Though we may sometimes feel that “the Gods must be crazy,” we can learn to harness luck in our lives by working with Jupiter. That way, when coke bottles fall out of the sky, we know what to do with them! Jupiter, as a benefic planet, enables us to dream big, to explore reality outside of our normal boundaries and to have hope. It also inspires us to embody our highest selves and to work towards the betterment of society.

Since Sagittarius rules the lovely planet of rings, themes such as higher education, the court system, cultures around the world and belief systems can also come into play when Jupiter zooms one of our houses. Though it is possible to overdo things when the planet of expansion and growth is around, it does tend to bring a measure of luck with it, so long as we are doing the work.

When Jupiter zooms the fifth house, you may discover that you are the life of the party. Romances and risk-taking could leave you breathless when expansive Jupiter tangos through the house of pleasure, but hey, lover-boy, you somehow manage to capitalize on this. Your jaunty optimism could be expanding your social networks or your flare with the opposite sex could also bring rewards. Certainly, your creative self-expression could pay off handsomely if you harness the energy well.

Luck could also come from investments or speculation but there is some danger with this placement. With Jupiter at the helm of the 5th house, you could be encouraged to gamble big…and that may not always pan out for you especially if you have unfavorable aspects lurking elsewhere in your chart. Business speculation should be handled with the same caution as the roulette wheel. Though you may get lucky now and then, you could also compulsively lose your shorts.

As a Romeo, you may not be so inclined to find your Juliet but to play the field more widely. Don’t break your fun meter with all that flirting and playfulness while looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, but do enjoy your light-hearted romances. Once you settle down, you could choose to get very serious for a 5th house Jupiter can keep the stork flapping his wings as he delivers one bundle of joy after the other into your household. Some of this joy could even show up by adopting children from different cultures.

As a parent, you are likely to be ebullient and fun-loving with your kids. Since you are like a big kid yourself, you will enjoy playing games and sports with your children. Arts and crafts projects, dancing and making home videos could also add to the love and laughter of your family home. Homeschooling your kids is another option for you may feel the desire to teach your kids everything you’ve learned, including ethics, morals and your philosophical take on life. You may enjoy kids so much, you could even become a grade school teacher.

When duty doesn’t call, you are likely to find a great deal of joy in fun pursuits and passions. Outdoor adventures that involve a bit of risk could get your adrenaline thumping. Bungee jumping, backpacking and sky-diving are a few things that come to mind. Better yet if you can get a fling to join you on one of these adventures.

Unfortunately, you may also pursue mind-altering drugs and alcohol with equal pleasure. The expansive qualities of some of these drugs could make you feel connected to the Divine but overdoing things in this area is risky business. Though fun and parties are an important element in your life, just make sure the Gods aren’t reining down loads of empty Jim Beam bottles and mind-expanding drugs to the point of fogging up your brain.

If you find the need to lose yourself in a fun pursuit, pick some form of creative expression and focus on expanding your talents and skills in that area. Then your 5th house Jupiter can truly shine…whether it is in art, dance, writing, film-making or sportscasting there is a way for you to make this fun-loving energy work for you.

With a 5th house Jupiter, the Gods aren’t crazy. They do want you to have a good time. Just don’t break your own lucky fun meter along the way.


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