Twenty-nine degrees of any sign will bring in a sense of urgency. There’s a desire to master the skills of the sign and the house, once and for all, before jumping into the unknown at the next 0 degree point. Some call it the degree of fate and in truth, if you examine charts of famous people, you will discover example after example of major life events unfolding when a planet or node is at 29 degrees of a sign.

Jack Nicholson, who played in the funny yet caustic movie “As Good as it Gets” had his moon in Virgo at 29 degrees when the movie was made. If you’ve seen that movie, you will get the great irony present in this configuration.

Gary Hart, who was going to run for president, got shut down when it was discovered that monkey business was rocking his yacht at the time that Aquarius was at 29 degrees on his mid-heaven. Mars was at a scorching 29 degrees in Scorpio at the same time. After the affair was publicized, he dropped his bid for candidacy.

Mo Mowlam had Saturn in 29 degrees in Libra during a conference intended to bring peace to Ireland. It was, in her mind, the last chance to reconcile differences between opposing parties. Though she had a brain tumor at the time of the peace conference, she was determined to find a peaceful (Libra) resolution (Saturn) so that war would not ensue.

When 911 hit, George W. Bush had Mars in Virgo at 29 degrees sitting on his Ascendant. In response, Bush launched his War on Terror. Some would argue that the son was completing what the father had begun in 1991 when allied forces launched air attacks on the Iraqis and then brought in ground troops to eject the enemy from Kuwaiti soil. Within days after the ground battle had begun, the allies suspended their offense. Daddy Bush decided to end the war without removing Saddam Hussein from power. That task would later fall to his son. In December of 2003, George W. captured Hussein after an arduous man hunt had ensued.

The examples continue but the point has been made. 29 degrees of any sign gives the person a burning desire to bring something to closure…and if they don’t do it for themselves, the Universe may help to catalyze the “ending of the matter.” Picture Nicholson who was so in love with the waitress that he “wanted to be a better man,” and if he didn’t make the effort, he was going to lose the best thing going in his life besides a wicked case of OCD and a scruffy dog who loved him for his bacon.

Having a planet at 29 degrees is like living on the edge of a precipitous cliff. It’s time to complete the mission of that sign so you can take the plunge into the next great adventure. If you feel this keenly, it may be because you’ve spent several lifetimes wrapping things up and now it’s “get-er-done-time.”


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