Eclipse season is upon us and that’s important because eclipses tend to rock our world in a big way. Come March 8-9th, we will have a solar eclipse happening at 18 degrees of Pisces. During a solar eclipse, the moon passes between the sun and the earth which temporarily blocks out the light of the sun. New moon solar eclipses often represent our past and/or our unconscious nature via the moon’s energy.

In time, that unconscious side is overtaken by the light of the sun, or our conscious will. This helps us to see what is in the dark. This enables us to examine our shadow material if we are awake and aware enough to do so. Since the south node of the moon plays a prominent role in this eclipse, other people in our life are likely to deliver events to us that we must overcome, deal with, or integrate at some level.

If a person is not yet aware of what is going on internally, and how that is impacting their outer world, they may choose to wipe the slate clean in an area of their life rather than face what they are afraid to look in the eye: a part of themselves that needs some loving attention. Or, if their unconscious energies have been causing earthquakes in other people’s lives, someone close to them may choose to flee, hence eclipsing that person out of their life for good. That ending then becomes the bare ground that can be planted anew with raw but awakened intentions.

Eclipses are so powerful that they tend to affect our world for many months, zapping us with events that can really shake our world to the bedrock. The events do not always happen right on the day of the eclipse, though they can. Since eclipses are so powerful, things can unfold a few weeks before or after the actual eclipse. Like a tsunami, the aftermath will impact us for half a year or more. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Eclipses can bring in great events as well as difficult ones, it all depends upon what we’ve been up to and what seeds we have been sowing. They can also be the wave or shake in your life that you need to get things going in a better direction.

Whatever arises during this time should tell you a lot about yourself along with the things you try to keep hidden from your rational mind. If this Pisces eclipse happens to hit a personal planet or form a strong angle to another planet in your chart, you will feel this energy even more powerfully. Truly, these events can be life changers.

For those of us who have Sagittarius rising, the March 9th eclipse is about bringing forth who you really are from the belly of your own beast (or 4th house). Chiron, the Wounded Healer, will conjunct the Sun during this roller coaster ride and the message for all of you Saggis is to recognize who you are on a soul level.

We are all being asked to develop higher consciousness in our lives and for you this has been stewing in a very private, alchemical and psychologically intense part of your chart, your 4th house. This 4th house forms the basement or bedrock of who you are. It raises up issues of family patterns, authority figures, the past and even former lives. It is also a call to develop your dharma or life path. I say this because whatever you have been incubating in that 4th house now has an opportunity to spring forth onto the world stage via Jupiter and the North Node of the moon. Likely, you’ve been stirring the ingredients of your life, weaving straw into gold, and now is the time to birth the new you. Some might even call this destiny with Jupiter and the North Node leading the eclipse.

Chiron will also be in close contact with the moon during this eclipse. The moon reflects our feeling nature, our gut instincts and habit patterns. It also enables us to tap the juice of our subconscious mind so we can release thoughts, fears and patterns that no longer serve our highest good, so that we can heal.

Since the 4th house represents home, I will challenge you to think about this a little differently during eclipse season. Though certainly many of you will be moving during this time (me being one of those folks), what is our one true home? It is our bodies, the very vehicle that carts our soul around the planet. So this eclipse is not only about finding the right place to nurture our roots, but it is a call to honor our soul’s vehicle as well, and to take care of our health.

It is also a call to look inside of “our house” to see who we really are on a spiritual level. Past life regression work can illuminate this. As we dig backwards in time (and the subconscious mind), we find that the true essence of us has been around for eons. What is the purpose of reincarnating over and over into different “houses” each lifetime? The purpose is to grow our souls. Saggis, right now, that is exactly what the Universe is asking of you this very eclipse season.

The Universe wants you to recognize who you really are and to act on that, scary as that may be. It is a call to bring forth the new you, to birth your spiritual self, and bring your unique gifts to the world. So, if you have close friends who are Sagittarius rising, be gentle with these people right now. Many of them are like a delicate, milky-eyed
snake that is busy shedding an old skin that no longer fits or serves them, or their soul purpose. Transformation on this level is frightening but by shedding the old, tight skin you gain room to grow.

Look to the North Node of the Moon to see where this transformation is likely to take place. For Saggis, it is on the world stage, or 10th house. Since the North Node is in Virgo, it is actually ruled by Chiron (and mercury). This is thus a great time for many to actualize healing skills. With a Virgo Jupiter sitting right next to this node, some of you are being called to be alternative healers. By drawing on the wisdom of your own healing journeys, you can reach out to help someone else in need.

I know, I am one of those people. Twelve years ago, I was slated to die from cancer…and had I listened to my doctors, I surely would be worm fodder. Instead, I canned all of my doctors in one fell swoop. Fired by a fierce determination to live, I turned to alternative medicine and healed myself. Though I can’t even begin to share all that I did within the confines of this blog, let’s suffice it to say that I pulled out all of the stops and used everything I could to get well, including prayer, acupuncture, visualization, deep cleansing regimes, whole foods, mantras, yoga and trance dance. I have walked the walk….and I beat an “unbeatable” disease against all odds. So, you will notice that I talk a lot about mind-body-spirit medicine in my readings and that is because I have gone down this road and am here as a result. Guess you could say I am a believer.

With this current astrological lineup, other believers, teachers and healers are also being called forth!

Some of you may find a way to heal with words or the written language. You have a bright and burning passion for all things wild and you may be called forth to share nature writings, teach ecology or work for the betterment and healing of our planet. For many of you, nature is a precious thing and you view Gaia as home. There are many great ways to harness the 4th house energy of the upcoming eclipse.

Humanitarian causes will also loom large in some of your minds. Some of you will join organizations like Doctors Without Borders or Habitat for Humanity (again the theme of home). Others will decide they need to go back to school to become their true selves. What is deep inside of you that needs to be born? Bring that forth, because that is what the world needs now. Marry what you have on the inside (4th house) with what you want to give to the world (the outside, 10th house) in order to fulfill your purpose. Not only will you come alive with the challenge, but you will experience a revolution/evolution of the soul as a result.

Many of you will quit jobs in this next year if those jobs are no longer serving your higher purpose. Spirit is calling to you to be your true self and to bring your talents out into the world. During this eclipse season, you are really going to feel this urge. Though, like a blind-eyed snake, you might be feeling scared to death during the process of shedding, the Universe is asking you to have faith in the future and your new path forward. In fact, it is your very hope and faith, so visible in that 10th house, that can inspire others.

Chiron, the wounded healer who is now touring Pisces, is prominent in this eclipse as well. A Piscean Chiron can, for some, be a crisis in connecting with the God force or in feeling oneness with all other beings. In the 4th house, you need to connect with your roots. How can a beautiful plant grow if its roots are stunted? How can you water your souls roots and climb towards the sun? Some of you will be leaving the urban jungle this eclipse season to find a home in the woods where you can sink deep tap roots and find yourself anew. Others will begin a mind-body-spirit practice that nourishes the soul. In doing so, you will feel like you are coming “home” within your new skin. Getting anchored in a home that really supports who you are will also help you to tap into the infinite energy of the earth and all your animal relations.

As you shift into your Sag version 2.0, you may also go through feelings of being unsupported on this plane. I know, I have been there myself and all I can say is we often have more help and love around us then we realize. Saturn is also squaring the eclipse axis and this gives us further encouragement to take action, plan and put in the hard work we need to become successful in our new endeavors. Reach out to those who are close to you for nurturance and support. Plenty of people love you Saggi!

With Chiron opposite Jupiter, this new home or feeling state you’re going through will open up new dimensions in your life. Other worldly realms will be realized for a few since you are now listening to your spirit more. This will enable you to manifest things on a soul level. The Universe wants to breathe you into being. Let go of what was and become who you are meant to be.

Neptune is also highly configured in this eclipse. When you put Jupiter and Neptune together, you see joyous people working for a purpose. Both of these planets represent functions of personal growth as well as higher levels of consciousness. So like a Piscean fish swimming upstream, all of us (me too!) are being called to wake up just a bit more and realize who we really are. All of us were planted here for a reason and Jupiter and Neptune want us to figure out that calling and birth it despite the intense labor pains.

Since Jupiter is in the mutable sign of Virgo, you may have several true versions of yourself that you could birth anew. Pick the one that works best and go for it. The Universe wants you to succeed. It all comes down to one big question:
Can you marry your personal will with that of the divine and allow the Universe to breathe you into being? It’s evolution of the soul time, baby, and we are deep into it this eclipse season. Prepare for a new and beautiful, translucent skin.

PS: If you haven’t had a chance to check me out on YouTube, please do! I’ll be doing an eclipse special for all of the rising signs over the next few weeks and my reading special is in effect until March 1, so if you need a birthing coach, give me a call. It would be an honor to help bring forth the new you.

PSS: You can also check out this posting on YouTube: If it helps you in your life, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Divine Saggi souls, you rock.


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