Eclipse season is upon us and that’s important because eclipses tend to rock our world in a big way. Come March 8th, we will have a solar eclipse happening at 18 degrees of Pisces. During a solar eclipse, the moon passes between the sun and the earth which temporarily blocks out the light of the sun. New moon solar eclipses often represent our past and/or our unconscious nature.

In time, that unconscious side is overtaken by the light of the sun, or our conscious will. This helps us to see what is in the dark. This enables us to examine our shadow material if we are awake and aware enough to do so. Since the south node of the moon plays a prominent role in this eclipse, other people in our life are likely to deliver events to us that we must overcome, deal with, or integrate at some level.

If a person is not yet aware of what is going on internally, and how that is impacting their outer world, they may choose to wipe the slate clean in an area of their life rather than face what they are afraid to look in the eye: a part of themselves that needs some loving attention. Or, if their unconscious energies have been causing earthquakes in other people’s lives, someone close to them may choose to flee, hence eclipsing that person out of their life for good. That ending then becomes the bare ground that can be planted anew with raw but awakened intentions.

Eclipses are so powerful that they tend to affect our world for many months, zapping us with life-changing events. These events do not always happen right on the day of the eclipse, though they can. Since eclipses are so powerful, things can unfold a few weeks before or after the actual eclipse date. Like a tsunami, the aftermath will impact us for half a year or more, leaving emotions running high. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Eclipses can bring in great events as well as difficult ones, it all depends upon what we’ve been up to and what seeds we have been sowing. They can also be the wave or shake in your life that you need to get things going in a better direction.

Whatever arises during this time should tell you a lot about yourself as well as what you try to keep hidden from your rational mind. If this Pisces eclipse happens to hit a personal planet or form a strong angle to another planet in your chart, you will feel this energy even more.

For those of you who have Pisces rising, the March 8th eclipse has a lot to do with how you define yourself for most of the eclipse action is happening in your first house of self. Body image issues and outward expression to the world come under sharp focus.

With Chiron, the wounded healer sitting in the midst of this eclipse, you may be trying to define who you are. This centaur will ping both your sun and moon during the eclipse and that brings uncertainties and ambiguities about the self.

If you are or have experienced abuse issues, the aftermath of these events will surface. Seek out well qualified healers and counselors who can help you to confront issues of worthiness, relationship problems or concern over your bodily image. Remember, dear Pisces Rising, you are an absolutely beautiful and unique soul, so love your self exactly as you are.

With Chiron so prominently featured in this eclipse, you could also be feeling very charismatic right now. With the opposition to Jupiter, you could become renowned as a motivational speaker or be highly sought after for the power of your written words.

Bodily, you could also be feeling very wired and electric like an open-circuit breaker. Use mind-body-spirit practices such as chi-gong or tai-chi to help ground, intensify and focus the energy according to your will. Mantak Chia has excellent books out on consciously manipulating your bodily energies so enjoy a microcosmic orbit while you tap into your electric body. Healers can learn to focus this chi to help others via reiki or massage.

Next to Chiron, the 1st house eclipse is also housing the Sun, Moon, Neptune, Mercury and a dwarf planet known as Ceres. So as you re-identify who your are with the world and in your partnerships (7th house is opposing), be kind to yourself and nurture your emotional waters. Ceres has everything to do with self-care and as we shed an old skin to become someone new, love and self-acceptance are in order.

Chiron will also touch off the moon during this eclipse. The moon represents our habit patters, our gut reactions, our emotions as well as the past. Old wounds and issues regarding body image or our outward expression to the world can surface but they are doing so in order for you to heal them, and to learn to love yourself exactly as your are right now. You are a beautiful soul Pisces rising, don’t forget that!

The moon will also enable you to relate to the others in your life while probing your own subconscious mind for issues that need attending to. When Chiron is conjunct the Moon in Pisces there is a desire to bond on a mystical, soul-filled level with another. Intense partnerships can thus revolutionize how you think of yourself.

People that enter your life at this time may come in with the purpose of finishing old business with you since the south node of the moon is present within the eclipse lineup. This could bring in lovers, friends or business partners who you have a history with…and this history could have its roots in lifetimes past. They may be coming in because they need healing or you could be the one offering up the soothing soul waters. With Jupiter conjunct the north node in the 7th house of partnerships, the person you meet at this time could feel like destiny. Certainly, he or she will rock your world in some eclipse-like fashion, causing you to redefine yourself.

As if this weren’t enough, Chiron will also join the Sun for a period of time during the eclipse. This is a call to get to know yourself on a spiritual level and to use the current experience as part of your dharma. You may have met someone and it feels like you’ve known them for forever…and perhaps you have. We often reincarnate with the same souls who willingly enter our lives over and over in order for us to learn spiritual lessons.

Neptune and Mercury will also join the 1st house party you have going on. This brings a level of uncertainty about the self. Who am I, you ask? Be true to who you are and don’t be afraid to have soul-filled talks with a significant other. Do, however, be discerning. When Neptune and Mercury (the planet of communications) collide, it is not uncommon for there to be deception afoot or even outright lies. Information can readily be leaked and for some of you this could even cause a scandal, so be careful what you share with the others in your life in March.

Neptune, which is the higher octave of Venus, can also encourage you to seek the ideal in a partnership and to be very self-sacrificing. Though it is nice to give, just make sure you remain true to yourself and seek balance in the partnership. Neptune is also famous for bringing in uncertainty and fogginess so you could really be struggling right now with your self-identity or what the presenting relationship means to you.

Partnerships are truly on the plate for you this month dear Pisces! With Jupiter and the north node of the moon in your 7th house, the focus is on lovers, life-long friends and close business associates. Even your group sector (house 11) is fired up right now for you have Pluto lurking like the hulk in this part of your chart. So, you are probably dealing with loads of friends, organizations and group dynamics at work. And the more we mingle, the more we learn, especially with Pluto afoot. Sometimes the things we uncover regarding our group associations is not always pleasant for every group has a dark side or shadow.

Group-think can get dangerous if there is an ugly undercurrent present. Just picture the energy the nazi party put forth during WWII through their group rules and propaganda. Imagine a black man being lynched in the south by Ku Klux Klan members during the civil rights movement. I could list a thousand scape-goating examples, but with Pluto in the 11th house there is also the chance of finding yourself on the “wrong” side of the collective fence, so do be cautious.

On a brighter note, Pluto here will also lend you great leadership and counseling skills. So if you channel the energy well you have the power to get diverse groups of people to work well together on a common cause. Sometimes you may need to be honest about an issue in order to keep things moving but by bringing up touchy subjects you risk putting your neck on the chopping block. I once spoke the unspeakable on behalf of a suffering group and readily had a dream about a giraffe…that long, slender neck was extremely vulnerable…and though what I said needed to be voiced, I did indeed get my neck chopped! The message here is to say what you must, but be careful. The shadow side of a group can turn ugly in one jungle second.

So, as you can see, you have ample reason to be interested in your partnership energy at this time! To add even more complexity to the mix, you also have Saturn in Sagittarius touring your 10th house of career. This lovely taskmaster is making a ginormous t-square to your 1st and 7th house axis which means it is the fulcrum point of the entire eclipse. That means work partnerships (Saturn = the man, big business, the Feds, etc.) can make or break you right now. It also means you are enduring a period of hard labor (or you should be!). Roll up your sleeves and learn to play nice in the sand box with everyone and in about 1.5 years or so you will be offered a BIG promotion.

The T-Square will bring in plenty of challenges the first of which is can you be true to yourself (1st house eclipse material) while working with the significant partners in your life (7th house Jupiter and north node). Blessings lie in the direction of the 7th house, so do your best to figure out the sand-box rules. You can also expect to run into some difficulties in getting new ideas accepted by others. You could also find yourself eyeing mentors critically as you yourself have gotten wiser and can tell who is walking the shiny floor walk with their big boy/girl pants actually on.

Your mission right now is to believe in yourself despite the walls you may encounter. Can you adjust your world view a bit to achieve win-win situations? Compromises are in order but you also need to be true to yourself. Above all, this is not a good time to lock antlers with authority figures unless you relish the idea of being gored. Play the balancing game, be nice to others and remain true to yourself as much as possible…Then you will beat the square.

As all of this shakes out over the next six months, you are being tasked to answer the following question that is being hurled at you at the speed of light: Who are you? Who, who, who, who?

Find the answer to that my friend and you have solved the riddle. Use this powerful new moon to set the seeds for who you want to be in the next few years. Then love and nurture yourself as you go through upcoming changes.


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