The March 9th eclipse was about developing yourself Virgo rising and then using those changes to create happy, fulfilling partnerships in your life. From the soul-filled ethers of your 7th house, you are meant to overcome chaos to bring form into your world so you can be supported on your life path as evidenced by Jupiter and the north node of the moon located in your house of self.

Jupiter and the north node of the moon are intended to give you hope, faith and self-confidence as you work on improving your relationships with significant others. True blessings lie in the direction of improving thyself as well as your outward expression to the world.

If you recall the March 9th eclipse, Saturn in Sagittarius was the fulcrum point of the entire t-square lined up between your house of self versus the others in your life. That holds true for the March 23 eclipse as well. According to the sabian symbols, the message of Saturn thus lingering at the 16 degree mark of Sagittarius is this: A moment of pause that precedes change. It either heralds alert readiness to act or distress regarding not knowing what lies ahead.

Saturn will still be squaring Jupiter at 16 degrees further emphasizing both your desire to expand and contract. For some of you that will mean making a conscious decision to open up your lives, allowing others to enter in for it is within partnership that we have the greatest opportunity to learn about ourselves and to work on self-improvement so we can draw in what we need.

The message of the sabian symbol for your 4th house Saturn is: The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed. The transforming power of silence and darkness lead to stirring revelations.

Some of you may have spent some quiet time reflecting on yourself and where you stand with partnerships in your life. Since Saturn is in the 4th house, you may also be coming to the conclusion that scripts you learned as a child are no longer serving you well. Mechanisms you put in place to deal with a challenging home life and strict parents may not be working in your favor as you deal with the others in your life.

Saturn in this position wants you to dig deeply into your psychological roots and pull out any weeds that you find. For many of you, this is a call to tend the inner garden of your mind and to take action on changing relationship patterns that don’t work. It is also a good time to believe in yourself but to not take the stance of it is my way or the highway, for that will surely leave you hitching on the road all by yourself.

Find courage to talk to others on a soul-filled level, to let them know how you feel and where you are blocked. Tell them what you need to make you happy and be willing to hear their needs as well.

This placement of Saturn, also requires that we take a serious look at our own relationship energy and how we are, in part, responsible for the scenarios that create drama in our lives. Don’t get stuck on the distressed side of the eclipse fulcrum point. Hold a mirror up to your relationships and learn from what you see. You have the courage, Dear Virgos, to grow in the direction of healthier partnerships but it does require you taking an honest look at your ownself as well as the others in your life. We are all beautiful souls struggling to be the best person we can be and we are all Picassos in the making.

Just remember, if you hate to be judged, don’t judge. If want to be supported, support others. If you like to hear kind words, use them in your own speech.

A full moon in your 2nd house of values will reveal a good bit about what is important to you. You have Libra on your 2nd house of earned income so developing well-balanced, harmonious relationships that are equal in give and take are important to you and your ability to earn a living.

Since this moon is located at 3 degrees of Libra, the message is that the dawn of a new day reveals everything changed. The transforming power of silence and darkness lead to stirring revelations. You can either act on those revelations or sit on the fulcrum point and worry about what’s next.

Pluto, who is lurking at 17 degrees of Capricorn in your 5th house of creativity, will be hurling energy into your partnership sector. With Pluto here in the house of ego, you may have a strong need to be recognized and admired but it can also have a tendency to make you self-centered or ego-driven. Pluto, the hulk, wants you to recognize that you do indeed have what it takes, but he also wants you to see the positive traits in others as well and to share in the creative bounty.

Uranus will be further stirring up your relationship energy as it tours your 8th house of intimate partnerships. Here again, you are being asked to grow courage in altering relationship patterns that are not working. The 8th house has a lot to do with healing, so changing interaction patterns with others can have far-reaching and transformative effects on your world.

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Peace, Blessings and Namaste!


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