What matters the most to you Scorpio Rising? Saturn is currently touring your 2nd house of values asking you to get serious about the important things in your life. For some, this will represent a period of working on self-esteem and developing talents. For others, your time is being consumed with setting yourself up financially for the future. Others will be reworking their value system from a psychological point of view, placing a higher priority on spiritual growth, developing artistic talents or whatever is important to you.

I say this because there are so many planets currently lined up in your 5th house. Not only is this the house of romance and children but it also the alchemical cave of your artistic abilities. With Chiron housed here, you may feel as if you have been blocked in expressing your creative voice to the world and yet those creative Piscean waters are currently being inspired by Neptune and Venus.

Tap into your vivid etherial imagination to birth your creative voice. Some of you are currently working on films or screenplays, others are writing books. Works of art of all sorts are highlighted but you must get over your fear/woundedness (Chiron) of having your voice heard. Writers block can be real, but what are you doing to get unstuck?

If you can use your artwork to help better society, you will be on the right track. Jupiter and the north node of the moon are sitting in your opposing 11th house, so there are blessings to be gained by using artistic skills to better humanity.

A perfect example of this comes from a friend of mine who paints murals. She was once assigned the task of creating artwork with troubled youth at school. Basically, these kids were considered the near-dropouts, or nuisances, of the school system. And yet, my friend got them painting a mural of themselves on the school’s walls.

Soon, these “trouble-makers” were showing up to school on time, eager to learn painting techniques. By painting their own faces, they gained a sense of themselves and their potential. Rather than rabble-rousing, they were learning to work well as a group of artists. They even listened to different music while creating and some were surprised to learn that classical music inspired them. Not only was the final mural beautiful, but the students gained an appreciation for their talents and were very proud of what they had accomplished through hard work.

What is more inspiring than troubled kids seeing the beauty and worth of themselves?

This is just one example of how artists can harness their talents to help the world. Many of you, artists or not, have a vision for society right now, can you harness your voice to help humanity? Do you have a cause you feel passionate about? Tap into that juice and let your creativity flow from that perspective.

For others, this 5th house energy could equate to responsibilities you have in taking care of a sick child. If this is not your own inner child, such as the thwarted voice of a would-be artist, this could represent some true challenges regarding raising and/or helping a child who is differently abled. This will sober up your value system (Saturn in the 2nd house) and get you focussed on what is the most important in your life. In this instance, you are being asked to reach out to groups and friends for support as evidenced by your Jupiter/North Node conjunction in your 11th house.

Clergy, alternative healers, support groups, and hospital staff can all lend a hand. Just be sure your hand is extended to the right people (Jupiter square Saturn). If you can’t find the help you need immediately, be patient for the square will ease up later and you will then be able to tap into the support systems you need.

For some of you, this 5th house energy is simply a call to bring more fun and joy into your life. Find something you are passionate about and see if that doesn’t bring value into your life. Steer clear of leaning on alcohol or drugs to escape and develop a true, joyous path that makes you feel good about your self.

Dance church is a perfect example. Sweating your prayers is not only a great form of creative exercise but it makes you feel like a million bucks when you are done. Hiking can do the same and if you are strapped for cash. Walking is a cheap yet beautiful way to exercise and find joy in outdoor settings.

When it comes to romances, this is probably not the best time to experiment. By squaring your 5th house, Saturn is asking you to get serious about your romantic encounters. Are you dating people who value you? Are you creating karma by experimenting without taking into consideration the vulnerabilities of others? Are you looking to be saved by a romantic partner, thinking that the proverbial shining knight on the white horse is actually going to gallop into your life and save you? Not likely, sister, this is a call for you to create your own joy and way to shine in the world.

Happiness is an inside job. Take responsibility for our own joy.

Join groups of friends and organizations and find your passion, that is the message of the 11th house Jupiter. Seek your tribe and connect with people of like mind that can inspire your life. Playing the martyr or savior in a relationship is not where it’s at. Find your passion, connect with others and continue to brew your creative works in your 5th house cave. They will be birthed when the time is ready and you are sitting on the cusp of change right now!

I say that because the sabian symbol message for Saturn, who is t-squaring your entire 5th to 11th house axis is this: The moment of pause which sustains and presages change. Alert readiness to act; or distress at not knowing what lies ahead.

My advice is to get behind the action part of this equation. Life can all too readily pass us by. Focus on what is most important and enjoy into your life despite trying circumstances that could otherwise drag you down.

Uranus in Aries is asking you to revolutionize your work and/or the way you take care of yourself (or a loved one) from a health perspective. When spinning in the 6th, this revolutionary planet creates the perfect configuration for exploring alternative medicine techniques for healing.

Since I see a need for you to bring joy into your world, concentrate on “feel good” exercises like dance church, salsa lessons or a yoga retreat. Take a healthy cooking class or starting an organic garden. Aries has everything to do with new growth and “planting seeds.” Could there be a better way to improve your health than eating organic food you have grown?

This maverick planet also wants to stir things up at work so some of you will be changing jobs or taking technology classes to up your skill set. Consider the message of Uranus as a wakeup call for your life!

Pluto, who is sitting like the hulk in your 3rd house at 17 degrees of Capricorn, wants to shake up your routine and provide space for inner regeneration as well as deep psychological change. It’s time to rewire your brain and to change negative thinking patterns. Breath of Fire exercises could help you as could tai-chi or meditation. What classes can you take that could breath new life and excitement into your world while connecting you to your tribe?

Other ways to make good on this third house Pluto are to take some fun weekend trips or plan excursions to interesting locations in your neighborhood. Mingle with the natives and connect with others. Your 11th house Jupiter wants you to network, network, network so call up friends, neighbors and siblings and chat.

Your full Libra moon, currently housed in your 12th house, wants you to connect with others on a spiritual level as well. Again, this could be through artwork, by taking classes, or through joining neighborhood groups. It’s also a good time to get in touch with your emotions and subconscious habit patterns, shining a light on them so you can heal anything that needs tending to. This would also be a great time to begin a spiritual discipline that can help you with troubled emotions, thought patterns or fears you have been harboring.

Since the moon is a critical part of this eclipse, take these matters to heart and work on rebooting your spirit. Life is sometimes like boot camp, you gotta get ninja-serious about going after what you want!

Joy is yours for the taking, Scorpio rising. Grab it with both fists and focus on what truly matters and you should ride out this eclipse season well.

If you are a visual learner, check out my YouTube video at: https://youtu.be/PT_DH1sQU34 If it helps you in your life, please give it a thumbs up, share with friends and subscribe to my channel.

Peace and Blessings,


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