Eclipse season is upon us and that’s important because eclipses tend to rock our world in a big way. Come March 8-9th, we will have a solar eclipse happening at 18 degrees of Pisces. During a solar eclipse, the moon passes between the sun and the earth which temporarily blocks out the light of the sun. New moon solar eclipses often represent our past and/or our unconscious nature.

In time, that unconscious side is overtaken by the light of the sun, or our conscious will. This helps us to see what is in the dark. This enables us to examine our shadow material if we are awake and aware enough to do so. Since the south node of the moon plays a prominent role in this eclipse, other people in our life are likely to deliver events that we must overcome, deal with, or integrate at some level.

If a person is not yet aware of what is going on internally, and how that is impacting their outer world, they may choose to wipe the slate clean in an area of their life rather than face what they are afraid to look in the eye: a part of themselves needs some loving attention when it comes to partnerships. Or, if their unconscious energies have been causing earthquakes in other people’s lives, someone close to them may choose to flee, essentially eclipsing out of their life for good. That ending then becomes the bare ground that can be planted anew with raw but awakened intentions.

Eclipses are so powerful that they tend to affect our world for many months, zapping us with events that can really rock our world. The events do not always happen right on the day of the eclipse, though they may. Since eclipses are so powerful, things can unfold a few weeks before or after the actual eclipse. Like a tsunami, the aftermath will impact us for half a year or more. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Eclipses can bring in great events as well as difficult ones, it all depends upon what we’ve been up to and what seeds we have been sowing. They can also be the wave or shake in your life that you need to get things going in a better direction.

Whatever arises during this time should tell you a lot about yourself as well. What do you try to keep hidden from your rational mind? What habit patterns do you need to change to evolve? If this Pisces eclipse happens to hit a personal planet or form a strong angle to another planet in your chart, you will feel this energy even more.

For those of you who have Virgo rising, the March eclipse is all about the relationships in your life as well as your personal growth trajectory.

With Chiron, the Wounded Healer, conjunct the Sun, you are being asked to discover who you really are when it comes to relationships in your life. Who are you on a soul level? Are you kind? Loving? Forgiving? You know the struggles you’ve been through in life, but can you look another person in the eye and see their beautiful soul as well, despite their rough exterior? We all go through so much in this life…and no one comes out of the fires in perfect form. When we mingle with others, however, we learn a lot about ourselves.

This is a time for you to see how your closest relationships are going. What are partners mirroring back to you? Since the eclipse will be happening in your 7th house of partnerships, your dharma is to improve your relationships. Part of that path involves believing in and developing yourself. If you keep getting the same old messages over and over again, are you doing anything positive to create change? The last thing you want to do with Chiron lurking in your 7th house, in Pisces, is to drop into the victim end of the pool. If you do that, you will likely drown there in self-pity. Not a pretty scene, especially if there is nobody there to toss you a life-preserver.

Open your heart chakra and try to see things through the eyes of others. Using this perspective can be fairly enlightening. Do people look down when you talk to them? What reactions do you get? All relationships are two-way streets but it’s good to pay attention to the cues you are receiving from others as well as the Universe. The best thing you could possible do this eclipse season is to truly recognize that we are all very connected. If circumstances were reversed, how would you feel?

Chiron will also be conjunct the Moon during the eclipse and this is a call to examine our habit patterns and gut reactions. Are we running on old relationship scripts despite the fact that we are interacting with new people? Does our personal past still loom large in the present? On a soul level, how do you feel about the status of your relationships?

With a powerful new moon such as this in your 7th house, you are being asked to birth a new way of being in partnership with others. This is tough, gritty work and you must let go of the old skin in order to to step into the new you that you have been developing by using Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo as your guide.

Self-improvement will not only enrich your life but help you when dealing with others. Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo are asking you to examine yourself and see what needs working on. Building self-esteem and a solid belief in yourself are called for. Establish solid work schedules and build job related skills then see how that impacts those within your inner circle. Meanwhile, watch and see how your self-improvements are taking hold. The Universe wants you to know yourself through the eyes of others, so pay attention.

If you are in denial that you are impacting those around you, hard lessons could be delivered this March. People who are close to you could choose to walk away in search of happier climes. Since Saturn is squaring the eclipse, you could also get a hard knock or two from authority figures. Issues from bad parenting could also be causing you heartache as you deal with others in the now. Since Saturn is lurking in your 4th house, you are being called to heal old family wounds, patterns and psychological imprints that no longer serve your higher self and evolutionary process.

On the flip side, you could also harness this energy and set intentions for new patterns and ways of being with the important people in your life. Whatever occurs should raise your consciousness level regarding the impact you are having on those nearby. This could be great news or a startling wakeup call with a need for change.

Jupiter is playing a prominent role in your life right now and is currently located in your house of self. This house is related to how we express ourselves into the world. Often we develop strong convictions as we mature but with this placement, we also need to hear and understand the strong convictions that others have as well. Take feedback, body cues and emotional reactions to heart. Be what you want to attract! If you seek kind words, use them yourself. If you desire a happy, bubbly environment you need to contribute positively to the atmosphere. Do you feel strongly about being treated fairly? Develop unbiased opinions and treat people without malice or prejudice.

Neptune will also play a role in the eclipse this spring. Since this planet is the higher octave of Venus, you are being called to open up your heart chakra and see people on a higher plane. The Divine can help you improve your relationships if you are truly willing to work at it but it will require dropping the guard of your ego a bit while focussing on being of compassionate service to others. That is not to say that you need to be a doormat! Use your skills of discernment to determine what is best for you and know that you are surrounded by grace as you make positive changes.

Unfortunately, with Neptune conjunct Mercury during this eclipse, you need to really pay attention to the information that is being presented by the others in your life. Deception and lies are possible and these are pouring out of your house of relationships. You may also feel an overwhelming desire to be of compassionate service to others, but again, you are being asked to be discerning when entering into a long-term pact.

With Neptune in the 7th house, you may also get the sense that things aren’t going quite as you’d like when it comes to partners but you may feel stymied as to the problem. Fogginess is a factor when Neptune is around and if you can’t see your way clearly, seek out a counselor or spiritual guide, for heart-felt, truthful answers. Neptune can also be driving you to find the perfect partner…and of course we all know that perfection does not truly exist in human form. We are all works in progress so we have to allow space for “the human factor.”

I do believe most of us are doing the best we can at any given moment. When we slip and fall, the majority of folks will try to learn from their mistakes. This is not a pain-free process, but most of us are growing and improving ourselves even as we are forced to learn through hard-knocks.

Chiron will be opposite Jupiter and the North Node when the eclipse approaches. Your greatest blessings lie in the direction of the North Node which is, oddly enough, ruled both by Chiron and Mercury. So the answer is, heal thyself and in doing so you will add a healing balm to your relationships as well. Pay attention to the information coming in and remember that Mercury rules communications…so how you speak to others (and yourself) will have a lot to do with your success. This is a good time to talk to people on a soul level and to share heart-felt feelings. Though you may be quite afraid to do so at this time (due to a square from Saturn), this is one way to move forward in a positive direction.

With Jupiter so prominent in the mix, there is a very strong message from the Universe to believe in yourself and work on self-improvement this eclipse season. Take an honest discerning look at who you are as well as your closest partnerships. How do you communicate with others? How are your words intercepted? Be kind as you look into this mirror. We are all Picassos in the making!

You have what it takes dear Virgos to improve the relationships in your life. Remember: I am you and you are me. Watch, listen, learn and be enlightened. Above all else, have faith in yourself for you are a beautiful soul.

Namaste (which means the higher part of me sees the higher part of you.)

PS: You can check this forecast out on YouTube too: If you like the video and it helps you in your life, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! Divine Virgo souls, you rock!


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