If ever there was a time to be hopeful, to have faith in yourself and the Universe, that time is now. Catch your lucky star this last week of July and expect good things to happen. Why is now so auspicious? Now is all we ever have but right at this moment that NOW is very potent. Like a well timed pause in an excellent speech, the last week of July is pregnant with possibility. On the 24th the Sun is saddling up to Jupiter linking your outward vital energy to the fiery, beneficial luck of Jupiter. Believing in yourself, having faith and confidence in your abilities and not being afraid to reach out and tackle what you want is the message the planets are sending.

Like the book, “The Boys in the Boat”, God wants you to dig deep and find an unshakeable belief in yourself even if the outcome is uncertain. That doesn’t mean you won’t face adversity, for surely you will. The Boys in the Boat got the crappiest lane in the 1936 Olympics, held in Berlin. One of their key rowers was deathly ill and had to nearly be strapped into his seat to take part in the games. Bobby Moch, the coxswain, unknown to the anti-Semitic Germans who were busily scouring their hillsides for non-Aryans, was Jewish. Windy, stormy weather kicked their seaward lane into a froth. They missed the starting flag and immediately pulled into last place…and yet, they had something the other teams didn’t have: a rock solid faith in themselves and in each other. And that is how they brought home the gold in one of the toughest races of the Olympics, by pulling from behind. While the Germans were busy creating propaganda films for the world to see, Bobby Moch stood on the tallest step of the podium and accepted the gold medal for the USA. He had only recently discovered that he was Jewish for his family had kept it secret for many years. Even being in Germany at that time was a personal danger…and yet, there he was along with the rest of his crew, accepting a gold medal for the 8 man rowing team.

That is the kind of luck that Jupiter conjunct the Sun can bring, but you must have FAITH that you can overcome any odds.

To see where you have the ability to shine, take a look at the house this stellar event is occurring in. That is where the Universe is giving you the green flag to GO FOR IT. Since both planets are in Leo, taking charge of your life and having confidence in yourself is a pre-requisite. Remain humble, try hard and know that you can do it!

At the same time this is occurring, Venus and Neptune are also lining up beautifully. You are likely to draw in rewards wherever Venus is roosting. Neptune blessing the deal is rather like having the angels nod in agreeance that it is time for you to do well. Perhaps there is a spiritual component to your work or what you are doing is creative and other-worldly. No matter the case, you’ve got two thumbs up to go after your dreams and expect them to be fulfilled. Remember, sometimes one door has to close before the right one can open.

That brings us to the new Leo Moon to occur on the 26th of July. Whatever your dream is, now is the time to put forth your intention. Thoughts are actions! They help you to manifest things in the physical world so use that day and the time leading up to it wisely. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself. Just picture the climber who hauled himself over miles of rocky glacier with two broken legs, from the movie Into the Void. Most mortals would have given up, but he was driven. Not only did he hold his own life in his hands, but he also had a firm belief that he could do it. Powerful stuff that is!

My 8th house is currently throwing a party. Transformation is afoot and change is likely to happen. More money may come or I am going to chuck it and start anew…one way or the other. It’s a matter of self-respect and soul purpose. There are things that want to burst out of me and it is time for me to raise my head tall and expect good things to happen. My elbows are sore from all of the grease I’ve put putting into my work. The time is now.

The new Moon will be gracing my 9th house. Putting myself forward into the world is going to expand my horizons. Writing projects that come from the heart are going to pay off. The Grand Cardinal Cross created several big issues for me but I am ready to overcome. More money is either going to head my way, or I’m going to change my income stream. Pluto has been knocking me dead in the 2nd house lately and it’s time for me to shine. Uranus is sitting in my 5th house of creativity and it’s as if I have rocket fuel strapped to my ass. Unexpected shifts are bound to happen and I do plan on hurtling myself outside of this bottleneck one way or the other. Where is your maverick planet of surprise and inspiration lurking? Inspiration, revelation and revolution are to be expected when Uranus sits in Aries. So if you need a little energizing in your life, look to Uranus in Aries, the original entrepreneur.

Various planets keep opposing Pluto in my chart so there’s been lots of conversations going on. What is it that I truly value and want? Finding balance in life is one of my goals. Expressing myself is another. Trusting my spiritual self and intuition is a third. Lining myself up for a better tomorrow also comes into play. Indeed, I’ve been on in inner journey as of late. I recognize my true self more and the importance of others in my life has surely been spotlighted too.

One of the Universal messages I’m seeing for all of us is to share our unique talents with world. By giving of your best, you are able to reap rewards over the next year. Isn’t it time to let your light shine out into the world? Picture Bobby Moch standing on the top step to accept the gold medal. He was short and slight but he had a big can-do attitude. God really wants us to do well but sometimes we get in our own way. With Uranus in Aries, the message is clear: Step on the pedal and give your life some go juice. You can do it!

Saturn is even sitting in the wings, providing grounded ooomph and he is going direct on July 21 after a long slumber. One more green flag.

All things in consideration, If I were Captain Picard, I would say, “Make it so!” The Universe has your back this last week of July, it’s time to make things happen.


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  1. This was not the luckiest day for me as I received really bad news on this day !

    • boobooda7 says:

      Hi Kiki, I am sorry to hear that. Lunar eclipses are not always positive but they to tend to reveal a situation more fully…and they often tend to be emotional. Since this eclipse fell in the relationship department, I am wondering if you got bad news in regards to that? I’d be interested in learning more, if you are willing to share. If not, I wish you well and hope things go better in the future. Soul Passages

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