A Red-tailed hawk recently visited me during a hypnotic dream state. I could see the hawk’s face clearly as well as his piercing, yellow eyes. Once I got a good glimpse, he soared off over the desert. It was such a quick but clear vision that I knew instantly I had to read up on hawk symbology.

Evidently red-tails are linked with our root chakra, which is how we connect, support and survive in this world. The message the hawk carries is one of fulfilling your soul’s destiny in this life. Strong spiritual forces are present when this hawk soars overhead.

As hawks drift on lofty currents, they gain a broad vision of what is to come. They can see between the realms easily with their piercing stare. This provides prophetic insight to the hawk (or hawk person) if she/he can learn to trust their intuition.

Sharp talons enable the hawk to swiftly scoop up prey. On a human level, this could indicate that though you may run from your destiny, you can not hide. We come into this world for a soul purpose and the Universe wants us to shine. By dismembering us piece by piece, the hawk can help to release the bones and feathers, allowing our true essential self to soar towards the Sun.

Hawks can also show us how we are all connected. Since he is a heaven-sent bird, he sometimes heralds in the things we need in order to make rapid spiritual growth. Allowing your life to be guided by intuition and inner knowing is an excellent use of hawk energy. Focus on the messages the hawk brings and you can truly learn to fly and gain keen insight into otherwise disturbing situations.

Since the spirit of hawk is so closely linked with the power of vision, it may be time to develop and learn to trust our inner visions. In many ways, hawks are messengers from the heavenly realm. In Greek mythology, hawks and eagles are associated with the planet Jupiter. With these heavenly connections, I see the appearance of hawk as a harbinger of fate. It is time to spread your wings and fly towards your true destiny.


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  1. Suzanne says:

    Thank you very much for this insightful post. I recently went through an extended period that was very difficult and challenging. During that time I saw more hawks than I had ever seen in my life. They appeared almost daily. I had some idea of their significance but your post gives me greater understanding.

  2. This is a really powerful Hawk interpretation. You are definitely well-versed in the meaning of spirit animals. Thank you for sharing.

  3. loraleepac says:

    I love this as well. Hawks have become very strong messengers for me over the last few years. I see them in dreams, in my yard, and on street lights. I feel they guide me and there presence is reassuring. Thank you

    • boobooda7 says:

      Thanks for your kind comment. I do believe in animal spirit guides and if hawks show up in your dreams and waking life, I would take their message to heart.

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