The March 9th eclipse was about you defining who you are at a new point in your life, Pisces Rising, for you had a big eclipse in your house of self at the start of the month. This was a new moon phase and during new moons there is no light, neither from the moon nor the sun so it was as if you were searching for answers of who you are in the dark.

Well, two weeks later, we now have a full moon that will shining a much brighter light onto your house of intimacy. The planetary lineup of this eclipse is much the same as the last with the exception that you have a full moon in Libra at 3 degrees in your 8th house. So now you are balancing what you want and value with your Sun and Mercury in Aries, in your second house, with the needs of the significant others in your life, as reflected by the full moon in the house of intimacy.

Saturn is still playing a pivotal role to this whole eclipse just as it did during the March 9th event. The message of this t-square fulcrum point is thus: A moment of pause that precedes change. It either heralds in alert readiness to act or distress regarding not knowing what lies ahead.

For you, Pisces Rising, you should be getting a better handle on the path since sizzling matters behind closed doors have now been revealed. The question remains, can you have your needs met while ensuring that your partner is happy as well?
Jupiter in Virgo is the polarity point encouraging you to bring forth a relationship of substance from within the emotional waters of yourself. Whatever you can picture and imagine with your minds, you can make happen, but it will not be without effort.

Saturn always requires a price and for you that begs the question: Can you be true to yourself and your needs while still meeting the needs of others? The 8th house is a loaded place astrologically. It deals with life, birth, death, sex, taboos, healing, psychological issues and intimacy. To say it is a whammy of a place is an understatement but it can also herald in transformative change, bringing much joy into your life.

If you can juggle the opposition between the house of self and the house of others (1st vs. 7th), you will beat the t-square grandly but it will require work, compromise and effort. Your partnerships (lovers, spouses and close business partners) may challenge you, reward you and/or knock you to your knees…it all depends upon how well you can juggle the tension of the Square that Saturn imposes.

That Saturn does want to define you on the world stage, so whatever comes of the heated fires of your relationships is going to have a large impact on your life! It’s as if you are a glob of metal being worked in the hot furnace of a forge and the other people in your life have a lot to do with what comes out. Naturally, your own actions, free-will and hard work have a good say in the matter as well.

Jupiter who is currently at 16 degrees of Virgo will make an exact square to Saturn in Sagittarius who is located in a very public part of your chart, the 10th house. It’s time for you to get serious about the truth of who you are, recognizing that that definition can indeed change over time. If you are able to navigate the creative tension of this square, great blessings can be found within your house of partners.

Issues with women will be highlighted during the eclipse since the full moon is located in your intimacy department at 3 degrees of Libra. The sabian symbol for this position is priceless: The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed. The transforming power of silence and darkness lead to stirring revelations. So, whatever you’ve been wondering about since March 9th, in the quiet of your own mind, you now should have a much firmer answer regarding the original question posed by the first eclipse: Who are you?

Uranus has been stirring up your values sector, which adds interest into the mix. What you once valued may no longer hold true and you are being asked to be courageous in going after that which is important to you now. With the planet of revolution sitting at 19 degrees of Aries, it wants to take you on a magic carpet ride through your value system to re-vamp, re-define and re-inspire what matters the most. Only a planet that moves backwards coud stir up so much craziness, right?

Meanwhile Mars, your planet of action, is fired up in your 10th house of career as well. Use this time frame to rocket-fuel your career while not forgetting that the partnerships you have at work will make or break you at this stage in your development, so play nice in the sand box if you want to get ahead. Continue to seek win/win situations while remaining true to yourself.

Draw on the strength you have within you to define the new you. Now that intimate matters are more fully revealed, you should have a better sense of yourself and what is and isn’t going to work for you. You are playing in the house of 50 shades of gray so be patient with yourself as you select the shade that works best for you.
Pluto, who is lurking at 19 degrees of Capricorn in your 11th house of friends and organizations, will be hurling energy into your 1st house. That means that powerful people are pumping energy into you. There’s also a desire for you to fit into the “group think” of that herd.

Fortunately, the sabian symbol for this transformative planet is the image of a five-year old child carrying huge shopping bags of groceries. In other words, you’ve got what it takes Pisces Rising. Not only is your plate full but your talents runneth-over and the people around you are noticing that. Nonetheless, Pluto is also there to remind you that fitting in and playing nice is the key to having that full box of groceries! There is always a shadow side that must be confronted when you come up against an 11th house Pluto and the darker side of “group-think.” So do be careful about sticking your neck out too far as you play counselor amongst your co-workers.

By the end of the 23rd March eclipse, you should have a better sense of who you are, especially when it comes to the others in your life. Love and respect whoever you find in your looking glass mirror and be ok to roll with the changing value system edging its way into your awakened mind.

If you are a more visual person, your March 23rd eclipse report is also available at: If the YouTube videos helps you with your life, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel.

Peace, Blessings and Namaste!


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