Though we may sometimes feel that “the Gods must be crazy,” we can learn to harness luck in our lives by working with Jupiter. That way, when coke bottles fall out of the sky, we know what to do with them! Jupiter, as a benefic planet, enables us to dream big, to explore reality outside of our normal boundaries and to have hope. It also inspires us to embody our highest selves and to work towards the betterment of society.

Since Sagittarius rules the lovely planet of rings, themes such as higher education, the court system, cultures around the world and belief systems can also come into play when Jupiter zooms one of our houses. Though it is possible to overdo things when the planet of expansion and growth is around, it does tend to bring a measure of luck with it, so long as we are doing the work.

When Jupiter lands in the 7th house, our closest relationships can bring us luck, joy and optimism. Connections with people from other cultures can broaden our world view. Trips abroad to learn from a spiritual teacher would be a wonderful means of exploring a 7th house Jupiter for you have a keen desire to learn and would feel excited about the prospects of seeking wisdom beyond the limitations of your own backyard. Unless aspected negatively, the person who comes in to light up your life has a good chance of being an ethical, spiritually based person.

Truly, this partnership could put the wind beneath your wings and with Jupiter electrifying your 7th house, weddings bells chime! Just beware that with Jupiter here, you could go over the top with wedding plans. So many couples start marriage in serious debt due to extravagant celebrations so do be wary of this tendency with Jupiter’s chalice pouring the bubbly in your 7th house.

Another way this Jupiterian energy could manifest is an expansive search for the right partner. If you have felt overly restricted by a former partnership you might be looking for a lover or business associate who won’t fence you in. Virgo energy wants you to seek perfection and in the 7th house that quest could lead you on a Holy Grail adventure for exactly the right partner. Fun, light-hearted romances are called for so enjoy your social activities while expansively searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right. Outdoor adventures, yoga retreats and long distance travel could land the right partner joyously on your doorstep.

If your own doorstep is boring you into a coma, open yourself up to other cultures to enrich your world. There is a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher appears and a 7th house Jupiter has that kind of power. Whether you are working with a business associate, a counselor, a spiritual teacher, a trainer at work or a lover, blessings can manifest from well-chosen mentors. And since Jupiter is currently touring Virgo, you are likely to be discerning about those you get close to. If this new person passes through your Virgoan filter, you have a wonderful opportunity to grow via the significant others in your life.

Besides accepting blessings from partners, you can also harness this energy to promote people, causes and organizations that have a humanitarian bent. Doctors without Borders or some legal advocacy group that helps underprivileged school children are just a few great options. Your interest with the law, other cultures, writing or broadcasting and teaching is likely to be piqued, so use this energy to support others and a million blessings will grace your life.

Greater self-awareness is a gift we garner by working with others and with a 7th house Jupiter your diplomatic skills should be working in your favor. Pay attention to the cues you receive from others and don’t hesitate to broker your skills to bring peace to opposing groups or people in your life. Apply wisdom and mediations skills to your dealings with others and you will be rewarded grandly.

Though the Gods could rain coke bottles down on you with a 7th house Jupiter, in this instance you are asked to add a dash of rum and lime in order to have a party. Celebrate your close associations and the joy you are experiencing in seeking your twin flame. If love isn’t on the menu, toast the richness and joy of your life by giving to others. If you are feeling truly lost, use the coke bottle to cast a message out to sea. The Universe likes to answer heart-felt messages when Jupiter is around and the perfect teacher could be the gift the sea delivers on the return tide.


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