Though we may sometimes feel that “the Gods must be crazy,” we can learn to harness luck in our lives by working with Jupiter. That way, when coke bottles fall out of the sky, we know what to do with them! Jupiter, as a benefic planet, enables us to dream big, to explore reality outside of our normal boundaries and to have hope. It also inspires us to embody our highest selves and to work towards the betterment of society.

Since Sagittarius rules the lovely planet of rings, themes such as higher education, the court system, cultures around the world and belief systems can also come into play when Jupiter zooms one of our houses. Though it is possible to overdo things when the planet of expansion and growth is around, it does tend to bring a measure of luck with it, so long as we are doing the work.

When the Lord of Rings enters the 6th house, our daily work projects, schedules and coworkers can prove to be a blessing. Enhancing our technical skills can also have a positive impact for the 6th house beams a bright light right into your career sector. With Jupiter in Virgo, hard work, analytical skills, technical training or a knack for teaching others can edge you ahead on the work front.

Finding a way to be of service to the world can also brings good fortune into your life. With the North Node of the moon saddled up to this Virgoan Jupiter, there may be a feeling of destiny attached to this service. Some might even say it is a “calling.” By giving to others, in this instance, you also give to yourself.

Terrific benefits can also be reaped with a 6th house Jupiter by focussing on all aspects of your health. Consider the 6th house to be your mind-body-spirit connection. The more we take care of ourselves, the more we can offer up to the world through our careers. With Jupiter transiting Virgo till next September, health regimes that focus on whole foods, herbs and alternative medicine practices should prove to be very powerful in restoring health. As many of you may know, I cured myself of cancer by focussing on these very things…so I am indeed a firm believer that we can greatly impact our own health. God does tend to help those who choose to help themselves!

Any exercise that enables you to feel grounded and connected will also serve you well. Deep breathing exercises, meditation, kundalini yoga, tai-chi or the like are powerful means of connecting us not only with the various parts of ourselves but with “All that Is.” Since Virgo is an earth sign, take your yoga practice outdoors and you will really feel connected to the infinite energy and power of Mother Earth.

Sometimes when we get ill, we want to blame everything and everyone else for our troubles. It’s as if a coke bottle falls out of the sky and randomly drops on her heads without reason when in truth we have a lot more control over our well-being than many doctors would have you believe. That is not to say that random accidents, unfavorable genetics, or exposure to chemicals don’t play a role…for all of these things do, including the food you eat as well as the stress you endure daily. Rather than fixing blame on what you can’t control, focus positive energy on truly being well instead. Eliminate those things that are standing in the way of you feeling better. Have peaceful thoughts and get lots of outdoor exercise. Chant: “I am holy, happy and healthy” like you are working a well-worn rosary. Mend your spiritual and psychological self with yoga or dancing out your emotions at a “Sweat Your Prayers” gathering. Then, you could be vastly surprised of the good luck a Virgoan Jupiter can deliver when it tours your house of health.

PS: It’s also not a bad time to share your life with a much loved pet!


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