Fire is a force to be reckoned with. If you’ve ever heard the jet-engine roar of a wildfire as it crowns through the tree tops, you know just how awe-inspiring and dramatic a force it can be. The sound is enough to make an experienced firefighter shake in their nomex. It is thrilling and all consuming…and yes, it can knock things dead in its wake. Its ultimate desire, however, is not to destroy but to create. Yes, you heard me…fire is a creative life force.

As humans, we tend to focus on the negative impacts of fire. Denuded forests, burnt landscapes, homes and businesses left in ashes…all of these are images we’ve seen. Certainly, when that all-consuming force is not controlled these are potential outcomes. However, the intent of fire is not to ruin but to clean out the old, to rejuvenate the decadent, to create a fresh pallette. That is true both in our lives as well as upon the landscape. Some of the most beautiful wildflower displays I have ever seen followed in the wake of a “devastating” wildfire.

Imagine fields of purplish blue lupine standing in stark contrast to a forest of blackened trees. Picture the orangish glow of a midnight fire as it casts a shimmering light onto a grove of Giant Sequoia trees, intentionally lit to inspire regeneration. Maybe you can feel the adrenaline thump of your own blood coursing through your veins as you watch a wildfire race through a landscape without restraint as you watch a tv clip on the news. No matter how you encounter fire, it brings eye-popping inspiration and awe.

That’s why I am so excited about this September. A grand fire trine is soon to grace the heavens and it is going to breathe excitement, creativity and fresh ideas into our lives. Don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait. The triangle of fire includes some heavy hitters, so the potential is there for big excitement.

Mars will be moving into Sagittarius on Sept. 9th and will reign there until the 26th of October. Searching for the truth, seeking adventure and expending some good bodily sweat could provide the shake up we need to sweep the dust bunnies out of our lives. Meanwhile, Uranus is stirring things up in Aries. Inventive ideas, finding an entrepreneurial path and developing courage are all in order. Sudden inspirations, creative flashes and maverick qualities come to the forefront as this rocket-fueled warrior rallies. Add to the mix the expansive, joyous, optimistic qualities of Jupiter in Leo. If ever there was a time for you to reach out and conquer your dreams, NOW seems like a really good time to do just that.

If your life has been dull, dull, dull…fire is about to surge through your heart and create space for inspiring change. Since all three of these fiery planets are working in a trine, the energies are flowing harmoniously, supporting one another.

Only word of caution I can muster is to not let it go too much to our heads..and to be careful along the way. If you can learn to harness the energy well, it could be most a productive and creative time, with the potential for sudden windfalls. Let it get out of control…and something could go up in smoke. Keep the ego in check and don’t let your thrill seeking push you too far and you should have a most enjoyable fall.

To honor this time of inspiration, consider paying homage to some of the amazing symbols and myths of fire we’ve seen throughout history. The Burning Bush, which was highlighted in the Bible appeared when God appointed Moses to lead the Isreaelites out of Egypt. Though the bush was on fire, it was not consumed by the flames and is believed by many to have been a powerful symbol of God’s energy, sacred light and illuminating power.

Having been to Hawaii to witness the amazing creation of new earth from lava flows, I can’t help but also admire the female version of a fire goddess, known as Pele. Not only does Pele rule volcanoes, but she is also known for power, passion and tremendous creative spirit. I walked amongst burning hot rivers of lava with a crazy friend of mine a while back, when visiting the big island. Red rivers of lava twisted into hot rope-like cords. It was so hot near these lava flows that the earth was burning the soles of our boots…and yet the beauty of seeing earth created in such a dramatic fashion had us rooted to our crazy nighttime venture amongst the lava flows. Where the molten lava poured into the sea an incredible hiss of steam plumed up from the water, creating a vast cloud. Pele had risen from her fiery pit to inspire us all with the force of her creative energy.

May September find you rejuvenated and bursting with the creative life force as well. The triangle of fire and inspiration, located in the Heavens, demands no less.


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