Taurus Rising, Eclipse season is upon us and a total solar eclipse is soon to rock your 11th house come March 8-9, give or take a few weeks. Eclipses deliver powerful events into our lives and are considered game changers. For you, these events are likely to unfold in the part of your chart that rules over long-term plans, dreams, your vision for society, friendships and organizations you are affiliated with.

The new moon eclipse is in pisces and the planetary lineup is staggering. Your 11th house will host the sun, moon, mercury, neptune, ceres, chiron and the south node of the moon. Each planet will play a role in what unfolds and if you are aware of the energies you can use your knowledge to try and steer things in a direction that makes you happy. For starters, I’d advise having a soul-felt talk with a lover, a friend, a business partner or a financeer…whomever it is you need to get real with in early March.

And I do mean real! This is not a time to wear rose-colored glasses. Mercury, your planet of communications will be conjunct Neptune and though Neptune can have a true soul-feeling to it, it also rules deception, lies, uncertainty, propaganda and all things murky. So when you have that heart to heart with your significant other, make sure you are above board with your communications and that your partners are being straight-forward with you as well. When it comes to media or social-networking, you need to read between the lines and be very discerning in order to come to the truth of things, especially if it concerns other people’s money.

At times, during the eclipse, Chiron the wounded healer will touch both of your luminaries. That begs the question: Are you taking care of yourself or are you burning yourself to a frazzle to accomplish long-term goals? You probably have a very idealistic plan in place for your future but it might be time to get real about what is actually possible. If you have felt some uncertainty or wounding regarding significant others in your life, this is a time to talk things out, and possibly to down-scale the plans for the present time.

Chiron/Moon connections want us to look at our habit patterns, emotional reactions and old scripts. Is the way you are reacting to your current situation in line with your higher self? Can you change reaction patterns so you get more positive outcomes? On a soul level, can you deal with friends, groups and changing goals in a healthy manner? Is someone from the past a key player in unfolding events? Whenever the south node of the moon is involved in an eclipse, we tend to be less in control of what goes down, so watch for old friends or groups to play an active role in the unfolding events.

With Saturn in Sagittarius squaring off to this 11th house energy, you are also being called to take into account other people’s values. We all have our personal game plan…but then enters in the significant others in our lives and that requires taking into account their opinions and values as well. Likewise, some of you could be facing some hard lessons about the truth of joint finances. If you are hitting a wall when it comes to money, whether it is for a baby, getting married, launching your creative business or building that dream home, now is the time to knuckle down and get serious about what you need to do in order to shore up your finances.

With Jupiter in the 5th house, you may feel like taking a daring risk when it comes to money or resources and I would advise against that at this time. Though Jupiter often makes us feel buoyant and lucky, it may not deliver as you expect, especially since Saturn is squaring it and the planet of rings is retrograde till May 9th. So stay away from the craps table as well as speculative investments. They may not pan out as planned and could set you further into the hole.

Your dreams are possible, dear Taurus, but you may have to tighten the purse strings for the next few years in order to make things happen. This t-square from Saturn to the 11th/5th house axis will bring forth issues regarding finances, inheritances, loans, taxes, sex, taboos and intimacy. For some of you, the stork could be delivering a surprise baby that is causing you to scramble to shore up your purse strings. For others, you may delay having a child till you feel more ready. Others are hoping for backing to launch a creative enterprise or project but are currently running into restrictions and delays when it comes to other people’s money. Be patient.

The key right now is to set realistic plans and recognize that you’ve probably already accomplished much more than you realize. Pace your selves Taurus rising! If ever there was a sign that has the bull-headed patience and persistence to see something through, it is you. Just make sure you are not killing yourself to get ahead. Use this eclipse to set realistic, achievable goals and take time to smell the roses along the way while you merrily plod forward to your green, green pastures.

In the mean time, count your blessings. Jupiter and the north node of the moon are encouraging you to have fun. Take time for dates and romance. Play with your kids. Find ways to harness your creativity without needing loads of money to move your project forward. If you can remember that life is a journey and not a destination you will do fine come early March…just remember everything happens in due time.

Feel free to check out my YouTube video regarding this eclipse: https://youtu.be/oBtoH7kxQoI. If the advice helps you in your life, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! I am going through the Sag reinvention process and am grateful for the support. I’d also love to hear how this eclipse rocked your world, so please share if you are so inclined.

Peace, Blessings and Namaste!


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