Continue to work on your value system, Aquarius Rising. What is really important to you? You have a lot of planets in the 2nd house that are asking you to focus on the things that matter in your life.

For some, this will be earning more money. For others, it will be developing talents and skills you feel passionate about and that will make you feel secure in the work place. Finding work that is both creative and emotionally soothing may do it for others. With Chiron in this house, you are being asked to find your internal resources so you can develop and strengthen them. Right now, you may feel a fear of loosing safety, security, abundance or even love, all of which can make you fearful of taking risks. As you gain a more sure understanding of who you are, you will feel more stable in regards to your ability to take care of yourself.

The answer to this feeling of instability to that is to learn to trust yourself and the others in you your life. The second house shows what is needed on the material plane to get by but the 8th house of intimacy shows what is most essential to make you happy. With Jupiter and the north node of the moon residing in your 8th house of intimacy, seek your truest blessings from the important people in your life and know that love and abundance are yours for the having.

Saturn, the taskmaster planet, is currently t-squaring your entire 2nd and 8th house axis. That means this planet is forming a fulcrum or pivotal point between the resources you have (2nd house) with those you share jointly with serious partners (8th house). The message of this Saturn, who is sitting in your house of hopes, dreams, wishes, friends and long-term plans is: The moments of pause which sustains and presages change. Alert readiness to act; or distress at not knowing what lies ahead.

This is a call for you to think about long-term plans along with those things that matter the most. Can you balance the elements in your life to achieve goals that will ultimately bring you happiness? Jupiter in the 8th house wants you to enjoy time with your spouse and to strengthen your bonds through deep sharing and intimate exploration. Your second house is calling you to develop your skills. Rather than freezing up in fear, this is a time to set achievable goals and to act.

Lately, you’ve been seeking answers and your 9th house full moon wants to shed a light on matters regarding spirituality, mentors, higher educations, the court system, long-distance travel or other cultures. The sabian symbol message of this moon is that the dawn of a new day reveals everything changed. Periods of silence and darkness can be very transforming, leading to stirring revelations.

What this indicates to me is that you will receive some information either from a teacher, a University, the legal system or through prayer or meditation regarding 9th house matters. This information will illuminate the direction you are meant to take.

Make sure that you are being true to yourself (Sun in the third house) and that what you want is in alignment with what you need (Moon in the 9th). Sometimes when we have a sun/moon opposition such as during this lunar eclipse, we have to make conscious decisions about what is best for us, taking into account our emotional needs as well as determining are true soul purpose for this life. The ninth house moon is shining a light on your life path but it all comes down to the choices you make and what matters to you the most.

Pluto, in Capricorn at 17 degrees, is currently lurking in your 12th house. This can be a very spiritual place but it can also show us ways in which we trip ourselves up and give away our power. Some call it the house of self-undoing and it is pouring energy into your career and value houses right now.

Pluto could be churning up psychological material from deep within your psyche. Unconsciously motivated actions can stir up trouble, letting the darker side of your personality leak out. You may have to confront aspects of your own personality you would rather ignore such as plotting power games and trying to manipulate others for your own desires. This is the house of karma, so what you put in motion here can come back to haunt you later.

Uranus in Aries, on the other hand is lighting up your house of communications. This planet wants to revolutionize the way you communicate, learn and connect with others. Taking technology classes is highlighted at this time as is growing courage to share your ideas with others. Uranus, the planet of revolution, wants to take you on a magic carpet ride that will transform your life by tapping into your creative juices. Courses in graphic design and web development could prove fruitful. Taking short distance road trips to visit with siblings, cousins and other blood relatives is also highlighted.

The primary message of Uranus is to learn things that inspire you. Then share what you learn with the world and your neighborhood at large. Developing skills in this direction could also assist you with your 2nd house feeling of lack. By improving your skills, you feel more sure about your ability to support yourself.

Develop your sense of security, Aquarius Rising. The more you develop your own talents, the stronger you will feel within yourself. Look to intimate partners for support and don’t be afraid to examine your psychological motivations. This is a good time for you to get to know who you are on the inside and to develop your strength from within.

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Peace and Blessings,


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