Eclipse season is upon us and that’s important because eclipses tend to rock our world in a big way. Come March 8th, we will have a solar eclipse happening at 18 degrees of Pisces. During a solar eclipse, the moon passes between the sun and the earth which temporarily blocks out the light of the sun. New moon solar eclipses often represent our past and/or our unconscious nature.

In time, that unconscious side is overtaken by the light of the sun, or our conscious will. This helps us to see what is in the dark. This enables us to examine our shadow material if we are awake and aware enough to do so. Since the south node of the moon plays a prominent role in this eclipse, other people in our life are likely to deliver events to us that we must overcome, deal with, or integrate at some level.

If a person is not yet aware of what is going on internally, and how that is impacting their outer world, they may choose to wipe the slate clean in an area of their life rather than face what they are afraid to look in the eye: a part of themselves that needs some loving attention. Or, if their unconscious energies have been causing earthquakes in other people’s lives, someone close to them may choose to flee, hence eclipsing that person out of their life for good. That ending then becomes the bare ground that can be planted anew with raw but awakened intentions.

Eclipses are so powerful that they tend to affect our world for many months, zapping us with life-changing events. These events do not always happen right on the day of the eclipse, though they can. Since eclipses are so potent, things can unfold a few weeks before or after the actual eclipse date. Like a tsunami, the aftermath will impact us for half a year or more, leaving emotions running high. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Eclipses can bring in great events as well as difficult ones, it all depends upon what we’ve been up to and what seeds we have been sowing. They can also be the wave or shake in your life that you need to get things going in a better direction.

Whatever arises during this time should tell you a lot about yourself as well as what you try to keep hidden from your rational mind. If this Pisces eclipse happens to hit a personal planet or form a strong angle to another planet in your chart, you will feel this energy even more.

For those of you who have Capricorn rising, the March 8th eclipse has a lot to do with your need to integrate what you have learned thus far and to get serious about your life path. If you do this, in the next few years, you will be able to let go of that which no longer serves you and step into your own power (Pluto in Capricorn in the 1st house).

To get at the crux of this eclipse, and what it means to you, we need to examine your 3rd house for this is where a lot of the action is going down. The 3rd house governs communications of all sorts, lower education, how your mind works and is wired, how you make connections between things and your ability to gather knowledge. Cousins, siblings, neighbors and trips about town are also reflected here so something powerful regarding one or more of these parts of your life is going to get electrified during the March 8th eclipse! So get your brain cracking and prepare for the sizzle.

The planetary lineup in your third house includes the Sun, Moon, Ceres, Neptune, Chiron and Mercury…all in Pisces. Heart-felt talks are in order for some of you. Going back to school is highlighted for others. Weaving together the threads of your life is an issue for each and every one of you with this rising sign!

In the next 6-12 months, some of you will find yourself working with mentally challenged children (Neptune conjunct Mercury, and throw Chiron in the mix). In this role, you can make great strides in helping these children to feel whole and nurtured (Ceres). A few of you will find yourself in a parenting role where you are asked to coach or mentor siblings and/or cousins. By taking these kindrid souls under your wing, you can coach, mentor and teach them so they are better able to face their school challenges.

For others, it could represent your own need to get clear on what you’d like to learn so you can move forward with your life path destiny. This is a very positive time for you to gather knowledge and being to integrate what you’ve learned into “the big picture of your life.” It’s time to move beyond simple fact gathering. Your power right now is in putting the pieces together (Jupiter and north node in 9th house in Virgo) so you can weave the destiny of your life.

In about a year and a half, many of you are going to let go of things that no longer serve you as Saturn crosses your ascendant. Currently your taskmaster planet is chugging through the hidden realms of your 12th house. Lately you’ve been reviewing how you’ve gotten in your own way while cataloging all of your mistakes. Stop beating yourself up Capricorn Rising! We all make hordes of mistakes and it does not pay to dwell on them for their only real value is as a learning tool for the new improved you that is soon to emerge like a butterfly out of a cocoon.

While Saturn is churning up your 12th house, why not use its powerful energy to dig deeply into your subconscious mind so you can release old scripts, stories or habit patterns that are moldy? That way you can really stretch your wings and fly during the reinvention phase that is sure to occur when Saturn hits your first house with the edict to restructure your life!

Saturn in Sagittarius may also have you searching for the truth of who you really are on a spiritual level. Once you recognize yourself as soul, a being of light that traverses many thousands of eons, you will look at the “mistakes” of your life differently. Inner callings and voices are now whispering to you regarding your true destiny in the world…perhaps it is time to listen?

If you feel blocked right now (and you may due to a serious T-Square between Saturn and Jupiter in your 9th house) just know that the best journeys are the ones on dirt roads…roads where you encounter rocks, downed trees and the occaisional mud hole. These are the backwoods trips you will truly remember. Grab your shovel and prepare to dig in order to find the truth of who you are. God wants you to fulfill your higher destiny and this period of blockage, stumps, and rocks will pass!

Once Saturn crosses your ascendant and you begin dumping the unnecessary baggage of your life, you are well prepared to take on your own power for you have Pluto currently poised in your first house of self and he is begging you to get REAL about who you are. Pluto also wants you to take on your own power, but use that power wisely.

In the last few years I’ve seen some horrible examples of people abusing their power. Negative traps can include desiring “power over others,” ruthlessly squashing little people (like the 99% of us that do most of the hard work), an ego so inflated it won’t fit through the front door of your office and/or house, or power-tripping games.

Avoid that BS and use Pluto to gain mastery over yourself instead! You could become a powerful leader and we NEED ethical leaders. We also need people who aren’t afraid to speak “inconvenient” truths. Personally, I think it was a backwards blessing that Al Gore lost the presidency because he had a bigger, higher-density mission to fulfull…and we need others who are not afraid to say the hard things that must be spoken in order for us to evolve as a society. (Mistakes sometimes happen for a reason, polling errors included!)

You can face your fears and release yourself from whatever prison you feel currently trapped in. Most prisons are mental ones that we create with our own minds anyhow. Use your failures of the past as stepping stones for the next version of you!

Communicate, network with others and learn what you need to know in order to fulfill your life’s purpose. Set seeds of intention into the fertile soil of your mind and concentrate on integrating all that you have learned thus far.

With Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon in your 9th house, you are being asked to weave the strands of your life together to create your destiny or life path. Many blessings will come to you if you do this for Jupiter in the 9th house rules over some powerful things.

For starters, it deals with the law and court systems. Different cultures, foreigners and world travel are also highlighted. Long journeys overseas are quite possible now and a great deal of wisdom and learning will occur from interacting with people of different backgrounds and belief systems. Higher education, teachers and gurus can also be found within its realms. Many call this house the road to God and though you may feel blocked along this path right now, you can make great strides forward by working with Saturn.

Release fears! Scrap negative mental scripts. Discover the truth of who you are! Forgive yourself and concentrate on your positive traits. Explore other philosophical points of view. Try hypnosis to get through subconscious garbage or to revisit previous lives. Make a plan for how you can go back to school. Seek out a spiritual teacher that can help birth the new you. You have a purpose and that life path is calling to you from the 9th house.

Start thinking of the many experiences of your life like colorful threads of yarn. Though they are bright all strewn along the floor on an individual yarn level, they lack depth. Your task right now is to take those strands and weave the tapestry of your life!

Consider the Navajo rugs the People make it the southwest. Various colored strands are woven together by aged hands to make beautiful works of art. When done, each rug tells an amazing story rich in symbolism and meaning. It is the integrated whole that is most valuable and picturesque, not the yarn itself.

Weave your tapestry Capricorn Rising and fulfill your destiny in the world. That is what the March 8th eclipse is asking of you despite the rocks you are currently encountering on the road to God. Want to learn more? Check out my YouTube video at:

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