The March 9th eclipse was about hearth and home Saggis and it was also about bringing form from the ethers of chaos as seen by all of the planets we last had lined up in Pisces in our 4th house. Jupiter in Virgo was the polarity point encouraging us to bring forth the form from within those creative primordial waters. Jupiter and the north node of the moon are also intended to give you hope, faith and self-confidence as you hatch the new you onto the world stage.

If you remember the March 9th eclipse, Saturn in Sagittarius was the fulcrum point of the entire t-square lined up between your home and career sectors. That holds true for the March 23 eclipse as well. According to the sabian symbols, the message of Saturn thus lingering at the 16 degree mark of Sagittarius is this: A moment of pause that precedes change. It either heralds in alert readiness to act or distress regarding not knowing what lies ahead.

My message to you dear Sagittarius rising is to continue to have hope and faith while working hard to bring forth who you are meant to be. On the 23rd of March, we will have a full moon eclipse and it will shine a brilliant light onto both your career sector as well as your partnerships since Libra overlaps your 10th house.

Saturn will still be squaring Jupiter at 16 degrees further emphasizing both your desire to expand and contract. This will likely cause a halt to raises for many of you. For others, you’ve thrown in the towel and decided there are better ways to have abundance in your life, leaving more free time for home and family matters. For those still dogging away at a promotion, the message is to continue to work your ass off and have faith. You know you’ve got what it takes Saggi and you can still default to the other end of the spectrum later should you choose to.

You’ve got what it takes and if someone doesn’t recognize that talent you can always put your skills to the test by working for yourself. Saturn wants you to work hard but he doesn’t care who you work for so long as you’ve got the elbow grease in motion.

Issues with women will be highlighted during the eclipse since the moon is full and located in your career house at 3 degrees of Libra. You’ll love the sabian symbol message for this position: The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed. The transforming power of silence and darkness lead to stirring revelations. So, whatever you’ve been waiting on like a ballerina on tiptoes at 16 degrees of Sagittarius, you are now about to see the dawning of a new day and the message involved in that is to act! Don’t get stuck on the distressed side of the eclipse fulcrum point. We are all powerful women (and men!) who have the ability to take charge of our own destinies.

For those of you that are choosing to work for yourself, use the inspiration of Uranus in your 5th house to fire up your creative juices. Use visualization practices so you can clearly see where you want to be and ride a magic carpet to your success! You have the capacity to transform your life by engaging your creative life forces.

Mars, your planet of action, is fired up in your first house of self. Use the experiences that come your way to rocket-charge your life development. There is many a Saggitarian rising person out there that loves a challenge. So if you feel like you’ve been hamstrung while pivoting on that Saturn fulcrum, use this storehouse of energy, passion and drive to see you through.

And remember Saggis, there are many ways to evolve your life! Money is one small part of the equation. Finding a mission you can sink your teeth into like a juicy bone will do it for some of you. Others will enjoy the flexibility earned by working for themselves. You could also consciously choose to evolve your life by dumping the money and ego attachments while pursuing something that sets your soul on fire. Mars in Sagittarius wants you to find the truth of who you are! With Virgo on the mid-heaven you probably have several versions of a true you that will work. This eclipse season you are meant to get crackin’ on one of those versions. The pause point is soon to be over, don’t hesitate Saggis, grab your destiny!

Draw on the strength you have within you to birth the new you. There are plenty of planets in your 4th house supporting your adventures in the world. Home businesses are favored providing you put in the effort. You can also draw on your family and psychological strength and self-confidence in order to shine your talents onto the world.

Pluto, who is lurking at 19 degrees of Capricorn in your 2nd house of values, will be hurling energy into the fourth house, supporting your psychological bearing. This hulk’s message is actually quite encouraging. According to the sabian symbol for this transformative planet we are all like five-year old children carrying huge shopping bags of groceries. In other words, you’ve got what it takes Saggis. Your plate full and your talents runneth-over. Not only are you roaringly busy but it also equates to the fact that you have the right stuff for the marketplace. With the current planetary lineup, I can only imagine that both are true. You have the self-confidence to make things happen and bring home the bacon and/or vegan bits, whichever knocks your birkenstocks off.

For those of you that have seen enough, Pluto is also reminding you to count your blessings and to transform your value system. Money is one small part of life. Happiness, health, soul-growth, time for family and hiking should count in the mix. It’s time to let your soul shine Saggi, however that wants to come out of you personally.

If ever I knew a sign that could put the soul in a sister, it is Sagittarius. That’s why I am taking this time to get you fired up over who you are Sag Rising! Don’t let others underestimate you. Rejection only makes you more steely and rock solid sure of yourself! You’ve got what it takes to make something good happen in your life…whether that is bagging the big job or chucking it all to start a home business, you know the truth of who you are. Let it rip sister….and the light the world on fire in the process.

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Thank you for every Blessing!


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