Water, that elemental liquid that forms a fluid skin across the globe, connects us all. It is the fluid that pumps through our hearts carrying molecules of emotion. It is the snaking river that joins us to the sea. Epic voyages across the ocean have brought long-lost lovers together. Tsunamis have crashed on shore and ripped family members out of our lives, leaving us shaking with wild emotions and fury. Sometimes our lives are set adrift on open water like the fighter pilot, Louie Zamperini, who survived 47 days on the ocean when his ship, the Green Hornet, got shot down in WWII. Angelic music and visions attended his time on the raft, which he survived against all odds. Cataclysmic events can also happen when frozen water is encountered in the dark of the night by ships at sea.

As an element, water takes on the feeling tone of what it is held by. Meandering rivers create slow meditative water, water that holds the memory of canyon walls and pinyon pines and the trill of song birds. Rainbows capture water molecules and light and transform them into startling prisms of color. Turquoise water near the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia radiate warmth and peace, the kind of water you can float in all day till your fingers look like ripe, wrinkled figs. A Japanese man named Masaru Emoto captured on film the fact that water holds feelings and thought patterns. Angry thoughts like hatred and Nazi cause water crystals to form jagged, repellant shapes when frozen into snowflake-like images. Thinking about Mother Theresa and love created spectacular crystals of beauty.

In the birth chart, water shows how well we connect with others. As cancer the crab, emotional ties are strongly linked with the mother, as if there is a memory of shared of love that passed through the amniotic fluid, from mother to child. That liquid transported digested nourishment and sluiced away waste, creating the perfect nest. Emotions (feelings on the move) surged through the mother’s veins and fluids to envelope the growing child within her feeling state. Bliss, bilious anger, resentment, belly-rubbing contentment, gnarly fear, unstoppable love and rays of joy are all spoken across this watery link, which is perhaps why Cancerians love nothing more than to sit and cogitate on their feelings. Always, the background music for this person is the wish for being held and loved unconditionally, in a sea of comforting feelings.

I am reminded of floating in warm sea water in Asia, peacefully adrift with my ears beneath the surface of the ocean so I could hear the nuance of every breath I took with pin-point clarity, but not another sound. My heart beat and cranio-sacral fluid pulsed and swooshed and I felt utterly suspended in time, like a limp jelly fish, ebbing and flowing to the rhythm of tropical water. I was a child of the sea.

Under Scorpio’s influence, water takes on a more intense dynamic. Life and death struggles emerge. Getting to the bottom of things arise as an issue. Feelings can become a battle ground to purge and release pent-up energy. Deep emotional bonding happens and transformational changes take place. Calm, pulsating waters of cancer the crab are replaced with more dramatic manifestations.

Once I saw a water spout that formed over the Atlantic. It was a huge, swirling spiral that was getting sucked straight up into the base of a thunder cell. That’s Scorpio for you…powerful transformation, this time caused by an emotional storm. Picture ocean water rising hundreds of feet like a tornado to become part of an enormous ocean-going thunder head.

The Titanic iceberg also smacks of scorpionic emotions gone awry. Before the emotions tuned into a solid chunk of ice, there was probably a precursor of hissing steam and fury. Water is passionate when it falls beneath Scorpio’s barbed tail and if spurned, expect a hurricane to hit before you encounter the cold death of their frozen emotions. Impenetrable, unforgiving, volatile emotions forever locked away in a frozen mass where they are rendered safe so long as you don’t unknowingly crash into the submerged portion of that floating chunk of ice. I know. I once broke a man’s Venus in Scorpio heart and with Pluto square Venus, I think I was not the first.

Piscean waters are more diffuse and pervading than Titanic icebergs. Images of Lake Superior shrouded in a misty fog come to mind. Dampness seeps into bone marrow and the feeling of the foggy day is worn like a second skin, the outside inseparable from the shifting inner world. The rocky shoreline is obscured and getting in touch with your own issues can prove equally mystifying. And yet every minute, diffuse droplet of water connects you to every other saturated feature, from the dew drops collected on your arm hairs, to the tang of fir trees and damp humus releasing their smells into the mist, to the filtered light hidden within the fog bank. Every drop of moisture quietly connecting to all of the others.

Swimming with dolphins on my 28th birthday was another expression of entering Piscean waters. Bay dolphins often chased our boat so they could jump and play in the waves cast by our bow. Somehow, on that day, I knew I had a destiny with dolphins. Though I should have been scared (this was not a water park mind you, but a wide open area w/ large, wild dolphins cavorting about), somehow I knew it was going to be ok. So, I asked my husband to stop the boat so I could slip into the water and seek a connection with my mammalian brothers. Within a minute, he whispered, “Don’t move! There are eight of them and they have formed a tight circle all around you!” Oh the mysteries and joys of water, that magical element that connects us to something greater than ourselves! At once, I was a part of Florida Bay and the dolphins. There was an unspoken understanding amongst us all that day, a joy of being and splashing that fulfilled my birthday wish entirely.

How else can water manifest in our life? Sometimes we are set adrift on the sea of our unconsciousness where we are encouraged to face our greatest fears and confront those parts of ourselves that need integrating. Consider Pi in the life raft. Was there really a tiger onboard his boat or did the tiger represent an angry, unleashed portion of his own mind? A part of his psyche that scared him stiff, that he tried to keep at bay lest it crush him in its jaws?

My 12th house Neptune in Scorpio lets me connect with others behind the veil in dreamtime. Sometimes, I also have dreams that show me bits of other lives…whether they are mine or not, I don’t know, but that watery connection to the collective exists with this placement. My dream life is important to me.

Once I had a dream about driving my car into a canal. All around me the water was rapidly rising and was threatening to drowned me. Though I was able to navigate the waters, the canal narrowed and the water turned to slush and ice, making it almost impossible to move forward. In reality, I was going through a tumultuous upset, one that sent my feelings into overdrive (water rising up to my neck…feeling overwhelmed with emotions). How did I deal with the situation? I blocked off my scary emotions. It took a while, but I shut them right down hence the narrowed canal and the water turning to ice. Once I figured it out, I entitled the dream, “Frozen Emotions.” It made perfect sense and helped me to better understand what I was facing in my life.

Huge swells of water can also indicate turbulent feelings, when encountered in dreamland. A girlfriend of mine was contemplating marriage. In her dream, she and her boyfriend were in the ocean when huge swells started to form. They were playing frisbee with a round toy with a hole in it (wedding ring) and though they were laughing and having fun the waves got big (rising emotions) and scared her. She decided to go onto shore for a bit. The messages of water are all around us if we only learn to listen.

So no matter where water turns up in your birth chart, enjoy the ride. If you watch, patterns may even emerge. Perhaps a square involving a watery planet is what brings tsunamis into your life. A trine might set you to floating in peaceful waters. Based on Emoto’s work, I can only imagine that our own thoughts impact us tremendously since we are 90% water. Healing baths and skinny dipping are delightful ways to renew and regenerate, to shed emotions we no longer need. Alysha Speer sums up the quality of water well by saying, “You never really know what’s coming. A small wave, or maybe a big one. All you can really do is hope that when it comes, you can surf over it, instead of drown in its monstrosity.”

Happy swimming!


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