Chiron and the sun are both strongly featured in the upcoming Solar Eclipse that will rock our emotional waters on March 9, 2016. Unravelling its message in advance can help us to ride the emotional wave well.

Understanding pain and the need to heal ourselves is highlighted during this eclipse season. If we can accept it, there is also a strong message involved in trusting God and the divine path that has been laid before us, even if that path has brought some misery in its wake. With the horrible things that happen on the planet, and to us as individuals, it is easy to sink into despair, feeling as if we have been utterly abandoned. The challenge during this solar eclipse is to recognize that everything happens for a reason. Even seemingly awful events are there to bring greater wisdom, love and enlightenment into our lives.

When we look down the beach of our lives, we can sometimes feel alone and betrayed. We seek God but don’t see any footprints beside us in the sand and we wonder why we have been cast adrift. To heal this wound, we must realize that there are no footprints beside us because when the going gets really tough in our lives, we are being carried. The north node, which is conjunct Jupiter during this eclipse, reminds us to have faith, to see things behind the veil and to search for the deeper truths within our circumstances. We need to let go of victimization and trust that where we are is exactly where we are meant to be.

Besides having Chiron conjunct the south node of the moon, the Sun is also closely linked with the eclipse as you would expect. With Chiron conjunct the Sun at 19 degrees of Pisces, we are challenged to come out of the darkness so we can shine our light onto the world. Healers and spiritual teachers often have this configuration and since most healers understand pain, they can better help those in need. The Sabian symbol for this Piscean Sun represents a master who is instructing his disciple. In this instance, it could be a healer helping another. Pain could also become our own best teacher.

The moon is also conjunct Chiron during this eclipse so issues of trust, security and support loom large. Trusting in yourself and in life becomes a lifelong mantra. Nurture and love yourself for who you are, even if you have been wounded by life. The very things that have hurt you in the past can become your greatest strengths. Love and wisdom can emerge from the darkest of places, in time. Once you get to this point, you have the power within you to help others cross the divide and by doing so, you give yourself the greatest gift.

In astrology, the south node represents where we have been in the past. Talents and keen perception can be carried forth on this node and yet we are not meant to lean on this configuration too much. Growth occurs on the north end of this “stick” and with Jupiter conjunct the north node, the message is to have faith. With Jupiter in Virgo, I would further add: have faith but work hard; have faith but develop your skills; have faith but take care of your health; have faith but explore alternative healing methods; have faith but find a healing, natural diet that supports you in your recovery; have faith while finding a way of being of service to the world.

The Universe helps those who help themselves. So though Jupiter is a lucky planet, you are expected to roll up your sleeves and do your part, while listening to your inner guidance.

For those of you who are in the process of reinventing, have faith in yourself and the process. With Chiron conjunct the Sun, you may be struggling with establishing your new identity. In many ways, the Universe is calling to all of us to evolve, to consciously shift who we are as a species. Doing so means leaping into the unknown, leaving “what is expected” of us behind so that we can fulfill our soul purpose. Individuating can be a painful process (S. Node conjunct the sun and moon) especially if we face judgements from those who are more traditionally bent.

As the centaur, Chiron has a split nature. His earthy hooves are grounded in the dirt but he is also shooting arrows high into the heavens, aiming for truth. Right now many of us feel this split keenly. How do we pay our bills while allowing time to seek spiritual truths? I believe many personal reinventions happening at this time have come about precisely because of this split and the desire to carve out some time to be spiritual beings. America is a materially rich country but we are also spiritually poor…and many people are beginning to feel the pain of this imbalance. Not only does this imbalance show up on a soul level, but we also don’t have enough time to connect meaningfully with those we love because of the treadmill we are on.

How whacked is that? We all need a new beginning and during this eclipse season, we have a powerful opportunity for a fresh start, for planting new seeds in our lives. It’s time to leave the pain behind, but to learn from it. Suffering can make us stronger, much like steel forged in a hot fire. Eventually, the fire must be cooled (dipped in Piscean waters) so we come out stronger than ever before.

Look at the house where this powerful new moon is residing so you can plant seeds in the right area of your life.

House 1: Nurturing who you are is important right now, so take the time to develop yourself. What are your strengths? Your weaknesses? How would you like to grow as a person? How are you representing yourself out in the world? Build up your self-confidence and image while taking time to care for yourself, but don’t forget the others in your world. With Jupiter in the 7th house, the work you do on yourself could draw in a lucky business partner, long-term friend or even a lover. Self-confidence and enrichment make you a better person, while helping you attract the partnerships you desire.

House 2: Contemplate what it is that you value for you have a great opportunity to plant seeds in this department now. Is it time to invest in yourself so your talents can grow? Perhaps a lucrative new business adventure is about to emerge. Maybe you have suffered a financial loss (or gain) and are finding the need to start over. Whatever the case, you do have some protection. Jupiter, your lucky planet, is residing in the house of other people’s money. This could mean taking out a school loan, getting a hand-up from a partner, or delving into a 401K for needed funds. It could also mean you are able to secure a loan to start a new business.

House 3: With an eclipse in the 3rd house, you could decide to begin a course of study or suddenly end a University stay. With Jupiter in the 9th house, conjunct the north node, luck does come from getting a higher education. Gaining spiritual guidance could also light up your world. Learning, teaching and connecting with others in your neighborhood are also highlighted. A spiritual or academically based group could fuel the need to expand your mind and world view, while sharing information with those close to you.

House 4: Your home and emotional roots are the focus of this eclipse. For others, getting past emotional wounds inflicted by your upbringing are what is needed. Improve family relations and your emotional grounding. The better grounded you are in yourself and your closest relationships, the more you can offer to the world in the form of your career. Discovering who you are allows your light to shine out onto the world. A home based business could be lucky for some; for others, a move to another location will be in the offing.

House 5: New artistic endeavors are possible with an eclipse in the 5th house. A sizzling romance could begin or end at this time as well. Expect sudden events involving children, including births, miscarriages, etc. Envision what you want so you can bring more happiness and fun into your life. With Jupiter opposing this activity, from the 11th house, dreams could come true! Look to your friends and close organizational groups for support if you experience a sudden loss or need to celebrate.

House 6: With an eclipse in your 6th house, it is wise to concentrate on your health and mind/body connection. You may also experience a change in jobs or schedules, or chose to undertake some technical training that will get you where you want to be. Issues with co-workers or unions could be highlighted, as could pets. Spiritual practices can help in all of these areas of life and will generally uplift your life no matter what goes down.

House 7: Relationships become the focal point when an eclipse rocks the 7th house. Rewarding relationships will be strengthened while weaker ones will be eclipsed out. With Jupiter in the first, developing yourself can enhance your ability to attract that which you desire: a balanced, happy and equal partnership.

House 8: Eclipses in the house of intimacy impact us sexually, physically and psychologically. Close partners and corporations can also launch monetary surprises on us, for better or worse. If you are feeling a loss in this department, work on improving your own skills and talents so you can gain self-sufficiency. Your inner resources can also help you ride out times of true loss such as when those close to you die, or pass out of your life. On a psychic or spiritual level, you may have a profound experience that changes the way you see the world.

House 9: Epiphanies and mind-blowing-mind expansion are the territory of 9th house eclipses along with experiences involved in higher education, the law, world travel and other cultures. Wisdom and truth are avidly sought…whether that is with a guru, a university, a court or a trip around the world remains to be seen. Communicating with siblings, neighbors and those in your close environment can help you process the philosophical truths headed your way. If you meditate, you could have a breakthrough in reaching higher levels of wisdom and understanding.

House 10: Career advancement and social reputation are highlighted when eclipses zoom through the 10th house. Shifts in prosperity can occur. If you’ve done the work, raises could be on the platter. If you’ve been sliding, expect to be fired. You could also decide that enough is enough and that it is time to bring your talents to bear somewhere more fruitful and rewarding. With Jupiter in the 4th house, drawing on the strength of your family and those who are emotionally supportive of you will become your lucky cornerstone as you give your gifts to the world.

House 11: Changes to your social groups, dreams or even societal structure are possible with an 11th house eclipse. “Gifts” from the king (the business you work for) could also land suddenly into your lap. This could be a bonus or a severance package, depending on how things have been going. Expect shake-ups in the world around you with eclipses here. Major shifts in the bedrock of society could cause the earth to tremble beneath our feet. With Jupiter in the 5th opposing this, good things come from thinking and reacting creatively to the issues we face. New loves could change the structure of our lives as could babies. Creative projects could also soar, especially if they are somehow linked to helping the world.

House 12: Psychological or spiritual growth are possible at eclipse time…or you could suddenly lose faith due to circumstances. Secrets and sorrows can feel overwhelming and trouble could blind side you from a secret enemy or come from your own doing. With a new moon here, a large secret could be brewing…just be sure this isn’t something that will come back to haunt you later. Since Jupiter will be opposing this eclipse from the 6th house, balance is gained by taking care of yourself in all ways: physically, emotionally and spiritually. A happy work environment or health practices such as yoga or meditation can help you ride out any rough waters encountered along the way.

With Chiron in Pisces figured so prominently in this March eclipse, healing ourselves is important. If, like the centaur, you find that your dis-ease is incurable, you can still transform the suffering into a path of service, helping others in the process. Chiron also represents spiritual awakening, while forming a bridge between Saturn (the old, crystalized structures of our lives) and Uranus (the divine spark of new-age inspiration), allowing us to grow spiritual wings that will lift and support us on our life’s journey.

No matter how this eclipse season is shaping up for you, remember there is always hope on the horizon. With Jupiter leading the way, the Universe is asking us to have faith in ourselves and the new beginnings presented before us.


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