Though we may sometimes feel that “the Gods must be crazy,” we can learn to harness luck in our lives by working with Jupiter. That way, when coke bottles fall out of the sky, we know what to do with them! Jupiter, as a benefic planet, enables us to dream big, to explore reality outside of our normal boundaries and to have hope. It also inspires us to embody our highest selves and to work towards the betterment of society.

Since Sagittarius rules the lovely planet of rings, themes such as higher education, the court system, cultures around the world and belief systems can also come into play when Jupiter zooms one of our houses. Though it is possible to overdo things when the planet of expansion and growth is around, it does tend to bring a measure of luck with it, so long as we are doing the work.

When Jupiter tours the 2nd house, you will strive to increase that which you value. This could be anything including money, your 401K, an art collection, internal resources, property or even spiritual values. It all comes down to what is important to you. Choose wisely so the things you desire enhance your life rather than holding power over you. Beware of buying things simply because they make you look good. Is what you are about to accumulate really going to enhance your life or are you more concerned with how others view your status?

Taking on more responsibilities at work can help you to grow your sense of self-worth along with your nest egg. Believing in yourself, coupled with your ability to get things done (Jupiter in Virgo), can bring success in the workplace. On the negative side, you might ask yourself if you are selling your soul in order to get ahead. Are you being ethical at work? If the answer is yes, expect good karma to come your way and to pay off handsomely.

Optimism and a belief in yourself can help you to attract the resources you desire. That could include getting a raise or going after a business or school loan. Be discerning and analytical (Virgo) about that which you desire.

As March 9, 2016 rolls around pay particular attention to the things you value as they relate to intimacy, inheritances and other people’s money. For those with Leo rising, the upcoming eclipse which falls into your 8th house, could cause sudden gains or losses in this arena. Perhaps you begin on a new business adventure with a promising benefit package. Or if you have been valuing the wrong things, you could find an intimate partner walking out the door. Conversely, a new love could enter your life, boosting your self-esteem and shared resources.

Expect your life to be transformed in some fashion. This could bring in a windfall of money…or wipe your pocket book clean, forcing you to rely on your own internal resources to get by. People close to you could leave a hole in your world, or you may find yourself starting a new, hot romance. A new financial beginning (good or bad) is indicated and the “luck” of it depends upon what you value as well as your personal resources and attributes.

So, if God delivers a coke bottle, instead of what you were hoping for, it may be time to start believing in yourself and doing what you can to enhance your talents, skills and abilities. Focus on what you truly value and “luck” will surely find you this eclipse season.


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