Neptune will be making a sharp angle to a stellium of planets in Sagittarius opposing a full moon in Gemini come Nov. 25th. With a cosmic line up such as this, it begs the question: Who’s fooling who?

The Sun, Saturn and Mercury are piled up in the sign of the truth seeker (Sagittarius), while the Gemini full moon speaks of making choices or seeing two sides to a situation. All of this is squared by nebulous Neptune which can bring fog, deceit or lack of clarity to a situation. Though a full moon will be hanging in the air, the heart-felt answers you wish for may still be unclear.

To determine how this will affect your life, consider the houses of your chart that will be impacted by this powerful t-square.

If Aries is your rising sign, the full moon will shine a light into your house of siblings, short trips, how your mind works, communications of all sorts and close neighborhood connections. Opposing the moon is the Sagittarian stellium comprised of the Sun, Saturn and Mercury conjunct in the 9th house. This latter combo may have you questioning if the hard work you would put into a University is worth it or not. Though there is a desire to dig deep and learn, you may feel ambivalent about your choices or course of study. Should you stick with the education level you have, or pursue further credits? Which course of study is best? With Neptune in the 12th squaring this, you could be wondering if it’s all a pipe dream or worth the effort. Have you become a slave to your education?

Alternatively, you could have lessons to learn about trusting a spiritual teacher. Are their words ringing true? Are you being asked to make more sacrifices than seem wise? What choices do you have in the matter? If purple Kool-aid is being offered, back out now. Likewise if you have been seeking the truth (9th house/Sag) within the court system, you may be facing some two-sided communications from those opposing you. Don’t sacrifice yourself, or your integrity, lest you find yourself caught in a web that imprisons you or otherwise brings you sorrow.

With Taurus rising, the truth about finances or your intimate relationship(s) could become more revealing. The Sag stellium of Sun, Moon and Mercury is energizing your 8th house so you will be seeking truthful answers about your intimate partners or those you share finances with since this is the house of other people’s money. With the Gemini moon lighting up your house of earned income and things you value, you could be having mixed feelings regarding what’s important. Is your current situation supporting your dreams and goals? Are you hearing the truth from those you love? Is your 401K or present job situation going to support your long-term dreams or should you switch gears and try a different job? Some adjustments or choices may need to be made. Another question that pops to mind is: Are you being honest with your partner? If you are valuing two flames, it may be time to choose. Everyone could get hurt if you are being two-faced or unclear about what you desire.

With Gemini rising, the powerful stellium is sitting in your 7th house of longterm partners. Saturn may be trying to crystallize a business or intimate partnership for you. Alternatively, you may be discovering there are tough lessons to be learned regarding intimate/business partners. How does this make you feel about yourself? That’s the question to ask when the moon resides in your first house of self, body image and how you project yourself onto the world. With Neptune squaring the whole ordeal, several possibilities could become revealing or need your attention. Is the way you are projecting yourself hurting your work image (Neptune in 10th) and causing anxiety for business partnerships or a lover? Are you sending out mixed signals to an employer? Have you been courting a spiritually minded partner or fallen head over heals? With a configuration such as this, you could choose to tie the knot…or you could be feeling uncertain about the alliance, swaying back and forth between whether it is right for you or not. Though I hate to say it, this could have the markings of the person who chooses to walk away from the wedding instead of walking down the isle (a very public display of your uncertainty). Choose carefully Geminis and dig into how you really feel about things before making big career or personal commitments, for with Sun conjunct Saturn, the deal will be binding. If you choose well, this could be the love of your life.

If cancer is your rising sign, you may have some lessons to learn regarding your daily work and health habits. What can you do to feel more spiritually connected to your work? Could yoga or meditation (9th house Neptune) improve how you feel about things (moon in the 12th)? Do you feel trapped by work circumstances, gossip or people who undermine you? If so, could going back to school help? How about switching jobs? Choose your alliances at work wisely and be careful regarding the information you share with them. Hidden information or feelings could bring to light some truths about your work situation, leaving you wondering about your legal standing. Additionally, you may be trying to infuse a sense of spirit into the work that you do. However this pans out for you dear cancers, just remember that no job is worth your health.

With Leo rising, lessons or information may be forthcoming regarding a romance (or two). How do you feel about sharing your finances with another person (Neptune in the 8th). Have you been courting more than one person from your circle of friends…if so, it may be time to choose amongst lovers. Who is the dreamiest? Or, if you are thinking about starting a creative business (5th house stellium with Sun, Saturn and Mercury involved), how can you network (Gemini moon in the 11th) with various groups to get the word out? With the moon in the 11th house: network, network, network…and contemplate how you can make your dreams come true. Will a creative business adventure pan out financially and will it be of service to the world? Since the 5th house also rules children, lessons or information could surface regarding your children, requiring the involvement of some social/support or spiritual groups to handle. A nebulous psychological issue or repressed memories could surface. If you are unsure how to proceed, reach out to groups for support.

Communications are highlighted if Libra is your rising sign, for this area houses the Sun, Moon, Mercury stellium now navigating through Sagittarius, in your third house. The Gemini full moon will shine a light onto your life’s path…but with it will come choices. Should you pursue a higher education or spiritual calling? Can you find a way to combine both in such a way that spirit (Neptune in the 6th) now infuses your daily work situation? Could classes (stellium in 3rd house) in meditation, yoga, breathing or mantras (moon in 9th) improve your health? If you’ve been suffering from an illness that has been hard to define or treat, focussing on mind-body-spirit classes could be your ticket to health. You could also find yourself teaching such classes for work. Getting clear regarding your work choices would better help you to shoot those Sagittarius arrows you have poised and ready in the commerce, lower education, and communications portion of your chart.

The things you value will become important to Scorpios when the full moon hits at the end of November. The 2nd house of money and values will be lit up by the stellium while the full moon will be shining a light on your finances. Do you value your inner talents and skills? Maybe you’ll hear about a loan that will enable you to take some self-improvement classes. Do you value what an education can buy? News about a school loan could be headed in your way. One thing is for sure, do be careful about speculations at this time (Neptune in the 5th) for taking too much of a gamble could prove costly to what you most desire. On the flip side, a creative project could be coming to fruition and you are about to see how much you will actually be earning from the venture. Dig deep Scorpios to unearth what you want, in light of what you are about to learn…but don’t take too many risks regarding the things you value the most.

If Virgo is rising in your chart, the 4th house of home will be impacted by the coming full moon. How do you feel about where you live? Should you anchor yourself in a home base (Saturn conjunct Sun) or chase job opportunities (moon in Gemini in the 10th). A decision regarding this may be based, in part, around your closest partnerships. Should you chase the job or hunker down where you feel safe? What types of jobs could you pursue that would bring stability into your home life? Are you willing to make sacrifices to better your relationships and add stability to your home situation? These are the questions facing Virgos towards the end of November.

With Sagittarius rising, finding the truth of who you are is critical at this time. To make a dream come true, you will have to work very hard, but it is possible to bring spirit into matter (Neptune square Saturn) if you have faith and are willing to work hard to accomplish your goals. With the T-square, you may learn something about your closest partnerships, either at work or from a marriage partner. Do you feel secure at home and in your psychological underpinnings? Can you let go of something that gives you a false sense of security (Neptune in the 4th square Saturn in the first) so you can dig deeper and find the true you? Are you questioning the true alliance of those closest to you? No matter what Saggis, you have within you all you need to find a true and happy life. Security comes from within…not from outer sources. Rely on yourself and you will see your way through.

Capricorn rising individuals could hear some nebulous news regarding their health during the upcoming full moon in gemini (in the 6th house). Lessons, information and/or hard work could also be forthcoming from an institution you work for, shining a light onto your job situation. Secrets, sorrows and self un-doing form the realm of the 12th house where your truth-seeking stellium lies. You may find yourself trying to track down the source of gossip or nebulous information that is causing you grief. Alternatively, you could be the one who is stirring the pot…and if so, stir not for what you put forth may come back to haunt you. Delving deeply into your subconscious could reveal habit patterns and/or emotions that are impacting your commerce or ability to learn or communicate effectively. Clear communications are in order this month Capricorns. Remember, it pays to be honest and it will also give you peace of mind.

Hopes, dreams, wishes and friends are the highlight of the stellium for Aquarius rising folks. You may choose to work hard within some social organizations and groups (stellium in Sag in the 11th house) to creatively improve the life of children around the world, though you may be unsure of how to fund such humanitarian projects. How can you earn a living while doing something good for society and perhaps women (the moon) or children (5th house). What do you most desire from your life right now, Aquarius (Neptune in the 2nd)? Get clear on what you value so your hard work and vision for the future can become a reality. During this phase, you may also see some things about your love interest that has you questioning your values as well. Is the person you are with right for you? Do you need to improve your skills to make your dreams come true? These are questions to consider, dear Aquarius, as we move into late November.

Work issues are spotlighted for those with Pisces rising in their charts. With heavy hitters like the Sun, Saturn, and Mercury all clustering in your 10th house, you could be hearing some news about a job promotion. This could be affecting your home situation and involve serious choices. How do those in your home feel about your changing job status? How do you feel about the new responsibilities? Will you need to move? You might also be asking yourself (Neptune in the 1st house) if this job really feels right for you? Is it a good extension of yourself? Don’t fool yourself Pisces…be true to yourself and those you love. Choose wisely and your work situation will resolve itself through the truth (and elbow grease) you will apply to earning a living.

T-squares often reflect a hard releasing of energy due to the difficult angles at play. Sometimes you may feel split in two as you weigh your options on both sides of the fence. With Neptune acting as the fulcrum point for this seesaw, the answers to your questions could seem fuzzy at best. Pay attention to what your emotions are telling you as this information could guide your course. You may not want to take action immediately though. Wait until you decide who is fooling who within this equation so you can take the best path forward.


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