moon will be shining a bright light onto your public life where authority figures and various power-players loom.

If legal matters (9th house chiron, etc.) have been causing waves for you regarding your home situation, this full moon will definitely show you where you stand on the home front. And for you cancer rising, I know there truly is no place like home. That’s why I am wishing you the very best this eclipse season, no matter what occurs.

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Peace and Blessings,


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