Who are we really? Are we human beings made of dust and bone and gristle, bound to this earthly plane? Or, are we much more? Spiritual beings having a human experience? When you start thinking of yourself more as a spiritual being, then how you use resources and play upon the physical plane shifts. My personal take is that we are amazing beings w/ untold capacities…and it is my wish for all of humanity to identify with our true selves, but how do we get there when we have physical commitments that require attending to?

The new moon in Virgo will raise such thoughts. Who is the master of our lives? Who do we ultimately serve? Are we slaves to our lives or have we found a higher way in which to give of ourselves? Being an earth sign, Virgo wants us to be grounded in our truth, to hone our skills and to find a way to truly be of service. Bringing structure and order to our lives is important. Distilling ourselves into our highest good and finding a path of service eggs us forward and yet there is always a measure of practicality attached to this earthbound sign.

Finding middle ground seems to be an answer. Afterall, laundry follows the ecstasy of exploring the Universe and the water bill and mortgage must be paid. Uranus in Aries has been lighting a fire under our asses lately, screeching for immediate change. Developing courage and finding a higher truth is too…but a planned exodus seems more practical than packing up everything and walking out the door with a bang, which I’ve done at least once in my life. (though this path surely seems to have HUGE merit some days).

Sadness of heart and spirit surround this decision for me and yet opportunity has landed on by door step with a thump. A planned exodus…that’s what I keep telling myself. Money for spiritual classes. More astrology books. Paying down the mortgage. Developing new work skills that I can use later when I break free. Setting myself up for success while searching for meaning on my new path.

Perhaps that’s what the present Yod alludes to…that we are psychologically split by our own internal conflicts. This Yod, called the finger of God, that surrounds this new moon forces these concerns to the forefront. Venus and Lilith form one part of the square and Mars/Saturn form the other. God’s finger is pointing straight at that volatile Uranus. To determine where change is likely to occur, look towards the house where Uranus is residing. If in the 4th, your home may change. In the 8th, a partner’s income could alter.

For me, a move is indicated. The new moon is in my 10th house. Grabbing the opportunity while it’s hot seems wise and I’ll see what shakes out in a year. This shift started for me 4 months ago when another new moon showed up in my 6th house, when the opportunity first came knocking. Now, just as that opportunity has ended (near to the day)…another one lands in my 10th house. I do get the feeling that God is watching out for me. That means I have to let go of visions of canoeing at Isle Royale all summer as well as hiking in the desert, but in the meantime, I have work.

With Mars and Venus facing off in the Yod, is a war brewing? Maybe want you want (Mars) and what you need (Venus) are not the same thing. Uranus, therefore is asking you to be creative in finding a solution. Aries wants what it wants and it wants it NOW; however, Aries doesn’t always think things through to a logical conclusion. That’s the territory belonging to Virgo.

A battle of the sexes could also be implied so you might ask yourself what in your relationship needs to change?

Besides work being highlighted, a Virgo new moon also brings up issues of health and alternative methods of healing. Beginning a new health regime around the 25th of this month could therefore be quite potent. Envision what you want and take firm steps to get there. Join a gym. Quiet your mind with a soothing meditation practice. Plant yourself a peaceful garden where you compost the garbage of your life and allow flowers to rise up instead. Take a cooking class that focuses on whole, live foods. These are ways to honor the upcoming new moon. If you are battling an illness, don’t be afraid to try alternative methods of healing.

As a mutable sign, Virgo wants us to bend with the breezes of life rather than break. Flexibility is important. Since Virgo is the ruler of Mercury, communications are also highlighted. An important message could be received. If not, it is an excellent time to set goals, to communicate what you want, to harness your thoughts and co-create well.

We are all more powerful than we realize and it all begins with our thoughts. The vibration of our thoughts resonates throughout the Universe…they don’t even need to be spoken to have this impact. It therefore pays to be careful with what you think. Our power to magnetically draw things to ourselves is huge. We create our reality with the thoughts we think and that shapes our future.

So, I am letting go of sadness and accepting this opportunity that is showing in the Heavens with a grateful heart. I’ve joined a gym to battle the stress (and the bulge). Going to master some new skills and create opportunity in my life. Meanwhile, I plan to take some great vacations to places that connect me with the earth and my soul so I can stay grounded. And while I am perfecting my new work skills, I continuously plot my eventual exodus.

If I plan well, I will be ready to step into my 2nd life as a healer/astrologer in just a few years. I AM GRATEFUL…and hope you are too. Pefecting my skills on both fronts of my life seems to be in order. Hope you are able to enjoy the perfection of this new moon too.



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  1. Trish says:

    Wishing you well as you take the next step on your journey. For me it is another attempt at reaching out to my son’s wife who has shut me out of their lives. It is a new moon and a new opportunity. As to adventure, it is off to the east coast for travels unknown and new explorations for ten days. Namaste.

    • boobooda7 says:

      Thanks Trish. I wish you well in all ways. As you can tell, I decided to take the work opportunity. Things have aligned well and over the past year I’ve thought a lot about what I value and one of the number one things is FREEDOM. So, I’m hoping for one more raise…that would set me up pretty well to walk away free as a bird. Then I become the 2nd me.

      Peace and Blessings, Geo

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