Though you may feel blocked right now, Aries Rising, in connecting to the Divine and all of humanity, the Universe is asking you to dig deep and see that you are linked on a soul level to every person you encounter. With numerous planets lined up in your 12th house, it also a call to find compassion for the human condition and to see the beauty in our everyday struggles.

One of the ways you can do this during this eclipse season is to focus on finding a way to be of service to the world. Currently you have Jupiter and the north node in your sixth house of service in Virgo. Your greatest blessings lie in finding a way to help alleviate the suffering you see.

If you are feeling spiritually blocked this Jupiter could also be used to explore a variety of mind-body-spirit practices that will help you to recognize who you really are. This is a perfect time to seek out spiritual teachers who can walk the talk and assist you in learning yoga, chi-gong, conscious breathing exercises or even hypnosis. The idea is to discover yourself on a soul level and by doing so, that gives you compassion for everyone else you encounter.

Saturn, the taskmaster planet of your Universe, is challenging you right now and he is currently lodged in your 9th house at 16 degrees of Sagittarius. Many people call this the house of long journeys, others call it the road to God. Certainly it represents other cultures, different belief systems, higher education, teachers and gurus and the legal system.

With Saturn sitting here as the fulcrum point of the eclipse, it makes me think that you have some lessons to learn regarding one of these matters, for Saturn always brings lessons in his wake. With this configuration, especially since Saturn is creating a powerful T-square to your 6th and 12th house axis, you could be feeling blocked in connecting with the Universe. Or, you could be struggling with accepting that there are a variety of truths, belief systems and cultural norms.

Though we all feel passionate about our own personal belief system, we have to leave room in our lives for what others believe as well. This is not a call to buy into something you can’t personally stomach, but it is a call to develop tolerance and understanding. How many wars have we fought on this planet due simply to our lack of tolerance?

There are many versions of the truth and right now you are being asked to accept the fact that everyone is raised differently according to the beliefs of their own culture. All paths, so long as they do not hurt anyone, have validity, especially if they bring hope, faith and positive codes of conduct in their wake.

It is when we strike out to hurt others because they believe differently that we miss all of the commonality we share as souls on a long journey.

Saturn, in this 9th house position, could also represent challenges you are facing from the legal system. If this is the case, my question to you is what is stewing in that 12th house that needs to be rectified? Have you been getting in your own way with drugs or alcohol addiction? Are you squarely facing the reality of some trying situation? Are there others in your life who are secretly working to plot trouble in your life? If so, it is time to learn what you must so that you can regain your power and set a positive course for the future.

Saturn, in the 9th house, could also represent serious efforts you are pouring into higher education. This could be via a law, philosophy, journalism or social science degree. Being of service to the world likely feels important to you right now and you could be pursuing an advanced degree that will help you to better represent some of the under-served, forgotten or otherwise “imprisoned” members of society.

When I say prison, I use the term loosely. People addicted to drugs and alcohol are imprisoned. Women who don’t know how to leave abusive relationships are trapped, sometimes by their own minds, unfavorable upbringing or lack of self-worth. Prisons are crafted from a variety of illusive ills, many of them stemming from the very way we look at things.

Whichever path your Saturn is representing, I do sense that you are on the cusp of change and the reason I say that falls to the sabian symbol message of this planet’s position: The moment of pause which sustains and presages change. Alert readiness to act; or distress at not knowing what lies ahead.

So, if you’ve been feeling stuck, this is your wake-up call to act so you can unstick your life. Action beats being frozen and paralyzed. Didn’t someone once say that all we need for bad things to happen is for good people to sit by and idly watch?

Expand your mind. Develop tolerance and see what good things you can do in the world as a result.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, is currently coursing through your house of career at 17 degrees of Capricorn. You are meant to find your true calling and mission in life. Harness the energy wisely and you can exercise your power for the good of humanity. Be scrupulous regarding your ethics so you don’t agitate Saturn and set yourself up for an embarrassing fall from grace while you are at it.

With Mercury, your planet of communications, saddled up next to your Sun in Aries, in your first house, you are likely wanting to take on a leadership role and or take risks regarding your outward projection by speaking your truth. Just be mindful that the others in your life are very important right now and are forming the lunar part of this lunar eclipse!

The full Libra moon is sitting in your 7th house of partnerships so there is a strong need to balance what you want with the desires and needs of others. The sabian symbol message of this full moon is: The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed. Periods of silence and darkness can be very transforming, leading to stirring revelations. Obviously, you are about to learn something important about your closest partners…be they a spouse, a lover or close business associates. Since this moon is pivotal, the information that comes out is going to stir up your world for a good six months or longer.

Uranus in Aries is compelling you to wake up to your own individuality and self-expression. There is a rebel in you right now and that rebel wants you to be true to yourself and your higher calling. Some of you are really engaged in self-improvement as a result. It’s as if you have rocket-fuel strapped to your ass and you are being asked to evolve as a person.

With the near exact square this planet of revolution is forming to Pluto, there is, however, a call to be careful regarding butting heads with authority figures. External and societal forces are somehow forcing you outside of your normal box. Be the change you want to see but be aware of extreme or fanatical behavior. Harness this volatile energy well and you could become a formidable voice for change in society.

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Peace and Blessings,


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